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    The 10 Best Tree Removal Experts in San Diego

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Tree Removal Companies In San Diego To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 8016 Raytheon Rd. Ste. B San Diego, CA 92111

    Phone: 619-423-0199


    Tree Removal

    Living in Houston definitely has its perks, but one of the downsides can be that trees need a lot of regular maintenance in order to stay healthy. Tornadoes and strong winds can knock down branches, which will require professional assistance to remove. If you need any kind of pruning, cutting, trimming or removal, make sure you know the average estimates to ensure that you don’t get overcharged for the work.

    Houston residents can expect to pay an average of $604 to remove trees from their property. Dead trees that are already felled will be slightly cheaper, on average, and large trees that need to be chopped down will be more expensive. If you also want the wood removed, plan to pay extra for the additional work. The varying price range Houston residents should prepare for is a high quote of $696 and a low quote of $512.

    Grinding a stump might seem simple, but it requires machinery that can grind away at the wood without removing the whole root system. In Houston, stump grinding will cost homeowners anywhere from $81 to $135. Obviously, the size of the stump will determine the exact price. Stump removal, on the other hand, is a harder process because of the roots and the circumference of the stump. This will cost between $350 and $400, though it will take less time to do than grinding the stump down to wood chips.

    Trimming a tree is one of the more expensive tasks in Houston. Trees under 20 feet will be cheapest, and the price increases with the height of the tree as well as its proximity to power lines. Expect to pay $508 on average to maintain your trees, with the price going up for larger yards or taller trees. If you have shorter trees with less branches, it will probably cost less than the average. If you have trees near power lines, it will cost more. The price range will be between $431 and $585 for these cases.


    Address: 4349 Twain Ave., Suite B San Diego, CA 92120

    Phone: 619-847-4225


    Coastal Tree Care

    Coastal Tree Care began with the vision of making a difference in the green industry. After working with other contractors and witnessing unsafe practices by unqualified individuals, Joseph, our founder, wanted to bring about beautiful change within the tree care industry and our community.

    In 2012, Coastal Tree Care started with just two employees, one truck and insurmountable passion. Seven years later, that passion is still what drives the entire team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. From first contact, to the initial consultation, and finally the end result, Coastal Tree Care brings a warm and friendly attitude with excellent customer service each step of the way.

    We take a holistic approach to tree care with a conscious awareness of our environment in order to provide client focused solutions to manage your urban forest. We want you to love your trees. We work with you to combine your vision and needs with our passion and expertise to create beautiful and healthy trees that you can enjoy for years to come!


    Address: 5601 Eastgate Dr, San Diego CA 92121

    Phone: 619-592-7956


    The Davey Tree Expert Company

    Keep your greenspace healthy and vibrant with Davey’s professional tree services for tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, tree fertilization, tree planting, plant health care, and tree storm preparation.

    Local to the Houston area, Davey’s ISA Certified Arborists understand the challenges you face with regional climate conditions and common tree pests and diseases that impact your landscape.

    Our tree services are designed for your property with proactive and preventative solutions to ensure the natural beauty of your trees to keep them thriving.

    Proper mulch installation is important to a healthy, thriving landscape. It can help conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and moderate soil temperature.

    When mulch is too high and sits too close to a tree’s trunk, it can cause damage to your tree.

    Pests and diseases can cause serious damage to your trees if left untreated. Early detection is key to the health of your trees.

    Contact your local arborist if you feel your tree may be affected by a pest or disease.

    Your local South Houston Davey arborists are ISA Certified, bonded and fully insured.

    What does that mean?

    It’s our commitment to you to provide the best tree services for the health and safety of your trees and landscape. With the ISA Certification, we have deeper knowledge in the art and science of tree care for diagnosing and treating your trees.

    Davey is also recognized as an accredited tree care company. Our TCIA accreditation represents our position as a tree service company committed to safety, expertise, and professionalism.


    Address: 985 Walnut Ave. Vallejo, CA 94592

    Phone: 866-815-2525


    A Plus Tree, Inc

    We understand how important your trees are to the well-being of your property, community, and city. Whether you are in need of a large tree removal, tree trimming, tree planting service, or advanced plant health care, we can help. Our Certified Arborist, consultants, and professional ground crews are certified and professionally trained in the art and science of tree care.

    Our goal is to provide excellent communication and customer service from start to finish. We work with the needs of all property types including HOAs (homeowner associations), large commercial shopping and business parks, municipalities, apartment complexes, and residential homes.

    With more than 20 years of experience in providing professional commercial tree services, we have been providing San Diego professional commercial tree services with passion and our mission is to protect and strengthen your property’s biggest assets. We provide commercial tree services in, San Diego, Chula Vista, Escondido, Vista, Oceanside, San Clemente, La Mesa, Santee, Encinitas, El Cajon, Carlsbad, National City, San Marcos and many more.

    Our proprietary tree management app for mobile and web allows our clients to track all history of tree care down to the individual tree level. We record and monitor all trees and notate size, health and create recommendations for each tree.

    It would be our honor to partner with you to ensure the safety and sustainability of your urban forest. Let’s get in touch!



    Phone: 760-389-3311


    Tree Barber Inc

    Tree Barber Enterprises takes enormous pride in the fact that we are among the Top Tree Care Professionals in Southern California. We have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of business and residential customers as well as municipalities and government agencies.

    We take great personal interest in all aspects of Complete Tree Care services for homeowners as well as total tree care maintenance and upkeep for large industrial complexes, shopping centers, cities, school districts and homeowners associations.

    We only hire qualified Certified Arborists or Certified Tree Workers. Our skilled and professional employees are extensively trained and use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, which enables us to perform our tasks quickly, safely and economically.

    Tree Barber actively participates in the conservation and preservation program for historical trees in San Diego County. Our commitment to the community and the environment is important to us. Paul and the entire Tree Barber staff help to plan and participate in Arbor Day awareness programs at local schools, coordinate new and replacement tree planning in needed areas and provide seminars and classes to the community on tree management, historical and environmental issues.


    Address: 721 Via Flora Road, San Marcos, CA 92069

    Phone: 760-747-5268


    The Branch

    Derek and Trevor are a father and son team. It is their goal to continue providing high-quality tree service within our community while striving for a “teamwork” oriented mindset. We believe that all facets of the engine need to be working together for the machine to work properly. We will give our best recommendation on a course of action, but will also strive to achieve your goals with the project. For those of you who are our repeat customers, we thank you, and for those of you who are considering hiring us for the first time, give us a try!

    Derek Long worked for a reputable landscape company in the early 1980’s. Then in 1986 he branched out on his own and began doing tree work and then became a State Licensed Contractor in 1991, and when he incorporated in 2011 he became President and CEO of The Branch. Derek has been doing tree work in the San Diego area for over 30 years and is a Certified Arborist and a Certified Tree Worker, and he looks forward to being in the tree service industry for many years to come.

    Trevor Long was raking leaves and dragging branches for his dad, and later on he began climbing trees and learning the trade, beginning at an early age. His passion for tree work grew and Trevor is now a Certified Arborist and an experienced Certified Tree Worker. He has also earned a bachelor's degree (Cal State University San Marcos) and is Vice-President of The Branch.

    Dedicated to upgrading the aesthetic appeal and value of your home or property. Whether it be meticulously removing a tree, artistically pruning a tree, or carefully planting a tree, etc., we will strive for excellence in all of our services offered. Our goal is to be professional in our work, prompt in our appointments, honest in our assessments, and courteous with our customers. We offer free estimates to our customers, both residential as well as commercial. We have found a profession that allows us to contribute to improving the environment within our community, and we want to do all we can to give our customers the best price along with the highest quality of work.



    Phone: 619-373-0640


    Pope Tree Service

    Pope Tree Service was founded in 1985 by Chris Pope and is San Diego’s leading tree care company. We’ve been family owned and operated for over 30 years and have over 100 years combined experience in the Tree Care Industry. We have extensive experience working with residential homes, commercial properties, municipal land, golf courses, HOA & property management companies, and City, County and State Parks successfully trimming some of the largest & most dangerous trees in San Diego County.

    Our goal at Pope Tree Service is to create a harmonious balance between people and nature by preserving trees in their natural state and shape while maintaining a safe and efficient living and working environment for society. We are fully licensed and insured, employ trained, attentive professionals, as well as a full time Arborist. We are long time members of ISA and PTCA which keep us up-to-date on all of the latest Tree Care practices and safety standards.


    Address: 415 W. 30th Street National City , CA 91950

    Phone: 844-202-0463



    BrightView Tree Care Philadelphia, PA offers a wide variety of tree services based on the knowledge of our local arborists, who understand the regional climates and challenges. See the list of available tree care services for the Philadelphia, PA area below.

    In the event a tree cannot be saved and must be removed, our knowledgeable experts can ensure it happens safely. Our experienced crews are qualified to execute removal operations of any size or complexity - and in full compliance with all national and local safety regulations.

    Protect the economic and historical value of landmark trees on your property. Long-term survival and stability of important trees requires expert knowledge to ensure health and vigor are preserved during each phase of development - from planning, design, grading, and construction to ongoing landscape maintenance. Our widely regarded professionals will work alongside your landscape architect and engineering firm to identify which trees should be preserved and which are suited for relocation.

    Proactive pruning and thinning of your tree canopies dramatically minimizes the risk of damage and is far less costly than the expense and inconvenience of an emergency situation. But when an emergency does arise, our crew is well equipped to respond swiftly with our local teams and national resources. With a 24/7 infrastructure, we’re able to quickly assess property damage and provide timely cleanup.

    Ensure the health and beauty of your trees and help minimize the potential for liability on your property with a pruning and maintenance program designed for the age, size, condition, and location of your trees.

    Properly assess the health needs of your trees with the help of our certified arborists. By carefully examining irrigation, soil compactness, and pest damage, you will get a complete picture of your trees’ wellbeing, pinpointing their cause of stress and needs for recovery.

    Prevent problems before they happen. Our arborists are experts at diagnosing conditions that jeopardize our trees and can make recommendations that provide extra support where needed.

    Whether a landmark sycamore or a century-old oak, symbolic specimens require protection from one of nature’s most destructive forces. Our certified arborists are trained in the installation of tree lightning protection systems, which divert lightning bolts to the ground without any damage to the tree.


    Address: 10620 Treena St Suite 230 San Diego, CA 92131

    Phone: 619-250-7655


    Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego

    We put our customer’s needs first, that’s why our hard working crews go out of their way to make sure the job is always done to the customer’s satisfaction. People that hire our crews, appreciate the extra effort we go to, to make sure our customers are always satisfied.

    There is a reason that we charge more than the guy in a pick up truck with a lawn mower and a chainsaw. We have made the extra effort to gain the Arborist Certification Credential. Because of that effort, we know that the people that do hire us appreciate that we go by the book.

    This is probably the greatest thing that separates Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego from many of our competitors. We are Certified Arborist with the educational background in tree heath and management. Many trees in San Diego are more fragile then they seem and knowing when and how to trim a tree for it’s optimal health is what makes Arbor Task your tree services expert.

    Alman Grant started his tree cutting business twenty years ago. He says it was a “steep learning curve”. In fact, Alman says that he continues to learn to this day. He’s learned things like how to be a good judge of character when it comes to his
    costumers and employees.

    The most important things Alman has learned are about himself. He’s learned how to have patience, how to have perseverance and how to keep stress from getting to him. That’s why San Diego has been lucky to have Alman Grant’s company–Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego–right in their backyard for over 20 years.

    They have been serving the San Diego community by specializing in Tree Pruning, Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Root Pruning, Brush Clearing, Fire Abatement, Shrub & Hedge Pruning.

    Under Alman’s leadership, Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego strives to consistently exceed everyone of their customer’s expectations. They pride themselves with being committed to providing excellent service by knowledgeable, informed professionals at a competitive price. Why don’t you call us and see for yourself?



    Phone: 619-379-7034


    Charles Tree Service

    Charles Tree Service. has provided quality residential and commercial tree care and removal services in San Diego County since 1998. From start to finish, we provide the highest-quality tree care at competitive prices. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency service.

    Our arborists provide professional and courteous arboriculture services, including trimming, pruning, lacing and thinning. We specialize in ornamental tree crown thinning, which increases light and air movement through the crowns of your trees. Our arborists also perform shrub pruning, stump grinding and tree removals.

    Charles Tree Service. is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Professional Tree Care Association of San Diego, the International Society of Arbor Culture and the Tree Care Industry Association. You can depend on us for all of your tree care needs!

    The arborists at Charles Tree Service. are knowledgeable in all areas of tree care. Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer, we will assist you. We offer the following tree and shrub services:

    - Trimming/Lacing
    - Crown Reduction
    - Palm Tree Trimming
    - Fruit Tree Pruning
    - Shrub Pruning
    - Tree Planting
    - Small Tree Transplants
    - Ornamental Tree Crown Thinning
    - Treatment of Tree Disease/Infestation


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