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    The 10 Best Family Lawyer Professionals in Austin

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Family Lawyers In Austin To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 1100 Guadalupe Street Austin, Texas 78701

    Phone: 512-476-4873


    Minton, Burton, Bassett, & Collins

    Going through a separation or divorce can be a stressful experience for a couple or family. A family lawyer can be there to guide you through this trying time by using a combination of skill, compassion and practicality. The lawyer must aggressively protect your rights and interests and, at the same time, remain sensitive to the needs and concerns of the adults and children involved. Above all, the lawyer must act efficiently in order to minimize your financial burden.

    For nearly 50 years, the Austin family law attorneys at Minton, Burton, Bassett & Collins, P.C. have helped clients from throughout Texas with a full range of family law issues, including clients from Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell, Burnet and Comal counties. We can help you as well.

    Separation and Divorce: A separation occurs when a couple lives apart while still being married. Divorce is the legal dissolution of the marriage. We can assist clients with resolving matters that accompany the separation or divorce, such as spousal support, property division and child custody and support.

    Spousal Support: Also called alimony or maintenance, spousal support is an allowance paid by a husband or wife to the other spouse during a separation or after a divorce. We can assist with calculating the proper amount of those payments as well as determining whether payments should be temporary or permanent and whether they should be paid periodically or in a lump sum.

    Property Division: When a marriage dissolves, the assets and debts the couple has acquired during the marriage must be valued and divided in a manner that is fair and considerate of both parties’ needs. We have experience with dividing simple marital estates as well as the more difficult ones involving business assets, stocks, pensions and other complex financial issues.


    Address: 8310-1 N Capital of Texas Hwy #350 Austin, TX 78731

    Phone: 512-746-1746


    Kirker Davis LLP

    We handle divorces involving professionals, family-owned businesses, custody matters, and complex litigation. The Firm’s core business philosophy is based on fidelity to the practice of law and a commitment to client service.

    Founding Partners Holly R. Davis and Chris M. Kirker combine their reputation for excellent trial advocacy with a commitment to providing concierge-level legal services to their clients. For the past five years, our Austin Family Attorneys Holly R. Davis and Chris M. Kirker have exclusively handled family law cases involving multi-million dollar estates, divorces involving multi-million dollar estates, divorces involving multiple businesses, and high-profile clientele.

    This area of law has a limited amount of competitors and peers and in a short amount of time, Holly R. Davis and Chris M. Kirker have gained entry into the inner circle of family law firms competently handling high-end cases in the Austin and surrounding areas. They did so by combining individualized attention to clients with a modern online presence in a customer-reviewed world. The Austin Family Attorneys of Kirker Davis LLP believe that one of the most successful measures of trial advocacy is in an attorney’s ability to settle a case and resolve it amicably between spouses. They also believe that, if necessary, an attorney must be prepared to zealously advocate their client’s position in a courtroom. This diverse skill set distinguishes them from their competitors.

    As the Family Law Partners at their previous firm, Chris M. Kirker and Holly R. Davis oversaw a family law litigation practice of up to fourteen family law attorneys in three offices throughout the State. The success of their business practices, based on creative and innovative approaches to the profession, have changed the way family law firms operate in Central Texas, an impact which will last for years to come.


    Address: 611 S. Congress Avenue Suite 240 Austin, TX 78704

    Phone: 512-580-2449


    Sandoval Family Law, P.C.

    At Sandoval Law Firm we understand the stress of dealing with divorce, child custody and domestic violence. These situations can be legally complex and are usually trying times for everyone involved. To protect what matters most to you, it’s important to have a skilled and knowledgeable advocate on your side – an advocate who will take the time to understand you and your unique situation and make sure that your needs are met. An advocate like board-certified family law attorney, Raul Sandoval, Jr.

    Our firm consists of founding attorney Raul Sandoval Jr. and a dedicated support staff. Mr. Sandoval earned his law degree from Texas Tech University School of Law. Since that time, he has been practicing family law in the Austin area, as well as teaching seminars, classes and other forms of professional development.

    Prior to founding Sandoval Law Firm, Mr. Sandoval worked for one of the largest family law firms in the United States. During his career, he has earned numerous accolades, including being named a Rising Star for seven consecutive years (2015-2021) by Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters service, and being recognized as one of the 10 Best Attorneys for client satisfaction by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.

    Mr. Sandoval is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, but what does this mean to you and why should you consider working with an attorney who is board certified?

    The Texas Board of Legal Specialization provides an opportunity for attorneys licensed to practice in Texas to earn the right to publicly present themselves as specialists. Board-certified attorneys must work through a tedious application process to qualify to sit for the exam and must then pass the difficult exam. In fact, out of the over 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice in Texas, only 7,200 are board certified.

    According to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, to be board certified means that an attorney has “substantial, relevant experience in a select field of law as well as demonstrated, and tested, special competence in that area of law.”


    Address: 1114 Lost Creek Boulevard Suite 310, Austin, TX 78746

    Phone: 512-271-2063


    Melissa M. Williams

    If you have any family law needs at all, contact Melissa M. Williams today. At our law firm, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of representation possible. Backed by over two decades of legal experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of this complex area of law. Our team can effectively guide you throughout the entire legal process while helping you make well-informed decisions.

    Whether you are going through a divorce, want a marital agreement, are seeking child custody, or anything else, we can assist you. Over the years, we have successfully helped countless clients like yourself, and we can help you, too. Our lawyer genuinely cares about our clients and will do everything possible to help you get the results you need. You can trust us to provide you with the caring and capable advocacy you deserve.

    We know that family law matters are often extremely stressful and emotionally draining to deal with. That’s why we will be there to assist you at every stage of the legal process. From helping you fill out and file paperwork to strongly protecting your rights and best interests in court, we can handle it all. Also, one of the biggest differences between Melissa M. Williams and other family law attorneys is that we are completely honest with our clients. Other firms tend to tell their clients what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear. With us, you will always have realistic expectations of what the consequences will be when you make decisions.


    Address: 4407 Bee Cave RD #611 Texas Austin, TX 78746

    Phone: 855-414-1012


    Evans & Herlihy Law Firm

    Texas is a community property state, meaning that in a divorce, a judge will divide a couple’s shared assets in a way that seems fair. However, sometimes people aren’t happy with the outcome.

    In a case that ultimately ended in the Texas Supreme Court, Rita Lackey Fillingim Pearson v. Willis Dan Fillingim, No. 10-0013, a man argued that his original divorce decree incorrectly classified an asset as joint property, when it was solely his property. The trial court, and later the court of appeals, ruled in favor of the man, but the supreme court reversed the ruling, stating a court cannot alter a divorce decree, even if property was divided incorrectly. The supreme court also mentioned that the man had not hired an attorney to handle his divorce and did not appear for the final divorce decree hearing.

    If you need legal help, you can trust us to handle your family law case with sensitivity and discretion. Call an experienced Austin family law lawyer today at (855) 414-1012.

    According to Texas Family Code Chapter 153, child custody (which is known as conservatorship in Texas) should, ideally, be a responsibility parents share as joint managing conservators. But the court may elect to appoint a sole managing conservator if one parent has, within the past two years, committed abuse against a child under age 18, a spouse, or the other parent.

    The Texas Department of Family and Social Services can ask the court to terminate parental rights if it believes a child is in danger. The DFS reports that when this happens, it’s usually both parents who are at fault, although there are instances when one parent files suit to terminate the other parent’s parental rights. When both parents lose conservatorship, the court may appoint a legal guardian or place the child in protective care.

    Children can suffer psychological damage when their interactions with one or both parents are either significantly altered or terminated altogether. That’s why parents should always try to reach an agreement about conservatorship and honor any orders the court sets forth. But in a bitter divorce, where one or both parties want to retaliate against the other, a parent might try to withhold child support payments or deny visitation rights. Ultimately, it’s the children who suffer the most when that happens.


    Address: P.O. Box 6852, Austin, TX 78762

    Phone: 512-472-8303


    Lawyer Referral Service

    Family law issues are often very emotional and stressful. It is a confusing time when you don’t know where to look for a family lawyer. If you are unsure of the costs involved and how to find a lawyer, contact the Austin Lawyer Referral Service. We are a nonprofit organization established in 1966, and have been a trusted source for finding all types of lawyers for over 50 years in Austin Texas. Our program is certified by the State Bar of Texas and approved by the American Bar Association. LRS is committed to helping you find family lawyers or other community organization who may be able to assist.

    You have a choice to contact LRS by telephone to reach our friendly staff or by email through our website. If you call us, we can help explain the costs and procedures involved, share resources with you, and offer you alternatives in ways you can proceed.

    The first consultation with an attorney is free of charge for up to 30 minutes. The consultation may be subject to additional fees if it goes beyond 30 minutes. If you need more than one referral to find the right lawyer, we can help with that.

    Collaborative Family Law – This is a method where the couple agrees to work out divorce details by agreement thereby avoiding going to court. Attorney are specially trained to work on these types of agreements and both parties must agree to proceed collaboratively.

    Limited Scope Representation – This is a method where a person represents themselves (pro se) with limited assistance from a lawyer. If you are willing and able to represent yourself but need a lawyer to help you through parts of the process, you hire the lawyer for very specific tasks such as document preparation or review, coaching, negotiating, and even limited court appearances on your behalf. If you decide to represent yourself, we always suggest you have a lawyer review your documents BEFORE you file with the court.

    The Modest Means Program – This is a reduced fee program for those who cannot afford full legal fees but may not qualify for Legal Aid. You must call the Lawyer Referral Service in Austin to be screened to qualify for this program. This service is available to those who reside in Travis, Williamson, Hays, and Bastrop Counties (the LRS service area). This is not a free (pro bono) service–lawyers will charge for their services at a reduced rate.


    Address: 901 S Mopac Expy #110 (Building 1) Austin, TX 78746

    Phone: 512-628-2550


    Evans Family Law Group

    You are probably anxious about needing legal counsel to do what is best for your family. You worry it will strain your finances, emotions, and relationships unnecessarily. As attorneys with decades of experience in family law, we not only understand your concerns, but also see them as encouraging signs that you will make informed and wise decisions.

    Evans Family Law Group is here to help you make your family stronger. We will take the time to understand your situation, to give you clear legal guidance, and to help you execute the most-sensible strategy to meet your goals.

    Whether you face a divorce, or a child-custody or support issue, or another challenge in the family, or need a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, Evans Family Law Group can help you do what is best - legally, financially, emotionally, and interpersonally.

    With offices in Austin and Bastrop, we help families in Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, and Hays Counties. We work with clients in all the surrounding communities, including Bastrop, Buda, Cedar Creek, Cedar Park, Elgin, Georgetown, Hutto, Kyle, Lakeway, Leander, Paige, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and San Marcos.

    Divorce can be one of the most, difficult, devastating, confusing, and challenging things that you will ever encounter. Despite all the ways it can help your family in the long run, it is a tough process.

    The experienced Austin divorce attorneys at Evans Family Law Group understand what you are going through. Our founding attorney, James W. Evans, practices law by the philosophy of, “just because can do it doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it”.

    If possible for you and your spouse, consider an uncontested divorce. In what we call an "Agreed Divorce" (a term we coined), an uncontested divorce builds on the goodwill of two people willing to work together to avoid unnecessary conflict, most often regarding child custody and property division. An uncontested divorce can be an amicable and transparent process from the start, and is a great way to minimize collateral damage. Find out more about Agreed Divorces.


    Address: 108 Wild Basin Road South, Suite 250 Austin , TX 78746

    Phone: 512-641-3850


    Law Office of Ben Carrasco

    Family law matters can be complicated and emotionally difficult. Working with an experienced Austin family lawyer could help make this process less challenging as they could serve as an advisor and advocate.

    Many family legal matters stem from the end of a marriage. When a couple chooses to divorce, there are many complicated issues that the parties or the courts must work out. Division of property, custody, and support payments are just some of the issues that the parties need to resolve to go their separate ways. Fortunately, our firm has the skills and resources necessary to effectively represent you and your interests during these cases.

    When a couple chooses to end their marriage, they may face many emotionally charged choices such as custody and the division of assets. If the parties are willing to work out a solution, this process may move more quickly and become less expensive. Still, it is always important to have legal representation as the terms of a divorce decree can impact both individuals for many years. In highly contentious divorces, hiring an experienced family attorney in Austin can be even more important as it can be more difficult for individual parties to obtain their desired outcome.

    Marital agreements help set certain terms for the division of property in case a marriage ends or one party dies prematurely. Prenuptial agreements, which parties must complete before a marriage, can protect family wealth, assets, and the interests of a party’s children from a pervious relationship.

    Postnuptial agreements serve similar purposes to prenups, but the parties enter these contracts after they get married. Both of these documents can help remove some of the stress put on a marriage by taking away unknowns.

    Courts only uphold these agreements when the parties enter them freely, with full disclosure of one another’s assets and debts, and when it meets all technical requirements. An Austin family attorney could help a couple draft a marital agreement that might serve to protect the parties’ interests in the future.

    Going through a divorce or custody battle can be incredibly difficult. There are many aspects to consider in the breakdown of a marriage. The documents that the parties sign and agree to will significantly impact their lives for many years into the future.

    Hiring an Austin family lawyer means having someone to protect your interests. A legal advocate from our office could take some of the stress off of you so that you can focus on your family.


    Address: 8200 North MoPac Expressway Suite 230 Austin, TX 78759

    Phone: 512-472-4040


    Weinman & Associates, P.C

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    Address: 100 Congress Ave.,Suite 2000, Austin, TX 78701

    Phone: 512-379-6274


    The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies

    When family disputes arise, sometimes your best option is to retain the services of a reliable and qualified family law attorney in Austin, TX. In these kinds of cases, emotions run high and it can be difficult to make any meaningful progress without the help of a lawyer.

    The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies is a firm which is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones overcome any difficult situation you may find yourself in. Whether you are in the beginning stages of a divorce or need to make modifications to an existing child custody, child support, or alimony order, we are here to help you navigate the process.

    Texas family law encompasses a variety of family-related matters. These cases pose their own unique challenges because of the close and complicated relationships between parties.

    At The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies, our Austin family lawyers strive to resolve problems and disputes as amicably and effectively as possible. When negotiation proves ineffective, we are not afraid to take a case to court.

    While you, the client, are our top priority, we also prioritize any children involved in a given case. The well-being of your children is of great concern to us as we assist with your case. Any solution we offer will reflect the best interests of your children.

    It can be tempting to try to resolve a family-related conflict on your own, but working with an experienced Austin family law attorney is in your best interest. We can help improve the outcome of your case while protecting your rights and ensuring a bright future for you and your loved ones. Whether your case involves marital property division or child custody negotiations, you can trust our firm to handle it professionally.

    We value treating every client like family. Personal trust and relatability are the hallmarks of any good attorney-client relationship.

    When it comes to high stakes litigation, having counsel with an accounting background, skilled and experienced in litigation, and who understands how businesses operate and should be valued, is a significant asset.

    We have been exactly where you are and because of that, I can offer empathy and help in a way that is unique and solution-oriented.


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