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    The 10 Best Family Lawyer Professionals in Dallas

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Family Lawyers In Dallas To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 1717 McKinney Avenue Suite 1500 Dallas, Texas 75202

    Phone: 214-871-2727


    Koons Fuller Family Law

    Are you in the very difficult situation of legally divorcing or separating from your spouse? Not only can this process take an enormous emotional toll on the couple and their children, but it is also difficult because many who are in this circumstance find that there are a lot of complex, sensitive matters that the court must decide for them.

    Things like who gets what property coming out of a divorce and the like seem very personal and private, but they are determined by courts all around the country every day. The experience of seeing your marital assets divvied up can feel very overwhelming for many people. It helps to have an attorney on your side who is an expert in family law and can represent your interests.

    At KoonsFuller, our qualified and talented family lawyers in Dallas can help you as you go through a difficult divorce. Your family lawyer can help you to get past the emotional baggage that you are carrying with you and just cut straight to the points that matter in court.

    Our family law attorneys know how to present your case so that you appear as sympathetic as possible to the judge and the court. You may feel that you are completely in the right with the case that you are bringing, but the lawyer has to be able to convince the court of this in order for you to get the best outcome.

    No matter what particular circumstances you are going through on a personal level, there is no question that a family lawyer can help you out with the details of the divorce settlement and help ensure your interests are represented. Our family law attorneys are well-versed in the law and ready to help with cases involving separation from a spouse, child custody, property distribution, and so much more. The many complicated threads that make up a modern legal divorce can all be brought together by a competent attorney to help you get the outcome that you have been looking for.


    Address: 8115 Preston Rd #270 Dallas, TX 75225

    Phone: 214-692-8200


    McClure Law Group

    The McClure Law Group is a boutique Dallas family law firm that handles a wide range of matters, including divorce, high net worth divorce, child custody, child support, post-divorce modifications, collaborative law, and appeals. Our founder, Kelly McClure, has been Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1995 and has been recognized as a "D Magazine Best Family Lawyer" for over a decade. Ms. McClure began her career in tax law, but she now applies her tax law knowledge to high-asset divorces and similar family law matters. Our law firm handles cases in counties across Texas, but we are prepared to travel out of state for matters that require it. If you need a compassionate but tenacious family law attorney to help you build a bright future, the experienced advocates at the McClure Law Group are ready to help you.

    In order to sue for divorce in Texas, either you or your spouse must have lived in the state continuously for the six months prior to filing. One of you must also have been a resident of the county where you are filing for at least 90 days beforehand. In Texas, there is a waiting period of at least 60 days after the petition is filed before the divorce is finalized, but most divorces take six months to a year to be completed, depending on how many issues are contested. Texas allows no-fault divorces, although in some cases, a spouse's assertion of fault, such as adultery or cruel treatment, can influence property division. A divorce attorney at our Dallas law firm can help you determine the appropriate basis for your divorce and make sure that the required procedures are followed.


    Address: 12801 N. Central Expressway, Suite 550 Dallas, Texas 75243

    Phone: 972-838-1181


    Alexandra Geczi

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a working professional or a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. When divorce threatens the life you’ve built, you need a skilled divorce lawyer determined to protect your quality of life and minimize the impact on your family. For women in Dallas and its surrounding communities, we are that lawyer.

    Our experienced, award-winning legal team focuses on settlement and collaboration as well as strategic planning rather than destructive litigation tactics. And we’ll do it with a high level of service, from our very first encounter. The result? A smoother transition into the next important chapter of your life.
    At Alexandra Geczi PLLC, we believe that divorce doesn’t have to tear down what you’ve built. We believe it can set you free.

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work John did for me over the past year. He was great throughout the entire process and I could not have asked for a better recommendation to help me thru this part of the divorce. He was a valuable asset to my team and I really appreciate his efforts. He was always prepared and my closing literally took 30 minutes. All the numbers he told me were spot on and there were absolutely no surprises at all. He made sure that [my ex] will be taken care of as well in getting her money timely, etc. You have picked excellent recommendations and I wanted to let you know I appreciate the people you associate with that are professional and do outstanding work. I certainly will make sure you and your recommendations are passed on to anyone who may be in need of their services.

    Regarding our attorney, Allison Aryal:

    I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the job Allison did. She was extremely professional and organized. She had everything prepared and made the entire visit to the court seamless and stress free. Allison has been great following up with me and making sure I was taken care of properly. I service clients in my job and I understand what good service is and I appreciate it when I get that in return. I simply wanted to make you aware and make sure you recognize her.


    Address: 5323 Spring Valley Road, Suite 150 Dallas, TX 75254

    Phone: 972-852-8000


    O’Neil Wysocki P.C

    At O’Neil Wysocki P.C., our Dallas divorce attorneys have more than 155 years of combined experience providing the best-possible representation to individuals and families throughout Texas. Our boutique law firm is dedicated to providing knowledgeable, professional, and effective legal counsel for all types of family law and divorce matters.

    In order to best prepare yourself for whatever comes your way during the divorce process, it is vital that you have a qualified divorce attorney by your side. At O’Neil Wysocki P.C., our firm is led by two board-certified family law specialists. When you work with us, you can trust that we will have your best interests in mind.

    Texas has very complex divorce laws and requirements for dissolving a marriage. Make sure you have the guidance of a Dallas family law attorney who has your best interests in mind.

    To get a divorce in Dallas, you must meet the residency requirements, undergo a waiting period after filing, and have a reason for your divorce. Texas recognizes no-fault divorce, so you can get a divorce due to “irreconcilable differences” or for other reason, such as adultery or cruel treatment. Our family lawyers can explain every step in detail and make the divorce process as smooth as possible.

    “Conservatorship,” as it’s called in Texas, is a major part of any divorce involving children. Your children’s emotional, mental, and physical care needs to be protected during and after a divorce. Our family lawyers in Dallas can help you fight to protect your child’s best interests. This could take the form of joint managing conservatorship if you and the other parent are prepared to co-parent your children, or sole managing conservatorship if it is in your children’s best interests to remain in your care alone.

    Divorce and custody is even more complex for same-sex couples since same-sex marriage and divorce has far less history. Our family law attorneys in Dallas are experienced advocates for the rights LGBT individuals in same-sex divorces and same-sex custody disputes.

    In a Texas, both parents are required to financially support the child after a divorce. This means that child support will need to be decided either through an agreement or by a judge. Having a Dallas family law attorney on your side to argue your case is a vital for obtaining a fair support order.


    Address: 4690 McDermott Road. Suite 100 Plano, TX 75024

    Phone: 972-578-2600


    Law Office of Alma R. Benavides

    Serving Collin, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant and Surrounding Counties Life is filled with unexpected situations which can lead to difficult and stressful decisions. If you are facing a complicated divorce, custody battle, or other family law issue, seek dedicated legal representation that strives to achieve positive outcomes for you and your family.

    At the Law Office of Alma R. Benavides, we can help you make the right decisions for you and your family. Committed to the needs of our clients, we offer realistic solutions and carefully review your goals so you can make important life-changing decisions for today and tomorrow.

    Using her comprehensive legal knowledge, experience and training, attorney Alma R. Benavides has helped many clients achieve their goals and protect their interests, in the courtroom through litigation, as well as outside of the courtroom in an amicable fashion using mediation or the collaborative law process.

    Because your future lifestyle and that of your family is at stake, it is important for you to understand the different options that are available so that you are able to make an informed decision regarding your future. Whether you are litigating a contested family law matter, mediating or working in a collaborative fashion to resolve your family dispute, understanding whether you litigate, mediate or use the collaborative law process will make a difference in your family law case.



    Phone: 866-323-7529


    Cordell & Cordell

    Cordell & Cordell is a partner dads can count on during one of the toughest challenges of their lives. The family law attorneys at our Dallas, Texas office are dedicated to helping men with any divorce issue, including property division, alimony, child support and child custody.

    Where is the Dallas office? Our Dallas office is located at 13727 Noel Road, Galleria N. Tower Two, Suite 1050. Find our office among popular retail shops like Alpha and the Galleria Dallas Shopping Mall behind Starbucks. We are inside of Tower Two, just across the street from the The Container Store and across from the Post Office on Noel Rd. If you are heading North or South on Dallas North Tollway S, exit onto Dallas Pkwy and then take a right onto Southern Blvd. Take another right onto Noel Rd, then a right onto Valley View Trail, and follow the circle until you see Tower Two to your right.


    Address: 10440 North Central Express Way Suite 1100 Dallas, TX 75231

    Phone: 214-461-5028


    Katie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law

    When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, you want to be sure you are getting an expert lawyer to advocate for you. At Katie L. Lewis, P.C. you will work with a board certified family law attorney certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Having practiced family law exclusively for over fifteen years, Katie Lewis has handled many complicated cases, and it is this devotion and expertise that have secured her recognition by Texas Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters service, for each year from 2013-2020. You can find out more about Katie and her team at the links below:

    In addition to proven legal excellence, our firm is devoted to achieving clients’ goals and listening to their needs. Our attorneys have a combined 69 years of legal experience in practicing family law and representing families in need.

    Every situation is different, which is why it is important to hire an attorney who is committed to tailoring his or her approach to fit your case. We know the law well, and we know families well, too. Through years of personal experience, we understand which questions to ask to formulate a strategic and tailored plan to secure the best results possible.

    When handling family law issues, especially divorce, it is important to remember that as the case progresses, plans and goals will change. Some firms approach family law with one strategy and never deviate. At our firm, we know that these issues are constantly evolving, and we devote our time to adjusting our approach at every point of the process.

    Conveniently located off of Interstate 75 in Dallas, our office is a safe and inviting place to discuss your issues. Contact us online or call our office at 214-461-5028 to set up a consultation. For your convenience and to accommodate your personal circumstances, our attorneys and team members can make themselves available by the use of virtual conference.


    Address: 10670 North Central Expressway Suite 450 Dallas, TX 75231

    Phone: 972-449-9271


    Lisa Garza Family Law

    There are few matters as overwhelming as matters involving family law. Whether you are involved in a child custody dispute or a complex divorce, you and your family’s well-being are at stake, both now and for the long term. You do not have to face this matter alone. Instead, choose to work side-by-side with a proven Dallas divorce attorney at every stage of your case.

    Attorney Lisa Garza is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and is well-versed in all aspects of Texas family law, from adoptions and divorce to child support enforcement and high-asset property division. She has the insight and the dedication to help you move forward. As a skilled family law attorney in Dallas, TX she can guide you through any complex family law issue you are enduring. Contact us to find out how more than 25 years of legal experience can work for you.

    When you have questions and concerns, we can provide the clear, honest answers you deserve. We will ensure that you understand your options and what to expect from the process ahead, whether you are facing a child custody, spousal maintenance, or any other family law matter. With Lisa G. Garza, you can count on benefiting from personalized legal support. We encourage you to find out how a divorce attorney can help you move forward with your life. We are proud to help families across Dallas, Denton County, and Collin County.


    Address: 8131 Lyndon B. Johnson Fwy Suite #180 Dallas, TX 75251

    Phone: ​214-701-2773


    R.C. Family Lawyers P.L.L.C

    At RC FAMILY LAWYERS, PLLC, we pride ourselves on providing world class family legal advise and services to meet & exceed the needs of our clients in the Dallas & Fort Worth metroplex. Combined our team has over 15 years years of legal family law experience, professionalism and expertise.

    Texas laws are ever changing. This year about 75,000 couples will get divorced. Let us help you understand these evolving laws. We handle contested (unagreed) cases and uncontested (agreed) cases of divorce between all couples including same-sex couples.

    The parent-child relationship is important to our clients as much as it is to us. We are passionate about ensuring that our client's get their parental rights, visitation and possession time with the child, and in some cases obtain child support for our clients.

    Texas is a community state meaning there is no "hers" or "his" money unless that money was acquired by gift, devise or descent or was previously acquired before the marriage.
    Let us help you in determining what money or assets are or are not community and/or separate property.

    Do you need to change, i.e. modify, the terms of the current Order?
    We can help modify (1) rights and duties of a parent, (2) increase or decrease child support, (3) visitation with the child, (4) and (5) any other terms found in your Order. (6) Enforce an order that the other party is not abiding by.

    Looking to adopt? Want your name or your child's changed? Not sure if the child is yours?
    We will help with the above and make it as smooth as a process as possible.

    Getting married soon?
    Need a written contract that will lists all of the property each person owns (as well as any debts) and specify what each person's property rights will be after the marriage. We will draft a prenup to make this happen for you.
    Did you get married without a prenup? No worries, a post-nuptial agreement outlines the same and is entered into during a marriage.


    Address: 10935 Estate Ln #244 Dallas, TX 75238

    Phone: 972-417-2653


    The Barbosa Law Firm, P.C.

    Are you unsure the steps to take to get custody of your child?
    Do you need legal representation?
    Whether you are a father, mother, or other, get a free consultation with child custody lawyer Roland Barbosa. He is experienced, affordable, aggressive, informative, and offers personal service. Servicing both Dallas and Carrollton.

    If you and your spouse do not agree on the custody of your children in a custody fight, one of the several options that are available are:

    1.The parties will be ordered to complete mediation to attempt to settle the dispute without having the Court decide for you,
    2.Experienced attorneys will work toward an amicable agreement between the parties, or,
    3.The parties will be forced to let the court make the final custody determination. The Court does not know the child or parents, and thus this is usually the last resort. Therefore, it is always better to work with an attorney who has the experience to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement that works for all parties involved.
    At The Barbosa Law Firm, P.C., we have attorneys with the experience and knowledge to help you with any custody case. Founding family law attorney, Roland Barbosa, has over 25 years of legal experience in the area of family law. He represents men and woman in family law and divorce matters, including child custody disputes and visitation issues.


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