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    The 10 Best Mortgage Broker Experts in Omaha

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Mortgage Brokers In Omaha To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 8420 W Dodge Rd Ste 113, Omaha, NE 68114

    Phone: 402-991-5153


    Mortgage Specialists

    Here at Mortgage Specialists, we always put our customers first. We’re a strategic partner with a proven reputation you can trust and depend on the fact that our experience and expertise will make getting approved for your mortgage fast, simple, and stress-free for you and your family.

    We understand not only how to get you approved for your mortgage, but also how the mortgage you choose affects your overall financial future. We treat your mortgage like any other investment, helping you find the right loan for your family’s individual financial situation, needs and goals − whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing to save money.

    Because of our proactive expertise, we anticipate and avoid problems to get to an on-time closing with the least amount of work and stress.

    Help our clients make the best decision(s) for their financial future.

    Make the process as stress-free and easy as possible.

    We are accountable for our clients and their time, so we respond to their needs whenever they arise.

    We educate clients, REALTORS®, and the industry.


    Address: 13340 California St, Ste 202 Omaha, NE 68154

    Phone: 402-933-3300


    Benchmark Mortgage

    Setting the industry standard for years, we have taken a different approach to the changes and challenges we face in our industry. We at Benchmark are dynamic, focused, and committed to creating a long-term relationship with you and your family. It’s not just how we do business. It’s our way of life.

    We are expert mortgage consultants, with our own in-house processors, who specialize in finding the right loan to help optimize your financial goals. We strive to earn your loyal business as well as your referrals. Whether you choose us for our exceptional service, competitive rates, or our speed and efficiency, Benchmark brings you home.

    Our core values drive our culture, shape our paradigm, and have been the foundation of our success. It’s one thing to promise great service; at Benchmark, we bake it right in.

    Are you looking to buy a home? Know what you can afford, and get pre-approved.

    Once you have been pre-approved, you are then able to make bids on any home you like.

    Learn about the mortgage process and the steps you will take towards living your dream of being a home owner.

    More than just a business, we are members of our local community. Find out why life here is great!

    Clients just like you have enjoyed the benefit of our efficient teamwork. A team is only as strong as its weakest link, and we at Benchmark Mortgage Omaha enjoy a proud history of success through relationships.

    Meet the dedicated professionals who work hard to make your dream a reality.


    Address: 303 N 114 St Omaha, NE 68154

    Phone: 402-397-7180


    Eagle Mortgage

    Our mortgage loan team is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality financial services combined with the lowest interest rate available in your area. Our outstanding mortgage professionals will work with you one on one to ensure that you get a home loan solution that is tailored specifically to meet your financing needs.

    Being in business for over 25 years gives us the advantage of knowing mortgages. Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, a first time home buyer, or consolidating debt, our highly experienced team of loan officers can help you find the right loan program at the lowest rate.

    Our ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with each of our clients so that we may continue providing excellent service for many years to come. Unlike many of the larger nationwide mortgage companies, all your information will be kept secure and private. Our name is trusted throughout the community.

    We want to help you with your mortgage loan needs, including:

    - Home Purchase Loans in Nebraska and Iowa
    - Home Refinance Loans in Nebraska & Iowa
    - Cash Out Home Loans
    - Jumbo Home Loans
    - FHA Loans for first-time homebuyers
    - VA Loans for Veterans
    - USDA Rural Purchase or Refinance Loans
    - And much more!


    Address: 17310 Wright Street, Suite 104 Omaha, NE 68130

    Phone: 402-892-7283


    Shotbolt Mortgage

    Welcome to Shot bolt Mortgage! My name is Jack Shot bolt, and I am an Independent Mortgage Broker and Planner located here in Omaha, Nebraska.

    As a mortgage broker, I work for my clients rather than the banks which allows me to focus on the individual needs of each borrower and to work with a variety of lenders to find the best solution for each situation. With our technology-driven platform, I can provide same-day pre-approvals, seamless transactions, and on-time closings.

    I care about my Omaha, Nebraska and clients from all across the USA and make every effort to be available to them with outstanding service and communication. I also pride myself on ensuring that my clients have accurate and up-to-date market information so they are prepared to make informed decisions when choosing the right product and determining the right time to lock in their rate.

    A lifelong resident of Nebraska with more than 20 years of both corporate and independent mortgage experience, I take an active interest in my clients and in the local Omaha community where I live with my beautiful wife, Denise, our five kids, and three dogs.

    Please feel free to reach out so that I can help guide you through your next purchase or refinance transaction. I would love to show you just how easy it can be!


    Address: 17838 Burke St Ste 102 Omaha, NE 68118

    Phone: 402-301-7098


    Aksarben Mortgage

    Aksarben, or Nebraska backward? Either way you spin it- you get home, you get trust, you get comfort. Starting as a horse race track and coliseum to a now family-friendly hub in the center of a beloved city. Aksarben is always a place that brings people together.

    Just like Aksarben turns Nebraska around, Aksarben Mortgage is turning mortgages around. It’s no longer a tough, challenging and complicated process. It can be enjoyable, seamless and fun to secure a loan for the home of your dreams. Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity, and competence. Our goal is to provide home loans to our clients while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. Furthermore, we pledge to help borrowers overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing a loan.

    We've been helping customers afford the home of their dreams for many years and we love what we do.


    Address: 4610 S 143rd Street Omaha, NE 68137

    Phone: 402-934-7490


    Freedom Lending

    Since 2000, when Freedom Lending first began meeting the mortgage needs of homeowners in both Nebraska and Iowa, we believed we were offering a level of service that was above established standards.

    We quickly realized that the simplicity of our loan process and the level of comfort we offered our clients throughout the mortgage transaction were the characteristics that earned Freedom Lending so many positive referrals. As we continued to examine the needs of our customers, we introduced new programs and services to meet those needs in the most effective, efficient manner possible. Today, many of the innovations developed by Freedom Lending are now considered standard practices throughout the mortgage lending industry. While these programs attract customers, it’s our diligent focus on providing personal, professional customer service that lets Freedom Lending maintain a position of leadership throughout the mortgage lending industry.

    Although we’ve continued to grow as a respected mortgage broker in Iowa, Nebraska and Omaha, we’ve never forgotten the reason for our continued growth and expansion: our customers. Understanding that the foundation of our success is the satisfaction of our customers, our loan specialists focus on meeting individual needs with specific financial plans tailored for you. The longevity and dedication of the loan professionals at Freedom Lending is evidenced in our stellar standing with the Better Business Bureaus of Nebraska.

    Our entire staff shares our commitment to:

    - Value and respect our customers
    - Treat our customers fairly and ethically
    - Meet our customers’ financial needs by listening to them
    - Recognize that the reputation of our company and the trust of our customers must be earned each and every day


    Address: 17217 O St. Omaha, NE 68135

    Phone: 402-350-4478


    Great Plains Mortgage Company

    The Great Plains Mortgage Company, LLC team is committed to providing clients with the highest quality financial services combined with the lowest rates available in your area. The outstanding mortgage professionals here will work with you one on one to ensure that you get a financial solution that is tailored specifically to meet your financing needs. Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, or consolidating debt, the highly experienced team of loan officers here can help you find the right loan program at the lowest rate no matter what your needs are.

    The goal here at Great Plains Mortgage Company, LLC is to create lasting relationships with each and every client and to continue providing excellent service for many years to come. Unlike many of the larger nationwide mortgage companies that are out there, all your information will be kept secure and private. The Great Plains Mortgage Company, LLC name is trusted throughout the community. To speak directly with an experienced mortgage professional simply give a call anytime or feel free to utilize any of the interactive tools offered throughout the site. The experienced professionals here look forward to working with you.


    Address: 12925 West Dodge Road Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68154

    Phone: 866-505-0973


    Mr. Charles Mortgage

    In the Our Story tab we mentioned that Mr. Charles is a correspondent lender in Omaha, Nebraska. You may be asking yourself, that is great, but, “what in the world is a correspondent lender?” Great question! What correspondent lenders do is originate mortgage loans with their own funds, but then sell the loan on the secondary mortgage market. Who the correspondent lender aligns their file with is of the upmost importance.

    Similar to a broker, who just takes a file to a lender and hands it off, a correspondent lender and the investor work together to make your file come to fruition. This is especially important when it comes to VA loans as not all VA lenders play in the same sand box. Some investors have what is known as overlays and these overlays supersede what the VA says in their lender handbook.

    What that means for the consumer is one investor may decline a file whereas another may welcome it with opened arms. That is why our experience is so important to your file. Other lenders may offer flashy interest rates, but if the file never closes, what is the point?

    Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and competence. Our goal is to provide home loans to our clients while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. Furthermore, we pledge to help borrowers overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing a loan.


    Address: 237 S 70th St. Ste. 105 Lincoln, NE 68510

    Phone: 402-489-2099


    Capital City Mortgage

    Capital City Mortgage is dedicated to providing mortgage options to our borrowers that optimize your income, assets, and credit to get the lowest total cost mortgage that meets your goals. We are interested in providing our clients with the very BEST home loan approval and not just getting them approved.

    So what is the difference? The difference can amount to thousands of dollars in extra interest and/or closing costs. By asking a few simple questions, we are able to help you make the best decision when you get a mortgage.

    We also help to simplify the mortgage process for our clients by utilizing the latest technologies. Using our secure borrower portal, our clients are able to apply, sign, upload, and communicate with us. This allows our borrowers to save a significant amount of time and effort with the added benefit of it being through a secure portal.

    We specialize in the following Nebraska Loans ; Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA,

    SHOP AROUND… we’ll see you soon.


    Address: 14301 FNB Parkway Suite 100 Omaha, NE 68154

    Phone: 402-305-4824


    Petrovich Team Home Loan

    I started in the mortgage industry back in 2002 right after graduating from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Since I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduating, I sort of just fell into being a loan officer. I don’t think anyone dreams of being a mortgage lender growing up, but in the many years I have been helping families get into homes it has become a passion of mine.

    In 2019 I started to notice something missing in the way mortgages were being provided to consumers. The big national lenders had built a “conveyor belt” system for getting a family from the start of the loan to the closing table. In some cases, a buyer would talk to 6 different people throughout the process. It is a system built for mass production with little care about the families involved. I also noticed that most local lenders were trying (poorly in my opinion) to copy this mass production system. Every buyer was a “lead”, every closing was an additional “unit”. Mortgage loan officers were trying to move their leads through their “sales funnel” with automated text and ring less voicemails. In the office, loan officers are bragging about the size of their “pipeline”. It was a lot of go getters and very few go givers.

    With Petrovich Team Home Loan, I wanted to try something radically different. Instead of expanding I would stay small by design. Instead of building sales funnels I would build relationships. Rather than pass you off to my “on boarder” or “production assistant” a buyer would talk with me from start to finish. I would build a hyper local small business that worked by referral. The goal is to make sure every family has an amazing home buying experience and they tell their friends.

    My goal is to be the local business that is active in his community. I want to provide a true concierge experience to local buyers in Omaha, Papillion, La Vista, and Bellevue.


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