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    The 10 Best Injury Lawyer Professionals in Indianapolis

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Injury Lawyers In Indianapolis To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 8520 Center Run Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Phone: 877-943-9560


    Klezmer Maudlin

    We have spent more than 25 years building a law practice devoted to injured workers, and our compassionate and skilled attorneys have handled more than 31,000 workers’ compensation claims throughout Indiana.

    Nobody ever plans to get injured. When it happens to you, you need an attorney and a team of professionals who are compassionate and experienced. You have choices.

    Chose the attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin because

    - We have deep ties in communities throughout Indiana – from Louisville to Indianapolis to Lafayette and beyond
    - Our compassion for your pain and personal situation is evident from the moment you meet us. We give each client personalized, one-one-one attention.
    - We won’t take your case if we can’t help you! We are tough and proven in our ability to fight the insurance companies for what you deserve!

    Client Feeback:
    Randy and his staff was the best choice I ever made when it came to my workmans comp case. They were professional, answered any questions and most importantly, he helped me get what I deserved. I could not be more pleased! He is the best!


    Address: 128 N Delaware St., 3rd Fl Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Phone: 317-639-5161


    Young & Young

    Since 1954, we at Young & Young have proudly advocated for our clients against those who have caused them injury through negligence. We believe that every case handled is a partnership with our clients, and therefore strive to ensure that they are fully informed at all times. We have the skills, expertise and drive to help our clients maximize their compensation in the realm of: personal injury, insurance coverage disputes, Social Security disability, construction accidents, wrongful death litigation, large truck accidents, drunk driving crashes, highway accidents with semi- tractor trailers, or motorcycle accidents.

    Accidents happen, and when they do it’s important to have a professional and competent attorney in your court to advise you on your options and compensation rights. We accept personal injury, wrongful death and Social Security disability on a contingent free basis. That means we only collect our fee when we win your case and provide compensation for you and your family. That’s right – at Young & Young, it’s a true partnership with our clients.

    Each of our attorneys is a seasoned and knowledgeable trial lawyer who knows how to investigate an accident claim and present evidence to a judge and jury in a persuasive, clear-cut, and human fashion. Our sense of ethics and professional integrity is based on the values of honesty and courtesy, where we as lawyers are eager to help whenever and wherever needed.

    Perhaps, though, our greatest strength stems from our thorough commitment to traditional professional values in the practice of law. With more than 60 years combined; our mother was one of the few woman trial lawyers in Indiana; our grandfather was an Associate Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court. We take pride in our enduring passion for justice. At Young & Young, we believe our clients should benefit from our daily commitment to integrity and courtesy in our professional dealings with opponents and courts at every level. We see the respect with which we’re greeted every time we walk into court. We know we must never take this respect for granted, but rather work hard to validate it each and every day.


    Address: 50 S Meridian St Suite 600, Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Phone: 317-636-0808


    Hurst Limontes

    Located in downtown Indianapolis and founded in 1981, Hurst Limontes LLC is one of very few firms that focuses its practice solely on representing personal injury claimants who have been injured in an accident. With more than 70 years of combined experience between our attorneys you can trust that we have the knowledge necessary to handle any case. Founder William W. Hurst and his Partner, Alexander J. Limontes, have represented thousands of injured clients throughout their careers and obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on their behalves. Our office has experience handling a wide range of cases including those caused by automobile accidents, construction site accidents, firearm discharge, slip and falls, and many other causes. No matter how complex the case or how significant the injury our goal is always to make the process as stress free as possible for our clients.

    Hurst Limontes LLC has been rated by U.S. News and Best Lawyers for their work in Personal Injury Litigation and rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau.

    It cost $0 up front to hire our office. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us if we settle your case or obtain a verdict on your behalf.

    If we’re unable to obtain a settlement of verdict for you we eat the costs we’ve advanced to litigate your case, which includes costs for ordering medical records, filing your case, hiring experts, deposing witnesses, and many other things.

    If we do settle your case or obtain a verdict for you our standard rate is 33% of the settlement or verdict, plus reimbursement for the expense we’ve previously advanced. Our fee never increases like some personal injury attorneys, even if we have to take your case to trial.

    Hurst Limontes LLC represents clients injured anywhere in Indiana. Whether you’re located near our office in downtown Indianapolis or in one of the far corners of the state we’re happy to meet with you and discuss your claim. You can either come to us or we’ll drive to you.


    Address: 3815 River Crossing Parkway Suite #100 Room #139 Indianapolis, IN 46240

    Phone: 317-917-7873


    Fountain Law Firm

    An injury can change your life forever. If you or a loved one were seriously injured in Indiana due to the negligence of another person, experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer Merry Fountain can help you seek justice and full compensation. At the Fountain Law Firm, P.C., we are dedicated to representing clients who have been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another. We are personally invested in your personal injury case, ensuring that you receive the support you deserve in this time of need. Contact our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys today to see how we can help you and your family.

    As a survivor of a serious car accident, injury attorney Merry Fountain understands the stress of dealing with the pain of serious injuries and the critical need for professional legal representation during a personal injury claim. She is a tough advocate for your needs, fighting for your fight to fair compensation after a devastating injury. Additionally, she understands the financial burdens a serious accident can cause, so you won’t pay anything until you receive your settlement.

    We urge you to call our Indianapolis personal injury law firm today if you or a loved one has been seriously injured – our dedicated personal injury attorneys are dedicated, sincere, and experienced in representing accident victims.

    Our experienced personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis believe that maintaining close communication and responsiveness is vital in the attorney/client relationship. Our law office return calls and emails promptly and will never put your case on the back burner, a common problem in many large law firms where you may not even get the chance to speak with your lead personal injury attorney. Merry Fountain operates differently – she takes on only a select number and types of cases so she can dedicate all of her time to achieve justice for the people she serves. We will help you get back what you spent on medical bills, medical treatment, and recover other non-economic losses.


    Address: 434 E New York St Indianapolis, IN 46202

    Phone: 317-634-8565


    Hankey Law Office

    Most people are reliant on income from their jobs to support themselves and their families. In the event that the provider is injured or becomes ill and is unable to continue working, he or she may be able to file for Social Security disability benefits. These are intended to help individuals who are suffering from a mental or physical health condition that makes it difficult to work on a full-time basis. Frustratingly, the application process is overly complex and many people are denied on their first attempt.

    We understand that you never planned for this to happen, and now you are forced to deal with a system that seems to be working against you. We know this can make you feel overwhelmed and alone, but you’re not! You do not have to fight this by yourself for one more day. We have a whole team of attorneys and legal professionals standing ready to come alongside you, to help you through every step of this process, and fight for your best interest.

    Our guiding principles are simple: we strive to treat each client in the same way we would want our own families to be treated if they were going through this. Everyone deserves respect, compassion, and the ability to present the best legal case possible. Know your options. Our consultations are always free, and we are only paid when we win your case.

    For decades, our office has been diligently representing individuals who have been injured by the negligence of others. Our experienced legal team has handled a wide range of personal injury cases, including car accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, and premises liability.

    When someone suffers an injury at the negligent hands of another party, they should not have to suffer through the consequences alone. You never expected for this to happen, and now you are forced to deal with an insurance company who is fighting against you. We have a whole team of attorneys and legal professionals standing ready to come alongside of you, look out for your best interest, and fight the insurance company for you. Our consultations are always free, and we are only paid when we win your case.


    Address: 728 S Meridian St Indianapolis, IN 46225

    Phone: 317-740-1900


    Ward & Ward Law Firm

    The success of the Indianapolis personal injury law firm of Ward & Ward is due to Don and Charlie Ward sharing the belief that every client is valued and should receive the best representation, respect, and consideration. Our clients come from all walks of life, and we welcome each one. We are tough advocates for your rights and interests, whether it be a personal injury, wrongful death, or auto accident issue. We also protect you and your family in all estate planning and administration matters. As Don Ward, a Notre Dame Law School graduate, has stated, “Clients expect you to be technically competent in the practice of law and to have good communication skills in your dealings with them. If you treat clients the way you want to be treated by any professional, they’ll recommend you to friends and family.”

    Charlie Ward is known for saying, “We protect our clients from the unknown.” It is not enough to make sure that you have the compensation and benefits that will cover your expenses in the present. The Indianapolis personal injury and auto accident law office of Ward & Ward strives to make sure that you are covered in the future if you should need or experience any of the following:

    -Surgeries related to your auto accident, motor vehicular accident or other personal injury.
    -Future loss of wages / earnings resulting from your motorcycle accident, motor vehicular accident, commercial trucking accident or other personal injury received by you or a loved one.
    -Physical impairment, mental impairment or permanent disability caused by a car collision, bicycle accident or other personal injuries received and/or Loss of enjoyment of life as a result of your accident with injuries

    The personal injury and car accident attorneys of Ward & Ward vigorously represent individuals and their families with their cases. We also handle estate planning matters throughout Indiana, including Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Greenwood, Westfield, Kokomo, Anderson, Muncie, South Bend, Rensselaer, and Bloomington. We work hard to be a trusted personal injury and truck accident law firm in Indianapolis that clients can count on. The law offices of Ward & Ward are located in the heart of Indianapolis near downtown, Lucas Oil Stadium and Shapiros Delicatessen.


    Address: 3710 N. Washington Boulevard Indianapolis, IN 46205

    Phone: 317-854-5877


    Garau Germano

    At Garau Germano, P.C., our experienced lawyers are focused on helping individuals in Indiana who have suffered serious physical or economic injury as a result of the negligent or intentional acts of others.

    The firm was established in 1997 with a focus on medical malpractice litigation. Our attorneys advocate for families and individuals harmed by the negligent doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other health care providers. We are committed to doing everything within our power to secure the compensation that can help you and your family recover.

    We are Indiana trial lawyers, and we have pursued personal injury cases throughout the state on behalf of our clients in matters ranging from complex medical malpractice claims to the wrongful denial of life insurance benefits. Whatever the claim, our goal is the same – to get our clients the best result possible. Medical malpractice and birth injury cases are extremely difficult to pursue in Indiana.

    We will navigate the hurdles posed by the state’s laws and provide you with a clear understanding of the process as well as honest expectations regarding potential outcomes. Throughout the pursuit of your case, we will be attentive to your needs and goals of our clients and will provide you with the answers and information you need to understand your case and all options available to you. You will speak with an attorney who will remain accessible throughout the case.

    Many of our clients have left us unsolicited testimonials, featured on our Reviews page. Our clients are like family to us and we take every case personally!

    We specifically handle medical malpractice cases and are recognized as being a front-runner in the field. There have even been several laws created because of our work.

    For nearly three decades, our firm has been representing injured clients throughout Indiana. We have established a reputation of excellence and trustworthiness.

    The proof is in the results. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our clients.


    Address: 3815 River Crossing Parkway Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46240

    Phone: 317-342-9674


    Kooi Law

    The Indiana personal injury lawyers at Kooi Law focus their practice on injury victims and those suffering from construction accidents, work injuries, worker’s compensation, car accidents, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, and injuries caused by the negligence and malpractice of others.

    After suffering a personal injury, you or your loved ones may face mountains of medical bills. Working and caring for children might be impossible. Your lives may never be the same. Finding the right lawyer to represent you is an important decision with long-lasting consequences.

    The attorneys and staff of Kooi Law are committed to helping you and your family through this unfortunate time in your life. We are compassionately dedicated to you and your family. We believe in one-on-one interaction with all of our clients. Not knowing what to do next during this process can cause unnecessary stress during an already stressful time. We promise to have regular, compassionate communication with all of our clients. Additionally, we know that accidents aren’t confined to business hours. Thankfully, neither is the service our firm provides to our clients. Phone calls and emails are received around the clock. And finally, our firm will dedicate its professional resources and experience to maximize the fullest potential in your individual case.


    Address: 5845 Lawton Loop E Dr Indianapolis, IN 46216

    Phone: 317-545-1760


    Craig, Kelley & Faultless

    Partners David Craig, William J. Kelley, and Scott Faultless are colleagues and friends who take tremendous pride in the achievements of their personal injury law firm. With decades of combined experience, they have grown the practice to include additional attorneys and a staff that share their goals of providing prompt, professional, and personal services to their clients and neighbors throughout Indiana.

    Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC was established in 1999 by three attorneys whose work at another firm brought them together. The goal was to create a new firm uniquely dedicated to helping personal injury victims. The entire team is also dedicated to strengthening the community through legal action and civic involvement.

    When a family is facing the aftermath of an injury or death, they want answers to many questions. The first and most urgent question is, “Why did this happen?” We have assembled a team of hard-working, highly trained people to get answers for you and to obtain results through our civil justice system.

    Our firm was established for the sole purpose of helping injured people and their families recover from the physical, emotional and financial challenges posed by sudden, serious injuries or the death of a loved one. We never defend people who cause accidents. When you walk through our doors, we give you our full commitment of thorough, dedicated and tireless representation.

    We care about our clients and treat people as we would like to be treated. We return calls and provide the personalized attention that each of our clients deserves. We provide our clients with our attorneys’ personal cell phone numbers. We also believe that results matter, and we do not back down in our efforts to protect your rights.

    When you come to Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC for legal representation in Indiana, you won’t work with only one lawyer. Instead, you get the benefit of our entire team on your side. Our attorneys offer genuine compassion along with decades of combined experience, and we put all of it to work for you. We each have our strengths, and because we work as a team, you get the best from each of us.


    Address: 101 W Ohio St Suite 2077 Indianapolis IN 46204

    Phone: 317-720-3229


    Sevenish Law Firm

    Our practice has come a long way since the beginning, but it has only gotten stronger. Here, find out more about our personal injury law firm, including our core values, our law firm’s history, and other details about our practice.

    We have experienced, dedicated attorneys and staff, who will work hard to get you all the cash and benefits you deserve for your injuries. Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation with insurance companies for being aggressive and fighting for the rights of our clients. We are there for you every step of the way. We will meet with you where and when it’s convenient for you. So you understand your case, everything will be explained to you, including your options. You’ll feel comfortable knowing Sevenish Law is working for you. There is no fee unless we win your case. You can trust Sevenish Law just as thousands of other accident victims have trusted us.

    Many accident victims mistakenly believe they can settle their claim with an insurance company without the help of an experienced personal injury law firm. Unfortunately, in many instances, this ends up costing accident victims a lot of time and money. Think about it; to make sure that you are getting the best possible settlement, someone has to manage the hundreds of details critical to supporting your case. Are you prepared to manage all these details yourself? Are you willing to spend hours of your own valuable time locating witnesses, getting police and ambulance reports, obtaining doctors, nurses and hospital reports, getting copies of all medical bills, verifying wages lost through your employer, calculating mileage to and from your doctors, photographing your injuries, documenting damage to your vehicle, filing claims with insurance companies? The list goes on and on. Why not put your time and energy into recovering from your injuries? Let Sevenish Law handle all the details! We’ll work hard to build your case to get you the cash and benefits you deserve.


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