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    The 10 Best Injury Lawyer Professionals in Philadelphia

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Injury Lawyers In Philadelphia To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 30 South 17th Street, Suite 810 Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Phone: 215-770-2382


    Nerenberg Law Associates

    Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. is a Plaintiff personal injury firm dedicated to representing injured people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, who have been involved in all types of motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall/premises liability accidents and work accidents. We also handle homeowners claims and renters’ insurance claims. The firm handles cases throughout the State of Pennsylvania, but focuses its practice mainly in Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County and Lehigh County. We also cover numerous New Jersey personal injury matters.

    Managing partner, Jeffrey A. Nerenberg, Esquire, along with the firm’s extremely helpful and knowledgeable support staff are focused on providing superior customer service and legal representation for all clients.

    We are committed to meeting or exceeding your legal expectations and pride ourselves in keeping in close contact with our clients. You will always speak to a lawyer regarding your case and have your phone call returned within 24 hours. We will also make arrangements to meet with you at our offices, or at your home and provide transportation to and from our office, or to a doctors appointment. The sincerest compliment we can receive is a referral back from our clients.

    We look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you regarding your personal injury matters and hope that you will trust us to resolve your claims in a fast and efficient manner. We also never charge a fee if we do not obtain money for you!


    Address: 1801 Market St, Suite 1100 Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Phone: 267-350-6600


    Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith

    The personal injury law firm of Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith, P.C. represents injured victims throughout Pennsylvania. We are passionate and relentless advocates for those who have been harmed by the negligent or reckless actions of others. We are not afraid to take a stand against manufacturing companies, irresponsible individuals, and careless professionals whose actions cause severe and life-changing injuries to others.

    Whether we are representing a car accident victim or an injured construction worker, we work diligently to secure the most favorable outcome possible for our clients’ personal injury cases. Many members of our legal team have defended insurance companies in the past. The knowledge they acquired about how insurance companies cooperate and approach personal injury claims allows us to create effective and results-driven strategies for our clients. Our mission is to obtain the fair compensation our clients need to get back on their feet after sustaining a negligence-related injury.

    At the law offices of HGSK, our personal injury attorneys have years of experience in many practice areas – including personal injury, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, premises liability, product liability, workers’ compensation, and more. And, when it comes to trusting a law firm with your personal injury lawsuit or another legal issue, you want to know that you’re working with the best personal injury lawyers around, who have your best interests in mind.


    Address: 1635 Market St #1600, Suite A, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Phone: 215-298-9143


    Philadelphia Injury Lawyers

    We are here as a team in an ethical sense and all of us share the same commitment and values. We think and work like a family, and eventually, when a client knocks on our door to get rid of his difficulties with the help of us, he is cordially welcomed to the family.

    Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, we ensure the greatest level of personal satisfaction to help our injured clients or his/her family. Although it is not possible to get back what is lost to the victim, we try our best to recover as much as possible to him/her with all of our efforts and strategies against the insurance firms.

    Accidents are common to people and can happen at anytime to anyone. It can cause serious physical harm to people and financial burden. We offer a FREE Consultation to anyone who has been injured. We wont charge any fee unless we settle your claim. All we care about is our reputation and your financial protection. The point is, you don’t have to break the bank to afford our services. You can still get our best services if you have little or no money at your bank.

    It’s a matter of pride to us that we are proved to help a person suffering from personal injuries, slip and fall and car accidents to get any recovery from a tiny check to a million dollar fund from the insurance companies. We don’t charge any fee unless we settle your claim.


    Address: 1500 John F Kennedy Blvd, # 620 Philadelphia, PA 19102

    Phone: 215-825-5183


    The Levin Firm

    The Levin Firm was founded in 2005 by Gabriel Levin, Esquire. The lawyers of The Levin Firm consider themselves trial lawyers – they are intense, zealous and aggressive advocates for their clients and are willing to take every case to a jury in order to get justice. The firm prides itself on providing high quality legal representation in a personalized atmosphere.

    The Levin Firm recognizes that our success depends upon gaining the trust of our clients, as well as the judges and jury before whom we appear. As a result, the firm is known for its painstaking preparation and attention to detail. This focus on excellence can be a crucial factor when a client’s liberty is on the line or when a jury deliberates to decide how much compensation to award to a seriously injured client. Just as important to the firm is the need to work with our clients, as well as their family and friends. Often, these people can provide valuable insight that can help us as we prepare for trial.

    That is why, when you need a lawyer, you should call the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury lawyers at The Levin Firm, who represent every client zealously in order to obtain the best results possible in each case. We have offices in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Atlantic City, as well as in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


    Address: 1515 Market Street, Suite 1200 Philadelphia, PA 19102

    Phone: 215-974-0171


    Ciccarelli Law Offices

    At Ciccarelli, you are never just another client. We diligently consider every individual case and tailor our defense to provide exactly what you need. Within the first conversation, you will discover that the Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Ciccarelli are incredibly passionate when it comes to our clients; we understand the hardship and emotional toll lawsuits cause. We are here to answer your questions and offer standout representation in any legal case you have.

    - We offer Free Consultations & Free Case Evaluations
    - Ciccarelli Law Offices Has a long list of winning personal injury claims in Pennsylvania
    - Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers will defend your legal rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

    Lee A. Ciccarelli, founder of Ciccarelli Law Offices, built a firm devoted to serving the public. He created the company after he sought out a unique law firm himself, looking for this same dedication to clients. His extensive litigation experience in trials throughout the state and his personal drive to build a standout firm make Ciccarelli Law Offices the passionate, committed practice it is today.

    At Ciccarelli, our compassion comes from a decades-old devotion to what matters most: family. Lee is the oldest of eight children, and from an early age, he harbored a keen desire to seek truth, fairness, and absolute justice in the world. When he was creating the law firm, he hired attorneys with the same ideals and built the company on a foundation of family principles and a passion to protect basic human rights.


    Address: 1617 John F Kennedy Blvd #1690 Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Phone: 215-515-7747


    Munley Law

    Our personal injury law firm was founded in Scranton, PA by Robert W. Munley in 1959. Over the last 60+ years, Munley Law has grown into one of the nation’s leading personal injury law firms, helping people from all over the country who have been injured by negligence and wrongdoing. Our attorneys helped to create many of the laws that protect innocent victims today. We have won groundbreaking settlements and verdicts, and Munley Law handles all types of personal injury cases including: truck accidents, auto accidents, bus accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation and workplace injuries, product liability, premises liability and nursing home abuse cases.

    Munley Law is a team of ten experienced personal injury lawyers and dozens of compassionate, diligent legal support staff working together to fight for those who have been injured due to corporate wrongdoing or another person’s negligence.

    There are many personal injury law firms out there but they are not all created equal. When choosing a personal injury attorney for your case, some questions to ask include: How long has this lawyer been practicing? What size settlements and verdicts have they won recently? Do they have trial experience? What will they be like to work with – will my case get the attention it needs? What is their reputation in the legal community?

    We are real trial lawyers with real resources. At Munley Law, our partners each have decades of experience in personal injury law – including experience trying cases in front of a jury. While many injury lawyers have never been to trial, we have brought numerous cases to verdict and are always prepared to take your case to trial if the defendant won’t agree to an appropriate settlement. We have won dozens of multimillion-dollar results for our clients. Furthermore, we invest the resources necessary to build a winning case. That means we work with world-class investigators, experts, medical professionals, technologists, and more. We invest in you.


    Address: 1500 JFK Blvd, Ste 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102

    Phone: 215-985-2424


    Spear Greenfield

    At Spear Greenfield we always assure our clients by saying “no one will work harder for you”. As seen in our work ethic, dedication, and successful track record, Rand and the Spear Greenfield legal team take that statement seriously! With numerous personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, our law firm has become one of the most successful personal injury law firms. In over 30 years of business, Spear Greenfield has earned our clients over half a billion dollars in combined compensation to help our clients overcome the challenges from personal injury accidents!

    Spear Greenfield always provides our clients aggressive and personalized representation, which has made us one of the leading law firms in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. Our law firm will ensure you have a clear path forward following your accident by earning you justice and maximum compensation. Below are the main reasons to choose Spear Greenfield when considering a personal injury attorney.

    For 30 years, Spear Greenfield has proudly represented injury victims who live in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our goal is help our clients move forward after an accident caused by another party’s negligence. Spear Greenfield has significant experience and a proven track record handling a wide range of practice areas.

    After a personal injury accident, Rand Spear and Spear Greenfield handle ALL of the responsibilities related to your injury, so you can focus on recovery. The Spear Greenfield legal team ensures that your best interests are always represented in both the recovery and legal process. Our law firm’s mission is to ensure a personal injury accident does NOT impact you for the rest of your life. If you need immediate help following an accident, click below to speak with a legal professional immediately!


    Address: 19 S. 21st Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Phone: 856-229-0261


    The Law Firm of Craig A. Altman

    Ours is a highly accomplished law firm with a team of skilled lawyers who will stop at nothing to get you the financial compensation you deserve when it comes to your personal injury law case. All of our attorneys practice personal injury and workers’ compensation law because we are passionate about protecting your legal rights.

    The attorneys at the Law Firm of Craig A. Altman are not afraid to tackle the most difficult cases. In fact, we’ve even earned a reputation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for taking on the cases that other firms reject. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, we will make it our mission to get you fully and fairly compensated for your injuries.

    We are seasoned negotiators outside the courtroom and tenacious litigants inside the courtroom. We’ve got a hard-earned reputation for winning personal injury cases in PA and NJ courtrooms. As a result of our many successes, defendants and their insurance companies are inclined to offer our clients favorable settlements. Often, we are referred by former clients who have felt well-represented and respected by our team of knowledgeable lawyers.

    If you’ve been injured in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, the Law Firm of Craig. A. Altman will help you. Our experienced personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers know what it takes to get you a large financial settlement. You can call us 24 hours a day, or you can use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation about your case.

    If we don’t secure a recovery for you, you don’t owe us a dime. We work on contingency. This means that you don’t pay us anything unless we win your case. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


    Address: 1818 Market St #3200 Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Phone: 215-569-0200


    Rosenbaum Injury Law

    Rosenbaum & Associates was originally formed in 1992 by Jeff Rosenbaum and his father Jim Rosenbaum to help injured victims in their community. Since the firm began it has grown significantly and now has a staff of over 40 people.

    Jeff maintains a close relationship to his clients and takes great pride fighting the insurance companies on their behalf. Over the years the firm’s reputation has grown locally and regionally and now maintains 5 offices throughout eastern PA and NJ.

    At Rosenbaum & Associates we are dedicated to helping injured victims. We understand the pain and difficulties that you experience from serious accidents. We pride ourselves on giving each client the personal attention they deserve.

    For over 25 years our firm has been successfully litigating and settling cases in a wide variety of personal injury claims including Philadelphia car accidents, fall down cases, construction accidents, products liability claims, and medical malpractice. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

    While most of our cases result in settlement, we approach each case as if it were going to trial. Trial-ready preparation of our cases allows us maximum leverage in the settlement process. We handle even the most complex of cases and hire in additional subject experts if we feel doing so will strengthen a client’s case. Complex cases often require the testimony of subject experts, including medical professionals, engineers, and economists.

    Firms that do not retain experts vital to an appropriate settlement or trial will not achieve the results that you deserve. You pay no attorney’s fees unless Rosenbaum & Associates secure compensation for you. We assume the risk in agreeing to accept your case. No up-front fees or out of pocket expenses.


    Address: 1700 Market Street, Suite 3150 Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Phone: 215-567-7600


    Hill & Associates

    We chose to be injury lawyers because we believe that every person is entitled to fair and reasonable compensation for his or her injuries. When a doctor fails to provide an appropriate standard of care, when an insurance company denies a legitimate claim, or when a manufacturer sells a defective, dangerous product, the lawyers at Hill & Associates will fight for you. Our law firm only represents injured people and the families of wrongful death victims. We never represent insurance companies, manufacturers, or corporations who cause injuries. Our trial attorneys put their knowledge, resources, and capabilities to work every day to recover as much as possible for our clients.

    At Hill & Associates, our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys understand that each client and each case is unique. We promise to be strong advocates for our clients by taking the time to listen to their goals and by understanding their needs. We tailor our approach in each case to serve the individualized situations of our injured clients.

    We are committed to telling your story to the insurance company, to the trial judge, and to the jury. We will help them understand how you were injured and what the injuries have cost you in terms of money, disability, pain, suffering, and life changes.

    To best serve you, we only take a limited number of cases per year. Our lawyers are committed to working closely with each client to provide the highly personalized and responsive support that they require throughout the duration of their case. We take the time to listen to clients, answer their questions, explain their legal rights, and return their calls promptly to keep them informed of the progress of their cases.


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