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    The 10 Best Solar Panel Experts in New York

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Solar Companies In New York To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 82 Jane St #4C, New York, NY 10014

    Phone: 877-212-5123


    212 Solar

    212 Solar wants to prove to you just how straightforward and simple it can be to go solar. We specialize in helping New York and New Jersey area residents and business owners to understand all the options available when choosing a solar energy installation.

    We can help you decide whether leasing or owning is a better solution for you, just how big of an array of solar panels would be optimal for your situation and give you information on how much energy you can expect your solar energy system to produce.

    Our hand-picked professional team of forward thinking people work together synergistically throughout the entire process so you can rest assured that you are getting the best long term solar solution that money can buy. We keep up to date with the latest solar technology so that you have a powerful energy system that will provide you with clean energy for years to come!


    Address: 335 Madison Ave, 4th Floor New York, NY 10017

    Phone: 718-637-1212


    Samba Energy

    Samba Energy is experienced in an extensive range of solar projects including homes, schools, solar farms, retail stores, and airport facilities. We love the challenge of incorporating sustainable solutions into your home, building, or facility.

    We have engineered everything from horizontal and vertical-mount solar atop 50-story high rises, to thin modules that adhere to roofing membrane to minimize structural load and speed up installation time, and everything in between.

    Bring us your challenge and let’s power the future, together!

    Our staff is composed of industry professionals who are committed to a clean energy economy. We are members of the Solar Industry Association (SEIA), Renew PAC, ACORE, the American Solar Energy Society, and are participating contractors in the Con Edison Energy Efficiency Program.

    Our team is primarily based in New York City but confidently handles projects nationwide.

    Samba Energy was founded in 2008 by Jack and Michael Hidary to bring solar energy to people in a clean, honest, and personal way.

    We got our start by installing solar energy units for our neighbors in our local Brooklyn community. Though we’ve expanded a lot since then, being committed to the solar needs of our clients and treating them like friends and neighbors is still how we plan to power the future, together.


    Address: 230 Park Ave 3rd Floor West, Suite 443 New York, NY 10169

    Phone: 646-846‑3258


    OYA Solar

    OYA Solar is a leading solar developer and an emerging independent energy of community, commercial and utility-scale projects. Founded in 2009, OYA has a strong track record of delivering solar projects across North America and a growing pipeline of projects.

    We are based in Toronto, Canada, and New York City and have in‐house development, permitting, engineering, construction, and finance teams with the expertise and experience to drive projects to completion. At the core of OYA’s success is the diverse group of people who bring passion to everything they do.

    Our goal is to deliver solar projects through a community-based approach that serves the priorities and needs of our neighbors for a better, brighter future for everyone.

    OYA Solar is committed to diversity at all levels of the company and is recognized as minority business enterprise by organizations
    in the U.S. and Canada.

    OYA Solar works hard every day to bring cleaner, healthier energy to local communities.

    We develop responsible, local, clean solar energy in challenging locations to widespread economic and environmental benefits for local landowners, communities, and businesses.


    Address: 167 Canal Street, Floor 2, New York, NY 10013

    Phone: 646-650 2716


    Inhabit Solar

    The adoption of clean energy infrastructure in dense urban areas is increasingly difficult due to challenges of limited available square footage and concerns of negative visual impact.

    Building a diverse, multidisciplinary team combining decades of urban and industrial design, architecture, and structural engineering experience, blending the best of design, function, and technology.

    Developing modular renewable energy infrastructure products that are architectural, highly efficient, and utilize the best available technology, maximizing urban utility and serving the local community.

    For the next generation. The constant balance and integration of humans and environment is the core of our sustainability commitment — and it is indispensable to realizing the aspirations reflected in our company vision. Minimally invasive designs and rapid installation make our process the one you can trust.

    We proudly produce all our products in North America, and we put a lot of thought into the look and feel of our products by taking an integrative approach from day one. We focus on output, and we consider cost efficiency to carbon footprints, and everything in between to ensure reliable solutions that withstand generations.

    For the environment. Our modular renewable energy solutions are designed for urban landscapes. This holistic approach aims to support the communities and environments by maximizing storage, reducing energy costs, and blending the natural and urban elements. You can say we are experts at optimizing space.

    Our products are simply designed for the way people live, and we build on preexisting urban elements, Whether it’s our carport canopy’s ability to fit any landscape, providing EV charging and additional parking or something else.

    For the way, you live. Inhabit Solar has undergone a remarkable evolution over the last several years as we’ve pursued our vision to become a leading player in the push for renewable energy. Our values speak to our production process, where we take a holistic and inclusive approach into tangible solutions. Inhabit has transformed energy infrastructure from utilitarian to aesthetic amenities — humanizing renewables to better fit the way we live.

    Our goal for our products aims at humanizing the next generation of renewables to build functional infrastructure that serves local communities. Infrastructure that seamlessly fits into the landscape it powers, making it one of a kind. We had a simple idea and brought it to fruition, with one single concept in mind: you.


    Address: 315 East 65th Suite 9L New York, NY 10065

    Phone: 646-450-8012‬


    Choose Solar

    Community solar industry has only been around for a short period of time, yet it is rapidly becoming a very popular option. Many consumers are very interested in getting solar energy, but the majority are not able to get it because they don’t have access to their roofs or simply don’t want to be bothered with installing expensive solar panels. Community solar solves those problems and guarantees a discount on your electric bills.

    Let’s say your energy bills are high. The easiest way to reduce them is to sign up online for a discounted renewable energy program at your utility. It’s free, you will lower your bill by getting a guaranteed 10% discount and save the environment. This little-known program is called community solar, allowing you to get discounted solar energy by connecting to a community solar farm in your community instantly and digitally.

    There are no appointments to make, no panels to install, no equipment to purchase and no repairs to perform.

    It’s also completely free. Free to join. Free to maintain. Free to cancel.

    After you enroll, your community solar farm pays your utility on your behalf and sends you a bill with a guaranteed 10% discount. Therefore, you will be paying less than you normally would and get solar energy.

    So, sign up now and start saving money and the environment.


    Address: 1247 New York, NY 10113

    Phone: 212-505-6050


    Solar One

    Solar One manages Stuyvesant Cove Park, an architect-designed, sustainably managed, 2-acre jewel of a Park on land that was once an abandoned industrial site. The Park is now home to hundreds of indigenous plants, flowers, trees, and berry bushes, and a site for many free public events.

    Working with over 600 public schools in NYC and beyond, the Green Design Lab program inspires the entire school community – students, teachers, custodians and administrators – to green their schools and innovate solutions to environmental challenges through emerging technologies.

    The Green Workforce Training Program, New York City’s premier green jobs training center, trains and certifies unemployed individuals and incumbent building staff in energy efficiency, renewables, and green building operations and maintenance.

    Solar One engages thousands of New Yorkers in Energy Efficiency programs, providing education and driving investment in projects.

    With more than 100 solar projects and nearly two megawatts of solar capacity to date, Solar One is working to make low cost solar accessible to diverse communities across NYC through Here Comes Solar.

    The Clean Energy Connections panel series, a collaboration with NYC ACRE, is NYC’s knowledge hub and meeting ground for the cleantech community.

    Interested in having a sustainable event- a film screening, a dinner party, a record release, a presentation, or something completely different? Contact us to find out about options for onsite and offsite events.


    Address: 79 Madison Avenue 8th Floor, New York, NY 10016

    Phone: 212-389-9215


    YSG Solar

    The YSG difference begins with your free consultation with one of our solar experts. We have over 25 years of experience, and each and every employee on our team is an authority on every phase of the solar process.

    Your solar consultant will first assess your home or building’s actual potential for energy production, including its capacity to support an appropriately sized installation. Helping you understand the variables involved in designing a solar system that suits your unique energy needs is one of our greatest strengths.

    You will also be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be there to answer questions at every step of the way. That’s just one part of our on-going commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And what starts with your initial consultation continues on through the life of your system once it’s installed.

    Once we’ve determined the best way to meet your energy needs and our staff engineers have designed your system, we’ll help you determine the most cost-effective way to pay for solar. We’ve installed solar on 1000+ properties around New York and know the ins-and-outs of the various incentive, rebate and financing programs available.

    YSG Solar is also a certified solar financier, with $0 down options available. Many of our customers find their payments to be lower than previous utility bills and are able to pay off their projects in two years or less. The best part is that we handle all the paperwork — you just have to reap the rewards come tax time.

    Unlike other solar companies that offer equipment leasing to curb up-front costs, YSG Solar recommends that its customers invest in high-quality, American-made systems that they actually own. We test every component we sell to make sure it meets our rigorous standards for performance. For you, that means less downtime due to system failures, more efficient production and systems that pay for themselves more quickly. What’s more is that we’re able to offer a 25-year power production warranty and a matching 25-year warranty on parts and labor.

    At YSG Solar we offer service, professionalism and quality — a combination that can’t be beaten!


    Address: 11 Hanover Square, 21st Floor New York, NY 10005

    Phone: 212-803-5868


    Bright Power

    At Bright Power, our mission is threefold. Increase the performance and value of buildings. Improve the comfort, health, and productivity of occupants. Eliminate negative impacts on the planet.

    Since 2004, Bright Power has changed the built environment by dramatically reducing carbon emissions and improving building performance. From design to ribbon cutting, energy auditing to implementing improvements, and performance benchmarking to ensuring results, we deliver deep value to all stakeholders in real estate—owners, operators, investors, occupants, communities, and the planet that houses all of us.

    We started by connecting the benefits of investing in solar and energy efficiency together. Then we simplified the process of making and evaluating investment decisions through the creation of a simple but rigorous analytics platform, Energy Score Cards. We developed deep engineering expertise in how to make buildings better for occupants while lowering energy usage, both for existing buildings and new construction. We learned about all the rebates, tax credits, and other financial incentives that improve the financial returns of our solutions. And when we realized that our customers didn’t just want advice, they wanted action, we built a full turnkey construction operation to implement the solutions we recommend. Finally, since energy waste creeps back if no one is watching, we created an energy management service, MoBIUS®, that brings our energy savings and troubleshooting expertise to your operations team.


    Address: 299 Broadway, suite 1501 New York, NY 10007

    Phone: 212-791-2100


    IPP Solar

    IPP Solar is an independent solar power company that develops, finances, builds, owns and operates solar power plants to supply energy to electric vehicles, commercial, industrial, and nonprofit customers.

    Since its inception in 2008, IPP Solar has completed dozens of solar projects, representing multiple megawatts of installed systems.

    IPP Solar has been developing both net-metered projects (on-site generation to offset site load) and wholesale projects (solar farms) selling power to the grid on a merchant basis.

    IPP Solar is headquartered in New York and is 100% owned by its founding members and employees.

    The challenges described here show how critical it is to select the right partner in solar power plant development.

    IPP Solar is the right partner because we have extensive expertise in project/structured finance, and tax/regulations relating to solar incentives. We also possess comprehensive knowledge of solar technologies, construction processes, logistics and extensive relationships with suppliers and distributors. We also "eat our own cooking", deploying our own capital alongside our customers and partners.

    But most importantly, our expertise and experience is demonstrated by the 50+ projects completed with numerous partners that encompass some of the leading institutional real estate firms and operating businesses in the nation. We are particularly proud that we have completed multiple projects with each partner.

    We also leverage innovation, technology and creative thinking in all aspects of our project development. Whether it is the deal structuring, technology implementation or growth strategies, we have met client satisfaction despite difficult market circumstances.

    We believe that our combination of knowledge, expertise, experience and forward thinking positions us among the nation's top solar power providers.


    Address: 1407 Broadway 24th Floor New York, NY 10018

    Phone: 212-935-2500


    Safari Energy

    Safari Energy was founded by entrepreneurs who brought together a hybrid group of professionals with backgrounds ranging from investment banking to engineering.

    Safari Energy, LLC is the solar partner of choice for commercial and industrial customers, real estate owners, public sector organizations and solar developers seeking competitive financial solutions for their projects.
    Headquartered in New York City, Safari Energy has helped customers unlock enormous economic value and drive significant energy savings by developing hundreds of solar energy projects from Massachusetts to Hawaii.
    With extensive interdisciplinary expertise, Safari supports the growth of distributed energy resources and PPL Corporation’s focus on advancing a sustainable energy future.

    At Safari Energy, it’s our differences that make us stronger, and we believe through our commitment to the Renewables Forward initiative, we will strengthen the principles of equal opportunity in the solar industry. The tragic death of George Floyd enraged and deeply saddened many of us, but the ensuing discussions ignited our determination to actively foster a diverse and inclusive community, and we are thankful for the positive outlet that this initiative has provided.


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