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    The 10 Best Solar Panel Experts in Detroit

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Solar Companies In Detroit To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 4444 2nd Ave Detroit, MI 48201

    Phone: 313-960-7900


    Strawberry Solar

    Strawberry Solar is a high-end, turnkey residential installation company founded in 2010 with a combined 20 plus years of solar photovoltaic sales, design, permitting, installation, commissioning, and monitoring.

    Starting with your electricity bill, we can create a design and 3D rendering of a system specific to your energy needs.
    We specialize in customer service, understanding that without our customers we would not be here doing what we love.

    Our friendly representative will visit your location, provide helpful tips on energy use, crunch the numbers on your usage and determine the best way to deploy your solar array to save you the most money.

    We take care of all plans, permits, and engineering and then our skilled technicians will arrive to install your system in just a few short days. We specialize in perfection.

    All of our systems come with easy performance monitoring. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy as your savings from clean and independent energy.


    Address: 2200 Hunt Street Suite 419 Detroit, MI 48207

    Phone: 866-436-1440



    Our mission is to make subcontracting solar design and engineering simple and fast for installers.

    In the early 2010s, the solar industry began to shine into the mainstream. With the rise in demand for solar PV and growth of solar installers came the drastic need for structure, organization, and expertise specifically around the solar design and engineering process.

    Installers needed standardized deliverables, consistent price, and up front delivery timelines on their design and engineering that was scalable.

    Designers and engineers needed a streamlined, repeatable process to deliver with as little friction as possible.

    In 2013, the Green Lancer marketplace was founded to solve this problem. Green Lancer is the only online marketplace for solar installers to get standardized, quality permit design and engineering solutions with speed, reliability, and competitive pricing.

    Since 2013, Green Lancer has served more than 5,000 solar installers on over 150,000 projects, and deployed $1.8 billion (and counting) in commercial and residential solar nationwide.

    With a seamless user experience, dedicated Detroit-based team, and focus on continuous improvement, Green Lancer continues to help installers streamline their design and engineering process, allowing them to focus on growing their business and installing more solar.

    We will continue to be a growth accelerator in the solar industry with our disruptive technology and will never stop working to provide the best services for our customers.


    Address: 2415 Burdette St. Ferndale, MI 48220

    Phone: 248-629-9872


    Distributed Power

    With solar, we can reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. Let’s talk. We beat DTE, Consumers Energy and every utility hands down. We’ll prove it.

    We guarantee we are the lowest cost of electricity for your home or business. If not we reimburse the difference.

    See how. Make the switch to Distributed Power. We’ll lower your costs and can add battery backup. Every home can be a power plant.

    Our process:
    - Analyze Your Electric Bill or Use Case for Solar.
    - Design a Custom System to Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill.
    - We provide a quote for a turn-key installation including all requirements with DTE or Consumers Energy and your local permitting jurisdiction.
    - Provide you $0 down financing for our proposal or Set Up a Cash Contract.
    - Install the system, set up your monitoring app, and provide a 10-year workmanship warranty. Solar Panels have a 25-year power production warranty from the manufacturer.

    At Distributed Power, we believe access to solar should not be limited by an individual’s income. We put you first by making the transition to green energy as easy as possible. In order to achieve this, we use financing companies to afford residents 0% down loans to start the installation process. We take on the financial burden up front so the customer can take those first steps towards environmental sustainability.


    Address: 500 Stephenson Hwy Troy, MI 48083

    Phone: 248-720-6389



    Our POWERHOME SOLAR team is committed to providing Detroit residents with reliable solar energy solutions. Our solar panel systems help to reduce people’s dependence on grid energy as they are developed for each home on a case-by-case basis. While power companies continue to raise their rates, we are proud to offer our customers a way to own their power and reduce their environmental impact.

    We are an American company headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina. We started in 2006 as Rescomm and rebranded ourselves as POWERHOME SOLAR in 2014. Our specialty is solar energy solutions and we have years of experience and expertise to prove it. With over 1,800 solar professionals and counting, we’re bringing our nationwide vision for solar energy to fruition. We’re excited to see where our solar energy journey takes us next.

    To ensure that every job is done correctly the first time, our solar panel installation team includes licensed electricians. Our company also has unlimited general contractor and electrical contractor licenses, and we hold a designation as a GAF Master Elite roofer.

    Client feedback:
    Our installer and his crew did a great job. They are just finishing up our install. I can’t wait till they are fully functional after city inspection. We will be able to generate about 80% of our power from solar.


    Address: 2838 E. Long Lake Rd, Suite: 120, Troy MI 48085

    Phone: 248-805-1244


    Solar Solutions of America

    A Team striving to offer an outstanding experience you deserve. A team of motivated professionals formed a better Solar company.

    Made up of entrepreneurs who have run successful customer service businesses in Michigan for over 15 years. Solar Installers, Electricians and Project Managers who strive for excellence and great customer experience with over 800 projects of combined experience for different companies in Michigan.

    Utilizing our fulfillment center to logistically maintain inventory for immediate shipment allows us to preserve a first to market concept.

    This philosophy, coupled with our “safety first” service staff and direct sales, have been the key to our success. Continued demand for Solar Panel service has allowed us to branch out horizontally into other offerings, including electrical and batteries to fully complement our customer’s expectations.

    Solar Solutions of America is aligned with superior suppliers and leaders in manufacturing who have in-depth industry knowledge and documented success, allowing us to become the preferred choice of consumers.

    To be a responsible leader in providing clean energy solutions therefore, our mission is to be the best solar installation company in USA for residential, commercial and large systems. We are continually striving to provide low cost, high quality products / installation and superior customer service.

    Our vision is to power the entire country with renewable energy. Solar Solutions of America’s vision is to establish a unique solar business model by utilizing cutting edge green technologies that promote health, efficiency, and environmental harmony to create a national shift in the way we produce and consume energy.


    Address: 14460 Lakeside Cir #240 Sterling Heights, MI 48313

    Phone: 888-217-6620



    Maurice has an extensive background as a owner and principal broker of Showcase One Real Estate Group. Maurice is also a managing partner in Casa Terra Construction Management where he gained a deep knowledge of building construction and project management.

    His relationships in the community are invaluable in making sure that Solar projects get approved in a timely manner and his project management skills keep the install crews running at maximum efficiency.

    Maurice is father of four beautiful children of all ages and a homeowner in Macomb township.

    Danielle leads with passion, enthusiasm, work ethic, and a clear vision for providing energy savings and alternative energy to the community.

    She is an entrepreneur & was most recently an energy consultant for the past 8 years, where she sold some the of communities most accomplished energy projects, Including the largest Michigan Saves funded energy project at Lafontaine Automotive.

    Danielle always builds a strong relationship with her clients and follows through until all client expectations are surpassed.

    Chad is a father of two here in the Metro Detroit area.

    Chad has over 18 years of Marketing and Sales experience including running the top Allstate agency in the United States & his dedication to detail makes sure our office and staff is operating at optimal conditions.

    If you call our office there's a good chance you will be talking to Chad at some point.

    Our communications specialist Haylie is always smiling. She likes nothing more then to help people connect with Solar and get rid of their energy bills.

    Haylie is working for her bachelor’s degree at College for Creative Studies in Detroit. She loves the city, the people, and the opportunities Detroit brings to everyone.

    She also likes nothing more than to help people connect with Solar and get rid of their energy bills.

    She recently joined the team and is working on our community outreach programs and making sure our presence in the community is great!


    Address: 24371 Catherine Industrial Drive, Suite 231, Novi, MI 48357

    Phone: 248-257-4054



    Srinergy is a clean solar energy technology company with design and development capabilities, providing turn-key solar energy solutions for utility, commercial and industrial customers. We had great success in carving out a specialty niche for ourselves, and have earned an excellent reputation within the industry for reducing energy costs and reducing the carbon footprint for our customers.

    We continually seek out the latest technologies in solar energy generation and solar storage as such, have formed strategic partnerships with companies in these areas to complement our offerings. Srinergy has extensive experience in working with solar utility companies for interconnection requirements and have successfully grid connected solar projects.

    Srinergy is passionate about what we do on a day-to-day basis and that passion translates into going the extra mile and maintaining our goal of exceeding our customers’ corporate sustainability goals in all that we do.

    Client feedback:
    Srinergy offered a turnkey solar solution, from connecting us to financing at the outset, through coordinating the installation process and working with DTE to commission the system, and even analyzing our first electric bill after we converted. Our solar system is not only saving valuable natural resources, it is saving us money as it looks like our DTE bill is almost a thing of the past!


    Address: 4522 Racewood Dr., Commerce Charter Township, MI 48382

    Phone: 313-820-4526


    Solar King

    Solar King is a solar panel company that was founded to help homeowners and businesses in Michigan become less dependent on their local utility providers, while also becoming more self-sustained and reducing their carbon footprint. When it comes to solar companies in Michigan, we are your go-to turnkey solar panel company solution.

    Don King, Solar King’s founder, truly has a “green” collar. Born and raised in Michigan, Don decided to embrace his passion for helping the residents and business-owners of Michigan after working for the automotive industry for over 22 years.

    Don did not take this lightly. To successfully and sincerely accomplish his dream of helping Michigan go solar, he started working for a renewable energy installation company. After five years and over a hundred completed projects, Don decided it was time to set out on his own to create his own solar panel company. The result was Solar King—a solar panel company designed to help others.

    Solar King is a home-grown solar panel company that is truly committed both to a greener world and helping the community. We are committed to top-notch customer service, using only the best solar products and serving as a resource to our customers as they embark on their solar journey.


    Address: 4082 Biddle Wyandotte, MI 48192

    Phone: 734 283-4595


    CRESIT Energy

    It all begins with an expert energy assessment. At no cost to you CRESIT will provide an energy assessment for your home or business. Share your sustainable goals with us and we will design a system to meet and exceed those goals. CRESIT has a great team standing by in Wyandotte, Michigan to answer any and all of your questions, so contact us or stop by the shop and let us help you save energy and put green back in your pocket.

    The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is at it's highest this year!

    This can be applied to more than just one tax year and really speeds your return on investment.

    The ROI of CRESIT systems are trending at 3-5 years. Considering solar panels have a 25 year warranty, that's a very good investment.

    You need financing? We are listed as an authorized contractor with Michigan Saves. You can be qualified in minutes!



    Phone: 248-834-3074


    Ryter Cooperative Industries

    Ryter Cooperative Industries (RCI) is a project management company creating a brighter future beginning with, but not limited to Metropolitan Detroit, through the application of innovative technology, renewable energy solutions, and collective creative ideas by providing engineering and design support, project management, and educational services for community development and empowerment.

    RCI only works with top brands in the industry. Our company guarantees reliable performance with all products offered, regardless whether they are used or new. Lion Energy is just one of the brands that we keep in stock and we are a key distributor. See below for more options.

    Our products are lithium battery based and range from small power banks to portable silent generator units and RV batteries to residential energy storage. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Introducing Lion Energy products that are designed for everyday use and for emergencies.

    - Creative Innovation
    - Community support
    - Empowerment
    - Sustainability
    - Integrity
    - Teamwork
    - Collaboration
    - Responsibility

    RCI is widely recognized as the premier provider of innovative technological and renewable energy solutions in support of empowered sustainable communities.

    Ryter Cooperative Industries is proud to build consistent strategic partners city and statewide as our team seeks to convert communities and local businesses into increasingly more energy efficient structures in the future.


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