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    The 10 Best Injury Lawyer Professionals in San Francisco

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Injury Lawyers In San Francisco To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 1438 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102

    Phone: 415-818-9318


    Dolan Law Firm

    One of California’s premier plaintiffs’ law firms, the Dolan Law Firm represents clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and across California from our offices in San Francisco and Oakland. We take great pride in obtaining justice for our clients and holding the powerful accountable.

    The 15 attorneys of the Dolan Law Firm are spearheading many of the most significant and challenging lawsuits filed in California state and federal court on behalf of injured persons and employees. Possessing a “history of winning multi-million dollar verdicts,” as noted by the San Francisco Business Times, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients in settlements and jury verdicts.

    This remarkable track record of success includes the largest verdict ever, $61 million, for individuals subjected to racial and ethnic discrimination and harassment in violation of their civil rights.

    Our attorneys are some of the most qualified and skilled professionals in their practice areas. The successes we have achieved in the courtroom for our clients have resulted in our recognition for excellence by U.S. News, Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and Martindale Hubbell.

    Firm founder Chris Dolan has been repeatedly recognized as one of top trial lawyers in the San Francisco Bay Area and in California. His numerous awards include the prestigious California Lawyer of the Year Award from California Lawyer magazine and selection as one of the Top 25 Plaintiffs Lawyers in California by the Daily Journal, the leading legal newspaper published in California.

    Many of our attorneys are directors and officers of local, California, and national attorney and legal advocacy organizations. Chris previously served as the President of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association and was previously the President of the Consumer Attorneys of California.


    Address: 4079 19th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132

    Phone: 415-334-4111


    Hassell Law Group

    The Hassell Law Group is consistently ranked among the best accident and personal injury lawyers in San Francisco and The Bay Area, having won numerous professional awards and honors. With an undefeated record at trial, and over 85 years of combined legal experience, we are experts in the personal injury and accident law field. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, contact us for an immediate and free consultation. We are here to help you in difficult times — after an accident, or after the death of a loved one who died in an accident. We understand the challenges you are facing and will face, physically, financially, and emotionally. We focus on getting you compensated so you can focus on getting your life back together.

    The Hassell Law Group was established in 1999 by Managing Attorney Dawn Hassell. The firm’s attorneys are members of The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association, and are highly experienced litigators and trial lawyers. We have a longstanding reputation of being determined and tenacious fighters for our clients, and we have consistently achieved outstanding case results for our clients. Our firm takes pride in providing outstanding client representation and over 70 clients have given our firm 5-star reviews on review sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews and Avvo. We are both humbled and honored to help our clients and receive such genuine and heartfelt praise.

    The general information provided on this website should not be considered legal advice, and does not constitute legal advice. For legal advice, you should consult directly with an attorney. If you contact us by telephone, email, letter, or by contact form submission through this website, please note that such communication does not create or constitute an attorney client relationship. We cannot act as your attorney until we are hired as your attorney by a formal written agreement.


    Address: 1388 Sutter St Suite 1010, San Francisco, CA 94109

    Phone: 415-541-0300


    Callaway & Wolf

    We are a small firm. As such, we pride ourselves on giving each of our clients the personal attention they and their cases deserve, and our commitment to doing our utmost for our clients. We make it a standard practice to keep our clients fully informed of all of the developments in their cases as they proceed—and even to check in with them when nothing has happened, so that they can have peace of mind from knowing that their case has not suffered from being neglected. We make sure we are available to answer their questions whenever they come up, so that our clients can receive the prompt reassurance they need on any matter that causes them concern.

    Callaway & Wolf is a personal injury law firm that was founded in 1995 by Boone Callaway and Carl Wolf to provide personal, attentive, and conscientious legal services to those who are suffering from the pain and trauma of a personal injury or medical malpractice claim in San Francisco and Oakland. We strive to build close working relationships with all of our clients, so that we can fully understand their predicaments and the specific issues that are of the most concern to them personally. Our goal is not just to win cases, but to truly meet our clients’ needs as they try to cope with the stress, worry, and pain that often accompany serious personal injuries or the death or debilitating injury of someone they love.


    Address: 44 Montgomery Street Suite 1900 San Francisco, CA 94104

    Phone: 415-940-7176


    Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn

    Since 1980, Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn has served clients throughout San Francisco to help them obtain the maximum compensation for their injuries. Our team of attorneys and support staff has built a national reputation as a strong advocate for the wrongfully injured. Our dedication and effectiveness helps injured victims secure the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. No matter how bleak your situation may appear, you can count on us to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

    Every client deserves personal attention from their attorney. As your advocate, Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn will customize our services to meet your needs. Whether it’s finding the right settlement for you or taking a case to trial, we center our approach on getting the best outcome for your situation. Each of our clients is a person who needs help getting back on their feet after a life-altering event.

    We are more than the sum of our parts. You want talented trial and personal injury attorneys who are accustomed to resolving complex cases? We've got them. You want knowledgeable and compassionate staff to work on your case? We guarantee it. How about technological skill? We run our own courtroom technology. This technology is an effective tool for breaking down complex concepts and details before judges and juries.

    Our in-house resources ensure that your trial lawyers will know the evidence inside out, as well as how to present it. Our distinguished attorneys are exceptional, efficient, detailed, and passionate about their work. Each staff member is warmhearted and understanding. Experience, dedication, and creativity coupled with technical skill is our winning combination.

    When fighting for our clients’ rights, we are not afraid to take on large cases and powerful opponents, and we get results. Along with aggressively fighting for fair compensation, we serve as compassionate and approachable legal counsel for the individuals we represent, listening to our clients' concerns and providing them with support through some of the most challenging times of their lives.

    At Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn, our San Francisco injury lawyers are nationally recognized legal advocates who have recovered more than $500 million for our clients. To our peers and opponents, we are professionals who get results. To our clients, we are compassionate and approachable.


    Address: 750 Battery Street, Suite 700 San Francisco, CA 94111

    Phone: 415-746-1477


    Anna Dubrovsky Law Group

    Anna Dubrovsky Law Group is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top, reputable boutique law firms. With some of the best attorneys in all of Northern California, they handle difficult cases with ease and determination. From straightforward personal injury cases to complex claims, success is their goal. They will do everything they can to win your case, getting you and your family the best possible outcome.

    Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc. gives their full attention to each case, no detail overlooked. No matter the size of your case, you will receive personalized care and be provided honest and understandable guidance throughout the entirety of your case. Ms. Dubrovsky is not just a figurehead for the firm, either. You will receive full communication and attention from Anna herself, as she is passionate about the work she does and enjoys getting to know her clients personally in order to best serve them.

    The Bay Area is a bustling location. With big cities, comes large populations and motor-vehicle traffic. From auto, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents to mass tort litigation and product liability cases, Anna Dubrovsky will steer you towards justice. She and her attorneys are aggressive, and are not afraid of pursuing problematic cases. The firm has become known for never backing down, even questioning and standing up to police officers when necessary.

    Having won a long list of cases with a variety of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group is one you can trust. With years of experience and hard-working attorneys, Anna Dubrovsky Law Group has proven to be effective in a wide range of practice areas, never giving up on a difficult case. If you need a dependent, resilient attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group is the firm for you and your fam.


    Address: 4 Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400 San Francisco, CA 94111

    Phone: 415-858-6692


    The Matiasic Firm

    If you have been injured because of someone else's negligent behavior, do not lose hope. No matter where you are or when you need us, you can depend on the San Francisco personal injury lawyers at The Matiasic Firm to be your trusted advocates during your current legal dilemma.

    The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in California is two years. This means you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim or you may lose your right to compensation. In some cases, if your claim is against a government employee or entity you have six months to file a claim. There are some exceptions to the statute of limitations, our attorneys can help you determine how long you have to file a claim.

    We can represent a wide range of clientele. Any type of personal injury case will present unique complexities. You may be dealing with property damage, physical ailments, emotional scars, or psychological trauma. We can address each unique aspect of your case and can handle your case with compassion and trustworthy representation.

    Since our firm's founding, we have been committed to providing the highest quality representation possible. When you are going through a difficult time—especially after a serious accident or the death of a loved one—you will need a trusted confidant.

    Our San Francisco personal injury lawyers have a special empathy for individuals who are suffering because of the negligence of someone else. Our firm is dedicated to providing you with the benefits of legal experience, extensive legal knowledge, and compassionate yet effective litigation skills. Call us today for a consultation!

    We are able to use our litigation skills to pursue maximum compensation for you.
    From major disputes to class actions and cases involving complicated or uncommon issues,
    the key factor to any case will be great representation. No matter how tough a case may seem,
    we can be trusted to provide tireless advocacy for you. Our firm can utilize our
    proven trial skills to handle your case effectively.


    Address: 650 California Street San Francisco, CA 94108

    Phone: 415-889-2919


    Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger

    For more than 60 years, we have proudly represented clients in the San Francisco bay area and across the country for personal injuries they have suffered due to the negligence of others. We understand the hardships that can come with an unexpected serious injury, and we are committed to pursuing the compensation you need to make a full recovery.

    If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, please contact a San Francisco personal injury attorney at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger immediately to discuss your case. We are dedicated to fighting for your right to full and fair compensation.

    Sudden, unexpected accidents are often life-altering events that can result in extended periods of disability and stress. Dealing with any legal proceedings in such a condition can quickly become frustrating and complicated. This may include legal tasks such as:

    - Communicating with insurance companies
    - Dealing with other uncooperative parties
    - Gathering evidence necessary for your case
    - Completing any paperwork required to file your claim
    - In these circumstances, an injury lawyer can not only take care of all your legal needs, but also give you peace of mind as you focus on healing and recovery.

    At the law firm of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, we help navigate the legal process on your behalf. This includes gathering evidence vital to proving your case, determining the identity of the parties liable for your injuries, and negotiating with insurance companies to ensure you receive the maximum settlement possible for your case.

    Our approach to case preparation is comprehensive. We review all the evidence, documents, and circumstances that can help your case, enlisting any experts from our network of professionals whose opinions may help to bolster your case. Our legal team works diligently and effectively for a fair settlement while always being ready to take the case to trial.

    Most importantly, we put your needs first. Throughout our handling of your case, we take the time to get to know you, your family, your individual situation, your goals, and your needs. By doing this, we can better prepare your accident case, devising comprehensive legal strategies with your specific needs in mind. Your legal representation should always put YOU first.


    Address: 275 Battery Street, Suite 1300 San Francisco, CA 94111

    Phone: 415-544-0115


    Law Office of Scott Righthand

    Founded in 1992, The Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., focuses on complex personal injury cases for plaintiffs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including those who have suffered injuries or lost a family member because of the negligent, reckless or intentional acts of others.

    The firm has secured judgments and settlements for clients who have injuries from motorcycle and car accidents, bus accidents, train accidents, boat accidents, cable car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites, Uber or Lyft ride-share accidents, hazardous products like lithium ion batteries, and unsafe property accidents and medical malpractice cases.

    When the attorneys at The Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., take on a case, their clients can expect only a competent lawyer to handle the case from start to finish, beginning with the filing of the initial complaint through settlement or trial.

    They aim to learn as much about their clients and situation as possible right from the get-go. They work with experts to help investigate what happened and carefully review police reports, witness statements, insurance claims and medical findings – all before even thinking about negotiating a settlement with the adjuster.

    If a successful settlement cannot be reached, the attorneys have the knowledge, experience and willingness to litigate the matter in court if necessary in order to secure the maximum compensation available for their clients and their families.

    Scott Righthand and his firm have built a stellar reputation in the community, having been recognized by numerous organizations and colleagues for their unwavering commitment to clients.

    In 2016 and 2017, the attorneys at The Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., were named among the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report.


    Address: 871 Page St, San Francisco, CA 94117

    Phone: 415-404-6395


    Allegiance Law

    When you have been injured in an accident, regardless of how it occurred, you are sure to have quite a few questions in mind.

    When you have been injured in an accident, regardless of how it occurred, you are sure to have quite a few questions in mind.What am I going to do if I cannot work?How will I cover these medical bills?Will my family be okay?Of course, there is probably a whole lot more going on in your mind too – an accident, no matter how minor it may seem, can be a very traumatic experience. In fact, we would go so far as to say that no accident is minor when injuries are involved. As San Francisco personal injury attorneys, we have years of first-hand experience of just how seriously affected people can be after car accidents, truck accidents, and other scenarios resulting in injury.

    At Allegiance Law, we specialize in providing expert legal assistance for you, and people like you, who have sustained injuries in an incident that was caused by the negligence, or deliberate actions, of another.

    We understand that it can be a difficult time, made even more challenging when you are facing a potentially lengthy period of treatment, medication, and recovery. If you are the sole, or main, breadwinner in your household, you are sure to be concerned about how you will make ends meet until you are fit to return to work. If the accident you were involved in was particularly severe, you may now be facing a totally different life, through no fault of your own.

    While legal expertise is an obvious reason for choosing to hire a personal injury attorney when you’ve been involved in an accident in or around San Francisco, we can offer much more than that.


    Address: 3223 Webster Street San Francisco, CA 94123

    Phone: 415-345-4282


    Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan

    Unfortunately, we must assume that you’ve found our website because you have been injured in an accident and are looking around the internet for the best San Francisco personal injury lawyer to help you recover the money you’re entitled to as the victim of an accident. A cash settlement won’t fix everything—we get that—but dealing with months of pain and suffering, thousands of dollars in lost wages and stacks of medical bills for nothing doesn’t seem very fair either. The good news is… we are the caring, successful and reputable personal injury lawyers you are looking for and we can help you! In fact, we have been helping people just like you for more than a decade and our past clients will tell you that we are the best—just check out our Yelp Reviews! The bad news is… well, obviously you’re hurt—maybe even angry—and have had your life turned upside down from an unexpected accident. Where do you go from here? These are uncharted waters. You can’t work and your life isn’t the same anymore. You’re not into suing people and you understand that accidents happen, but that sentiment only seems reasonable until you can’t get out of bed, you have doctors sending you big medical bills and you are worried about paying your rent or mortgage in the months ahead. Don’t worry, we understand.

    You are hiring a lawyer that is experienced, aggressive, well-spoken, kind, responsive—and ultimately, effective. Matt has won numerous awards for his skill and dedication. Additionally, our law firm has earned an A+ rating with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU thanks to our ethics and reputation. When you hire us, you will be working directly with Matt Quinlan and will never be handed off to anyone else, as is the case at many San Francisco personal injury law firms. Although we do employ a team approach with our cases—we’ve found it’s better that way—Matt is always the leader of the team and your primary contact. Our past clients regularly tell us that once they hired us to represent them, a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders, which allowed them to focus on their recovery while we took care of everything thing else, including getting them a great settlement. We’d be honored to help you too!


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