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    The 10 Best Realtor Experts in Kansas City

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Real Estate Agents In Kansas City To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 2526 Holmes Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

    Phone: 816-416-7111


    Wardell & Holmes Real Estate

    Wardell & Holmes Real Estate is a full service Real Estate Brokerage located in the heart of Kansas City and built on the principle that every client is an investor. We work with local, nationwide & global clients. Whether selling a 40-unit apartment complex, looking for a commercial property, or buying a first home, you need real estate professionals with thorough knowledge of the market and the passion and experience to help ensure you maximize your investment.

    The Wardell & Holmes Real Estate team was made for you. By design, it is composed of experienced Real Estate professionals, all native to Kansas City and qualified to offer specialized insights into markets north to south, east to west, urban or suburban. Each team member has a proven track record for managing every detail of your process with reliability and accuracy, and an established reputation for dedication and integrity that transforms client transactions into lifelong relationships. By living these shared values every day, Wardell & Holmes offers you, the investor -– large or small, local or out of state – a trusted resource you can be sure will manage every step of your investment with your best interests and returns in mind. All deals are viewed and handled with the same level of care and diligence no matter the size.


    Address: 5901 NW 63rd Terrace Suite 160, Kansas City, MO 64151

    Phone: 816-321-0120


    Dani Beyer Real Estate

    Dani’s almost two decades of real estate experience and the fact she’s a lifelong Kansas City native make her a real estate agent you can trust. She’s been a license agent since 2004 and started building her team of experts 4 years ago.

    Dani Beyer Real Estate is one of the most tech savvy real estate teams in Kansas City. Her background is in computer science so we’ve always been ahead of the tech curve. This means we utilize a variety of methods including video chat, texting, social media and digital document signing to keep things moving fast no matter where you live. We pride ourselves in helping you find the home of your dreams with our experts, even if you can’t be here to experience it yourself.

    Need to sell fast? We have one of the largest marketing reaches in the Kansas City Metro Area. Using a variety of listing sites, we ensure your listing reaches as many potential buyers as possible, helping you sell your home as quickly as possible. We specialize in the Northland but we’ve got connections everywhere.

    Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or partner with us, we look forward to connecting with you! Click the button below to meet our team. In addition to our buyer and seller agents, we have an operations team that works hard for you.


    Address: 9 W 63rd St Kansas City, MO 64113

    Phone: 816-333-3330


    Brookside Real Estate

    At Brookside Real Estate, we take pride in our service and will work diligently to exceed your expectations when searching for your ideal home. We attribute our 30 years of serving Brookside and surrounding neighborhoods, to our ability to consistently provide home buyers and sellers with the dependability, honesty and high level of customer service that is not often found in Real Estate today.

    When it comes to understanding and really “knowing” these storied neighborhoods, no team is more knowledgeable about the texture of each community, block, street – and even specific houses – than the agents of Brookside Real Estate. We have the “shoes on pavement” experience and individual know-how to help find your best house for your best price – and we pride ourselves in guiding you through the home buying or selling process in a style like no other.

    Integrity can, unfortunately, be bit lacking in the Real Estate business. But for Brookside Real Estate, integrity is a way of life. It’s an earned and prized professional trademark for our team of Realtors – and an implied promise that we go above and beyond the ordinary to help you through the home buying or selling process, using our experience to enhance your experience – from day one, to closing.

    Our dedicated agents regularly assist clients in finding the best and most reliable lenders. We always take the time to explain inspection reports and other documents in a manner that you’ll fully understand. And when assisting a home buyer in their search we help them thoroughly consider such criteria as potential resale value, purchase price, mechanical state of the property, and many, many other property attributes. Being thorough may lengthen the transaction process a bit or cause a buyer to move on to a new property altogether. But, finding a buyer the right property is more important to us than a hasty closing. Rest assured, we’ll always provide an honest and informed professional opinion on whether a prospective property is a solid investment now and well into the future.

    Why do we take all of this so seriously? For one, because we live here too. We believe it’s our responsibility to do the right thing in the near term because we intend to be around here well into the long term.


    Address: 4622 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 700, Kansas City, MO 64112

    Phone: 816-756-1400


    Block Real Estate Services

    Over seventy years ago, Allen J. Block started Block & Company, Inc., Realtors, and through the years the firm grew into a regional full service commercial real estate brokerage company. The company’s success was driven by its clear focus on enhancing financial outcomes for its customers and its commitment by its associates to address its customers’ needs and goals and then succeed in accomplishing them. With these commitments as the driving force, in July, 2009, Allen’s sons and Principals of the firm, Kenneth, Stephen and Michael Block started a new firm, Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES), in order to further and build upon the values established by Allen J. Block. BRES is not affiliated with Block & Company, Inc. Realtors.

    BRES was created to culminate the establishment of a stronger, multi-dimensional firm to better serve our clients needs. BRES continues to provide a full pallet of real estate services at the corporate headquarters in Kansas City, at our affiliate in St. Louis, and throughout the country. The same focus that allowed Allen Block to start the company has strengthened our commitment to our clients and investors and is evidenced in our tag line, “Real Estate. Real Strategies. Real Success.®”


    Address: 1819 Wyandotte St. Suite #200 Kansas City, MO 64108

    Phone: 816-333-4545


    BOVERI Realty Group

    At BOVERI Realty Group, we strive to provide our clients with the ultimate space that fits their needs. For leasing and sales, residential and commercial, from the River Market to the Plaza and beyond, BOVERI Realty Group knows the answers and has a knack for matching buyers and tenants with their ideal urban setting.

    Christina BOVERI's passion for Kansas City is how BOVERI Realty Group came to be. Bringing people downtown to help start the revitalization efforts was her goal. She saw the need to promote and paint pictures for clients of what our city could be. She decided there needed to be a very niche firm which was completely focused and passionate of the development efforts in Kansas City. With this energy came the formation of BOVERI Realty Group.

    BOVERI Realty Group has succeeded in building a name synonymous with Kansas City’s monumental urban revitalization and expansion efforts. Our agents are intimately involved with all aspects of our urban core, with a focus on condos, lofts and townhomes – for sale and for lease. As well as a budding Commercial division focusing, on Retail, Multi-family, Office, and Industrial.

    Our team provides a unique blend of professionalism, knowledge, honesty and sincere enthusiasm. We have fun and are proud of the relationships we have created in our city. Often referred to as a “boutique” firm, BOVERI Realty Group is committed to educating our clients on the urban core, setting us apart from our competitors. With over half of our clients coming from outside the Kansas City area, BOVERI Realty Group has implemented an Ambassadorship program. Our agents work closely with clients, spending the time to show and educate them on the various districts of the urban core and what each district has to offer.


    Address: 4800 Main St, Ste 400 Kansas City, MO 64112

    Phone: 816-895-4800


    AREA Real Estate

    Founded by entrepreneurs, AREA is a full-service commercial real estate company specializing in office, retail, industrial and multi-family brokerage, as well as property management, project management and consulting. AREA offers a platform that is tailored specifically for each client and assignment. We are not a company that clients simply plug into. We look at every transaction individually and from a business owner’s perspective. Our senior leadership is active on every account, pulling together partners and customizing the best solution to meet our clients’ needs.

    AREA Real Estate Advisors has both regional and national expertise, and strong ongoing relationships. For 20 years, AREA has represented not only hundreds of clients locally, but also facilitated corporate relocations, both regionally and nationally. We have worked on the behalf of our clients to negotiate incentives, analyze financials and metrics, plus site selection. We apply a nimble, team approach while providing the highest level of service.

    Established in 2002, AREA Real Estate Advisors is the leading independent commercial real estate firm in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

    In May of 2016, investors within RED Brokerage and Platform Ventures (formerly Mariner Real Estate Management) purchased the firm from its previous ownership, creating what is now called AREA Real Estate Advisors. Our name speaks to the versatility and creativity of the people at AREA. Whether it be the area of an office, industrial building, retail space, land or ground-up development, we are all about the environment in which our clients are invested. We operate with unprecedented strategy using real estate to its greatest potential for our clients. Consistent with the founders’ vision, AREA continues a growth strategy that is uniquely entrepreneurial, fostered by a culture that celebrates and supports innovation. The leadership at AREA and Platform Ventures capitalize on each company’s deep resources to expand and elevate the level of service each provides to its customers and investors.


    Address: 605 W 47th Street, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64112

    Phone: 816-753-6000


    Block & Company

    Block & Company, Inc., Realtors was founded in 1946 by brothers James and Allen Block. A philosophy of exceptional service and an entrepreneurial passion rapidly established Block & Company as a leader in full-service commercial real estate in Kansas City and throughout the region. This spirit and a culture of leadership, service, and excellence has attracted the best and most talented real estate professionals in the industry to join our team. Today, Block & Company has grown to over 100 associates, each of whom models the same principles and commitment that have brought our company such lasting success and recognition.

    Block & Company proudly reports hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions annually and currently manages millions of square feet of commercial property across the country. Throughout the years, Block & Company, Inc., Realtors has claimed many "firsts" in commercial real estate in Kansas City, and we will continue to set the standard for service, leadership, and excellence as we build on a strong foundation of experience and innovation for the future.


    Address: 4449 Jarboe Street, Kansas Cty, MO 64111

    Phone: 816-912-3580


    Realty Services

    We throw great parties. We believe that in order to build relationships, it's through fun! Whether that's with our "A Royal Taco Tuesday" event with Silva's taco truck outside, or maybe our networking event for anyone and everyone involved in real estate, including agents from other brokerages. We know that a well-worded email sometimes works but it has nothing on shaking a hand and having a beer, getting to know someone. Every person has a story and we want to hear it. Then when the time comes and you need a brokerage, maybe you'll remember that awesome party where the owner yelled at the TV when the Royals came back from a three-run deficit to win and did a dance. Ya know, maybe.

    We started Kansas City Realty Services in 2017 after Dan belonged to some of the big names out there - where we saw a gap. We saw a hole in the industry. Why was Dan giving away such a huge part of a commission for name recognition? Names are names but the agent is the selling point. That's who the client bonds with when going through this process. That's what we thought, too. So we started our business founded on supporting agents to make those client relationships happen.

    We are founded on giving back to our community. Before starting Kansas City Realty Services, Melissa was in social services for 10 years. When we decided to go all in, we did it with the notion that you must give back to your community. It isn't an option. We wanted to lift others up, be that a local charity or small business like ourselves. We are ALWAYS looking for the next way to help someone out. It's in our blood and it's not just for the props. We truly love Kansas City and everyone in it.


    Address: 2300 Main Suite 900, Kansas City, MO 64108

    Phone: 816-808-9229


    Larsen Real Estate Group

    Together we provide a powerful combination of service and local market expertise. We are expert marketers and while we use the latest in technology, social media and digital marketing tactics we also value those old school methods of phone calls and genuine conversations to aid our clients in purchasing, selling and investing in real estate.

    As a seasoned team of real estate professionals, we understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. It is easily one of the largest purchases you will ever make and one of the proudest moments you will ever experience. We invite you to reach out and allow us to help you find a home that is perfect for you. Building great relationships and working relentlessly to help our clients achieve their dream of home ownership is something we take great pride in and are honored to serve our clients in that journey.

    Buying or selling a home can feel like a long and stressful process. The last thing you want is to be pressured into a poor decision. We promise to deliver the best experience possible and we always put your interest first. Never pushy or salsey our team delivers personalized attention and makes you a priority. When you work with us, we are available at any time through text, phone or email. To us, you are more than just a client – you’re a partner in the process.

    This isn’t just a job to us, this is our life. What drives us is helping you realize your goals and we are always eager to address and prioritize the things you are looking to achieve. We are here to help you search for the best opportunities, and not just what’s most convenient.

    Building great relationships and working relentlessly to help our clients achieve their dream of home ownership is something we take great pride in and are honored to serve our clients in that journey.


    Address: 222 W 20th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

    Phone: 816-877-8200


    Chartwell Realty

    At Chartwell Realty, our goal is to provide each and every client with the best possible home buying or home selling experience in the Kansas City metro area. Our website has been specifically designed to provide you with the industry's best tools to maximize the sale or purchase of your new home. You will find the most up-to-date list of homes for sale in the Kansas City metro area, capture valuable information on all aspects of the local real estate market, select an agent, or just let us know how we can help!

    In today’s world, we understand that the buying and selling process can be complicated. With lender and title regulations and compliance issues, the process can be overwhelming. Our pledge to you is to provide you with worry free service. You can be rest assured that our experienced, highly trained real estate agents will handle all of the details to provide you with the best possible experience. Relax—you’re at home with Chartwell!


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