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    The 10 Best Solar Panel Experts in Chicago

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Solar Companies In Chicago To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 401 N. Trumbull Ave, Ste D, Chicago, IL 60624

    Phone: 888-944-5765



    At WindSoleil, we believe that everything is energy and that energy is all around us in nature. We just have to figure out how to harness that energy for human use without harming nature, other living organisms, and ourselves. The products and services provided here on WindSoleil are intended to harness that energy in nature and turn the energy around them into electricity you can use so you can become a self-sufficient individual, community, or region.

    Client Feedback:
    I am a high school teacher and we have purchased two RA solar power chargers to use in our Virtual Enterprise program. We originally bought these as display products to use at trade shows, but we have found out it is an amazing charger. It keeps a charge, even when it is stored in a dark closet. It does a great job charging my phone. I was so impressed, I asked for my own charger for Christmas and carry it in my purse. We hike a lot and I am glad to have a solar powered charger that can be charged in the sun. Windsoleil has excellent customer service and has been very helpful to my students. We have ordered from them twice and both times the products are received within three days. I highly recommend this company and their products!


    Address: 5022 W. Foster Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

    Phone: 312-588-6953


    Windfree Solar

    Windfree is Illinois' premier wind and solar energy installer. We provide educational services to the Chicagoland community, and promise the most advanced design technologies and the highest efficiency solar panels on the market.

    We believe in a better way to power our homes and businesses at a lower cost to create a healthier planet. Windfree was founded in 2009 by visionaries and early adopters of sustainable technologies. Our team includes professional sales and project managers, and installers with over 40 years of solar, wind, and electric vehicle infrastructure expertise. Our team members have with extended education in environmental management, sustainability, and business and bring added value to every project. Our business partners include LEED certified and certified architectural design firms, licensed and bonded NABCEP certified electrical contractors, city and state certified installers, and minority owned suppliers.

    We search for the best available products, equipment, and services required to put the power of solar and wind energy in your hands. Our vast experience with solar, over 280 installations, familiarity with small and large projects, and our commitment to renewable energy, make us your top choice for your project. We have consistently developed projects that were on time and in budget. There are many benefits that go beyond dollar savings and we help our clients promote their project to stakeholders, employees, students, and the wider community. We help clients capitalize on the positive marketing and public relations value that a renewable energy project can generate. For any solar or wind project, small or, large, Windfree is your preferred choice.

    The Windfree Foundation is granting technological solutions to local schools, worked with educators to develop curriculum around these technologies, and put solar and wind power into the hands and minds of the next generation of energy users. We are committed to transforming how we make and think about power.


    Address: 2211 North Elston Ave.Suite 208 Chicago, IL 60614

    Phone: 800-607-9786



    Our mission is to make a positive impact on the world, both now and for the future. With a green energy solution core business model, our operations inherently support a better environment for future generations.

    To make an impact right now, RxSun is dedicated to fighting hunger. For every solar system installed, we donate a portion of the proceeds to local food banks and Feeding America sufficient for the programs to supply 1000 meals to children in need.

    RxSun is the residential solar branch of Verde Solutions, the Midwest’s premier renewable energy and energy efficiency company.
    It has completed over 1300 commercial, industrial and municipal energy efficiency projects in 48 states.

    Verde Solutions is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Chicago. RxSun’s headquarters are also in Chicago, and its design, engineering, permitting, procurement and operations teams are based there.

    Our parent company Verde Solutions was named on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies nationwide in 2017, 2018 and 2019.Chris Gersch, Founder/CEO of Verde Solutions was named a Finalist for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017. He is a nationally recognized energy expert and is regularly featured on Bloomberg, Fox News, TD Ameritrade Network and CNBC.


    Address: 1965 W Pershing Rd, Chicago IL 60609

    Phone: 773-492-1294


    Ailey Solar

    Electric rates are inevitably going to go up. By installing a solar electric system you are buying your electricity for the next 25 years in advance. In a few years you will have made back the cost of installation. For the rest of the life of the system, you will get free electricity. Furthermore, you can get 26% of the cost of the system back as a federal income tax credit as well as receive the benefit if SREC income for your solar production.

    Global warming has already caused serious damage both here in the U.S. and around the world. We need to move away from burning fossil fuels as rapidly as possible. Getting some or all of your electric power from the sun is a great way to help. Illinois has plenty of sun and plenty of good roofs. We could get a lot of our energy from the sun.

    The prices of photovoltaic modules have dropped dramatically in last couple of years. In addition, solar system costs are at historic lows. Some municipalities have also reduced the permitting costs.

    The SREC program in Illinois reduces in the value of the benefit to customers as each tier is filled with homes and businesses purchasing solar systems. The earlier an adopter of solar at the moment in Illinois, the more valuable the SREC credits and the greater the SREC income for the customer.

    We want to see a lot of solar electric systems installed in Illinois. We are fighting hard to keep our costs as low as possible.

    We follow best practices regardless of whether they are technically required by code. We make sure that our installations will give you the maximum electrical production at the lowest possible price while maintaining quality.


    Address: 2211 N. Elston Ave. Suite 208 Chicago, IL 60614

    Phone: 312-281-6501


    Fresh Coast Solar

    After years of experience developing and installing solar projects throughout the Midwest, founders Jeremy Vavrik and Adam Kay formed Fresh Coast Solar in 2018. They met while working for a solar firm in Michigan, and had a shared vision of returning to their native Chicago to build a solar business. Their goal was accelerating the adoption of clean, renewable energy through efficient design, installation and project management services.

    The partners started with a van and a plan. Their motivation and industry expertise gave them an understanding of the multifaceted complexities of bringing clean energy projects to fruition, from point of sale to energization. They focused on this niche, and were soon securing residential and commercial installation projects.

    Just as the new company was finding success, they had a chance connection with the founder of Altimus Capital, a large holding company with successful operations in multiple energy sector markets. The potential synergy was ideal and Fresh Coast Solar was brought under the Altimus Capital umbrella, which supports our mission of shaping the success of the Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act and becoming a major player in the Midwest’s energy transformation.


    Address: 4831 West Wilson Chicago, IL 60630

    Phone: 312-243-9933


    Earth Wind Solar Energy

    At Earth Wind And Solar Energy we value the pride of home ownership and installing a system that not only performs well but looks great is one of our goals at EWSE.

    We want you to be proud of your system and no one understands that better than our team of professionals. With warranties on components up to 25 years, we aim to build long term relationships with all our clients.

    Earth Wind and Solar Energy became Illinois top installer of solar related equipment because we care about our customers and the preservation of our environment.

    Our core values of hard work, honesty, and good business stewardship have earned us the reputation of a reliable and competent solar energy contractor. Were proud to say that many of our new clients are referred to us from previous clients. In this industry, that says a lot about who we are and how we care for our customers.


    Address: 1247 N. State Pkwy, Suite 304, Chicago, IL 60610

    Phone: 312-585-7761


    FreeWorld Solar

    At FreeWorld, we know you are the kind of person that wants to be financially successful while staying environmentally-conscious, but in order to be that way, you need an energy source that boosts your financial savings and sustainability. The problem is you’re frustrated by the effort required to understand and install renewable energy, which can lead you to remain tethered to your utility's energy. Or you may have received a quote for a solar installation, but were turned off by a lack of savings or a pushy salesperson.

    We believe environmental impact and financial success go hand in hand. We understand the uncertainty and confusion around solar projects, that’s why we developed a simple way to evaluate your business or home for solar, and boost your bank account with savings from clean energy.

    Top-rated solar installers bid for your solar project. Our network of installers has experience to suit any project, providing an affordable and effective solar installation.

    FreeWorld donates solar project earnings to charitable FreeWorld Rebuild projects, which build community solar installations in climate-disaster areas.

    Client Feedback:
    FreeWorld was patient and professional with all of the many questions we had, and everyone was very transparent with the entire process, from education to estimates to installation.

    It's been gratifying to see the "wheel spin backwards" on our meter.


    Address: 116 West Hubbard Street Suite 301 Chicago, IL 60654

    Phone: 773-891-6189


    Inter Solar

    At Intersolar we are committed to the development of a world with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power brings the perfect opportunity to do so, and empowers each individual to contribute to this cause, with a tangible impact.

    Switching to solar energy is finally easy and affordable. The State of Illinois is aiming for 25% renewable energy, which is why they are providing incentives for Illinois residents and industries to invest in solar energy.

    When you purchase a solar power system for your home, you may be eligible to receive a 26% federal tax credit in addition to earning Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), so you earn money back on the solar power you use.

    Save money on your electric bill, improve the value of your home, and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to solar energy today.

    InterSolar currently creates thousands of solar designs per week for our customers. Now we can create thousands per second.


    Address: 5440 N Cumberland Ave Chicago, IL 60656

    Phone: 877-586-3621


    Lumena Energy

    David Jones is the founder and CEO of Lite Injen Labs, the parent company of Lumena Energy one of the largest software development firms in the Midwest. David is a Technologist, inventor, software engineer and solar energy subject matter expert. With the successful launch of Lumena Energy at the Google Headquarters in 2019, his vision has led Lumena Energy to becoming the largest minority owned renewable energy company in the Midwest.

    With over two decades of sales experience, Kevin Posey Jr has left an indelible mark on the field of sales and energy. From his start in door to door sales with Kirby Vacuums to brokering sales with entire municipalities, if it can be seen he believes it can be sold.
    “As long as I have product knowledge, confidence, and time, my team and I can sell anything!”

    Otha Mabry specializes in network security architectures that defends against emerging attacks, in addition to providing threat research to organizations driving security initiatives to align with business objectives. Otha has over 20 years’ experience in network implementations inclusive of routing and switching with an emphasis in security and threat discovery across multiple industries ranging from education, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunication.

    B.S. University of Tennessee at Martin

    M.S. from DePaul University.



    Phone: 312-584-0852


    Madison Street Energy

    Madison Street Energy (“MSE”) is an employee owned company founded by seasoned energy professionals that have worked on originating, developing, acquiring, financing, constructing, owning and operating numerous large scale wind, solar, and energy storage projects which provide thousands of megawatts of clean energy throughout the United States.

    Since leasing land is an essential first step for every proposed energy project, the MSE’s founders’ have gained a deep understanding of the value of these wind and solar leases which require project owners to guarantee to pay a predetermined set amount of rent over terms ranging from 20-50 years. In addition, MSE’s first hand experiences with landowners has taught them that oftentimes they have a strong desire to receive a upfront cash payment for leasing their land but that project owners have universally rejected requests to pay rent in any manner other than in annual installments over the 20-50 years.

    As a result of these unique experiences and knowledge, MSE was formed to serve a currently non-existent market that would allow landowners to receive their desired upfront payments while at the same time providing MSE investors with the opportunity to realize the value of these stable income streams.

    MSE acquires interests in rental streams owed by energy companies who have entered into long term wind and solar leases with landowners in order to construct for wind turbines or solar projects the leased land. MSE provides Landowners with the option to monetize these long term leases by making lump sum cash payments in exchange for the landowner assigning the rights to future rental payments to MSE.

    As a result of MSE’s founder’s extensive experiences working on developing utility scale wind and solar projects, MSE has a unique knowledge of the industry and relationships with those involved in renewable energy sector.

    MSE understands that turning project ideas into reality requires the time, effort, involvement, cooperation, and compromises of countless numbers of landowners, developers, governmental agencies, financial institutions and others (the “Stakeholders”).

    The mere scale and number of parties involved or impacted by these projects inevitably results in difficult situations that require knowledgeable and reasonable partners. We’ve been through these situations countless times and we can guarantee you that MSE is and always will be that knowledgeable and reasonable partner in any opportunity we are involved in.


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