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    The 10 Best Locksmith Companies in Fresno

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Locksmiths In Fresno To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Gaither Locksmithing

    Fresno, CA
    CA LIC# LCO7094

    559 297-8505


    Gaither Locksmithing

    Owner Robert Gaither was born in Fresno, California, and has lived and worked in Fresno County until the end of 2017. Raised in Selma, California by first-generation business owners, Robert understands that serving the needs of others and being truthful about his abilities comes first. Robert has an extensive mechanical background in various industries, but the one occupation he truly learned from was from business to business sales (13 years). He understands that communication is key to any form of successfully resolving a client’s problem and still applies that core principle. In December of 2017, Robert relocated to Salt Lake City due to accepting a full-time job as an Institutional Locksmith, and for the training opportunities that are readily available in Salt Lake City.

    Then, in 2018, Robert relocated back to Fresno, California. If Robert asks you several questions about your locks issues when you call him, don’t be offended, he is just gathering facts and is deciding the appropriate service you will need to resolve your issue and to give you a firm price on the phone. Robert started Gaither Locksmithing to serve his hometown area and will happily assist any and all customers in Fresno and the surrounding areas.

    Paxton Locksmithing


    559 283-6340


    Paxton Locksmithing

    Since 1999 the owner of Paxton Locksmithing, Jan Paxton has been in the Loss Prevention and Security profession protecting large organizations from theft and losses.

    Now owning his own business Jan uses his skills from the private sector to help his clients protect their assets and keep their families safe.

    With over 18 years experience protecting people and places you can depend on Paxton Locksmithing to help you protect yours.

    Whatever your Fresno commercial locksmith needs for your business, Paxton Locksmithing has you covered.

    Paxton Locksmithing offers a wide range of security and locksmith services for industrial, commercial, and business clients in the Fresno California area.

    Our highly skilled professional Locksmiths have the most up to date locksmith tools and equipment for all your commercial locksmith needs. We are continually adding the latest locksmith and security system services to our constantly growing list of services.

    Whatever your business security needs are, give us a call at (559) 283-6340 so we can give you a price quote on the locksmith services that you need.

    Listed are some of our commercial locksmith services offered.

    - Locks Re-Keyed
    - Emergency Lockouts
    - Locks Opened
    - Sheriff Assisted Evictions
    - Masterkey Systems Set-up & Maintained
    - Padlocks setup to work with Commercial Keys.
    - Locks Installed
    - Locks Repaired
    - Locks Replaced
    - Door Hardware and Installation
    - Keys Made


    459 N Blackstone Ave
    Fresno, CA 93703

    555 432-7600



    Haven’s was founded in 1976 in Fresno, and has since grown to be the Central Valleys’ largest and most trusted locksmith, safe, and security product and service providers. Countless residents and businesses all over the Central Valley rely on Haven’s for their lock, safe, and security needs. No job is too large or too small for our experienced team of licensed professional locksmiths. Call us today!

    We provide the best of lock, safe, and security products, and are committed to upholding Haven’s legacy of top-notch service in the Central Valley.

    We carry and service a broad range of safe, including Hollon and American Security. Our state-of-the art safes include incredible new features including Digital, Biometric, Bluetooth, and EMP resistant safe locks. You can get the best of both world when it comes to hassle-free operation and the best protection and security available for your most valuable belongings.

    We offer residential and commercial rekey and lockout services. Our professional, timely service is unmatched in the Central Valley, and no project is too large for our team! The Valley’s finest businesses rely on us for their security needs - and so can you!

    We offer modern, wireless access control solutions. In most cases, expensive and damaging installation and wire runs aren’t necessary anymore. We are up on the latest and greatest in wireless, easy-to-use access control technology, making it easy for you to control who has access and when. Talk to us today about your needs and get a detailed, informative quote for your home or business!


    3655 Eddy Avenue
    Clovis, CA 93612

    559 906-4662


    Clovis Locksmith

    Clovis Locksmith services, repairs, and rekeys locks. We’ve made your security our business – whether you’ve been locked out of your home or car or need a lock repair, Clovis Locksmith’s can be there quickly to help. We are knowledgable in residential, commercial, safe, and non-transponder automotive locks. Clovis Locksmith is a family owned company established in 2005. For more than 11 years we have worked hard to serve Clovis, CA and surrounding areas.

    We offer fast, reliable locksmith services for all types of businesses. Our technicians are the best local locksmiths, all highly trained and skilled, and dedicated to their craft. Plus, we are fully mobile, capable of quickly reaching you whenever and wherever you need us. Our locksmiths will complete every job, no matter how large or small, with a watchful eye to every detail.

    We can ensure that your home is perfectly safe against all intruders. If you’re locked out or have some other problem that needs immediate attention, we’re there for you. Our fully mobile locksmiths provide fast service throughout Clovis for a low price.

    Sky Locks _ Door Service

    6250 Westpark Dr Suite 208 Houston, TX 77057

    281 205-8185


    Sky Locks & Door Service

    Sky Lock and Doors Service is a professionally licensed locksmith company operating in Houston, Texas started by Igor Groysman with over 10+ years of experience, our locksmith company’s objective is to offer a trusted source of dependable locksmith and high-security services in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Throughout the years we have grown our business to a reputable company at the forefront of the locksmith industry. Our commitment is to provide efficient and highly trained professional locksmith services in a cost-effective manner to our clients.

    From lock installs, re-keying, lock replacement, key duplication, safe unlocks, access system installations, and emergency lockout services, we make sure to service any and all of your residential and commercial locksmith and security needs.

    We operate in a very competitive industry and because of that, it is imperative to differentiate ourselves from our adversaries. Throughout the years we have been progressing to create a business that provides services by the values it has been developed upon. We exercise these values in the office, with colleagues, over the phone, with customers and by our daily appearance on the field.

    our company values are:
    - Dependability
    - Exceptional Service
    - Latest Technology
    Dependability is established through activities and practices in our daily business routine where we take upon ourselves to plan for and perform our services in a professional manner, on-time performance, immaculate appearance and straightforward pricing. This will dramatically reduce the unknown factor that can discourage consumers from our services and will put our reliability and service values into practice.

    We are a professional service provider and for that alone pride our values on outstanding customer service and personal client relationships, aiming to achieve 100% satisfaction.

    Finally, it is proven that innovative companies are the most triumphant in their industries. Just as we performed with Mul-T-Lock several years ago, we will always offer the most current products in the market and act to transform and lead the security industry.



    888 889-0893



    SlimJim.Me Locksmiths started with the concept that honesty and a quick response are the most valued aspects a business can have. We strive to provide you with quality service, transparent costs, and prompt arrival time. We understand that your security and comfort are vital to your satisfaction and guarantee you’ll love working with us.
    We are a locally owned and operated company and we are open 24 hours a day!

    We provide professional emergency unlocking services, we can unlock ANY car, ANY door, ANY lock and MOST safes.

    We are a full mobile service, which means that we will come to you wherever you are located. Feel free to call us or email us at [email protected]

    Our goal is to have a team of thinkers! We try to always look for individuals with discipline, mechanical/technical aptitude, good communication skills and a strong work ethic. This is why all of our technicians must go through minimum of 80 hours of training and/or must have minimum of 6 months of proven previous experience. We are also committed to hiring those with military experience. We are always growing and looking to expand. If you have previous experience as a locksmith or have good technical skills and love to help people, email your resume to [email protected]



    Business Locksmith Fresno TX is an expert organization that has been dealing with locks for quite a while. We've put aside a considerable measure of our assets to appropriately prepare our locksmiths. This implies when you're looking for help for your locks, you will be joyfully combined with an expert specialist who knows the ropes.

    On the off chance that you have to rekey an entryway bolt, you can rely on Commercial Locksmith Fresno TX to enable you to complete this. We've been rekeying locks for quite a long time, and we're more than happy to change the similarity of your particular lockset. All you must do is call us and we'll send over a few locksmiths who know how to buckle down.

    Have you been seeking "find moderate locksmith Fresno TX" for a very long time presently yet despite everything you're not content with the costs that you've found?

    In case you're attempting to spare cash and get the most ideal arrangement, at that point Commercial Locksmith Fresno TX is the ideal fit for you. We have a group of online coupons that run extraordinary with our pricings.


    2850 E Olive Ave
    Fresno, Ca 93701

    559 441-7818



    A-1 Auto Repair has been providing quality transmission, locksmith and automotive repair service to Fresno, CA since 1985. We are independently owned and operated and have a strong passion for automotive repair and service. We are responsible, honest and work hard to meet your needs as our customers.
    We use the latest in dealership diagnostic technology to keep your vehicle running, quickly, and efficiently. We make great effort to keep up with the latest technology, equipment and training. We have thousands of satisfied customers and look forward to servicing your vehicle.
    We take most extended warranties (PRCO, WESTERN GENERAL, AUL, GE, & MORE). If you have any questions feel free to call us during business hours and we will be happy to help you.

    All of our mechanics are well trained in the latest technologies and diagnostic tools.
    Keeping your car running safely and smoothly is our top priority.
    We take most extended warranties (PRCO, WESTERN GENERAL, AUL, GE, and MORE).
    If you are not satisfied, feel free to bring the car back at no charge.

    Lock Master

    2240 E. McKinley
    Fresno, CA 93703

    559 270-0949


    Lock Master

    Our mission is to be the best locksmith and unlocking mobile technical services company. Come see why no shop is as quick, qualified, or convenient as we are. Our locksmiths are highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all we love cars and care about yours.

    Services we provide we work on all cars and models
    - Car keys duplicate
    - New car keys
    - Duplicate car keys
    - Unlock car door
    - Lost keys replaced
    - Laser key duplication
    - Ignition lock repair and replacement
    - Mobile auto service & lock shop
    - Transponder key programming
    - Flash ECU/ECM Immobilizer
    - Honda, Toyota & Lexus Transponder keys
    - GM VATS keys originated and duplicated
    - Worn keys replaced, code keys
    - Door lock repair or replacement
    - Vehicle locks rekeyed
    - Door Unlocking
    When people lock themselves out of their cars, we provide non-destructive door unlocking techniques to get them back into their vehicles. We also can unlock trunks and glove compartments.

    Steering Wheel Locks
    If you lost your keys for your steering wheel lock is jammed, we can remove it for you without damaging your steering wheel.

    Key Services
    Most keys in modern cars have chips in them called transponders. Transponders signal to the car's computer that the right key is inserted. This allows the engine to start. If your key is lost, broken, or stolen, we can cut you a new one and reprogram the transponder system.

    Remote Key Services
    Depending on your vehicle. Remote keys send radio signals to your car that do things like unlock the doors or start the engine. If your remote key is unresponsive, lost, or stolen, we can provide you with a new one and help you reprogram it.

    Ignition Repair
    The ignition is the port your key enters o the push button pressed to start the engine. If your key is locked into or broken in the port or if the push button no longer works, we can troubleshoot the problem and then solve it.

    Computers & Diagnostics
    Most modern cars have computers within them that allow the vehicle to function. In some luxury cars, there are computer screens on the dashboard that control the radio, GPS, air conditioning, a; well as alert the driver of any issues with the vehicle. If any of your service lights come on, your car is not starting, or if the computer screen in the dash is malfunctioning, we can help. We are able to work on all of those areas.

    Fresno Lock And Key


    559 656-0660


    Fresno Lock And Key

    Possessing the knowledge and experience you need, Fresno Lock and Key is your local lisenced locksmith. Whether you need help with your Home, Business, or Car we have the necessary skills to keep you running.

    Specializing in rekeying and servicing your new or existing locks, we work to keep you safe and secure. Know that you are in qualified, professional hands. We aren’t happy until you are; and your satisfaction is our guarantee. Call us for a free quote and if you need more work we’ll gladly setup a time to meet with you and discuss your options.

    When you need to have a job done right, we bring the knowledge and experience you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a Master Key System, Panic Hardware installation and support, or just options to meet your application needs we have your back

    hen you need help with your car we are here for you. Locked out of your car? We can get you in. Lost a key and can’t find it? We can get you a replacement. You are not alone, and we will be with you every step of the way. When you call us we will ask you some questions to better serve your needs, and make sure you know exactly what you’ll need to get back on the road. Call us today, we’re here for you.


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