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    The 10 Best Estate Planning Experts in Tucson

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Estate Planning Lawyers In Tucson To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 4771 East Camp Lowell Drive Tucson, AZ 85712

    Phone: 520-219-4040


    Elkins & Muir, PLLC

    Anyone facing a crisis in family life needs a trusted, aggressive litigation team led by seasoned family law attorneys. Elkins & Muir, PLLC are skilled negotiators and litigators who bring a team of seasoned professionals to your side to ensure that your interests are protected by law.

    Elkins & Muir, PLLC is a trusted leader in Arizona family and juvenile law matters including divorce, child custody, child support, juvenile criminal matters, juvenile dependencies and many other kinds of cases. We are also experienced in the areas of estate planning and probate. When you’re in a time of need, turn to our experienced team of Tucson attorneys and paralegals

    When you need help with a family issue, Elkins & Muir, PLLC offers FREE half-hour consultations and a second half-hour for $100, should you need more time. Feel free to call our law office staff.

    Joy is a respected family attorney actively involved in the Tucson legal community. She has twenty-eight years of litigation experience, and countless hours in the courtroom. She has guided hundreds of clients through difficult family problems, helping them to build new futures for themselves and their families. She has served as a private mediator, and has served the court for many years to facilitate settlement conferences.

    Christina Muir has been a member of the Arizona State Bar since 2018. She joined Elkins & Muir, PLLC in August 2017.

    Christina grew up in Trumbull, Connecticut, and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona when she was sixteen years old. Christina is an alumnus of Arizona State University, graduating in May 2014 with a Bachelors in Philosophy, two minors in Justice Studies and English Literature, and a certificate in Ethics. Christina graduated Magna Cum Laude.

    "Joy helped me a great deal getting through a difficult divorce. She was succinct with answers to all my questions and performed to the highest standard in court. During my most stressful times, she has been there for me. I could not ask for more from my lawyer." - Tim



    Phone: 520-795-8520


    Tucson Federal Credit Union

    A group of teachers with a vision came together to form a financial cooperative that could better serve the financial needs of Tucson’s school employees and their families.

    In 1937 a group of teachers with a vision came together to form a financial cooperative that could better serve the financial needs of Tucson’s school employees and their families. A year later, Tucson Teachers Federal Credit Union (TTFCU) was serving 38 members and had acquired assets of nearly $349. School employees volunteered their time to run the credit union until 1941, when the Board Treasurer was put on salary and the credit union moved into the basement of Tucson High School. Twenty years later, TTFCU had grown to 2,220 members, $1.8 million in assets, and six full-time employees.

    On April 21, 2006, the National Credit Union Administration approved TFCU as a “Community Chartered” credit union. Our change to a “Community Charter” allows us to serve anyone who lives, works, worships, volunteers, or attends school in Pima County and their immediate families and household members.

    Today, TFCU has grown to more than 63,000 members and $473 million in assets. Our growth and success comes from the support of our members who use our services, a dedicated group of volunteers who are elected by our members to represent them, and a great staff who are committed to exceeding your expectations.



    Phone: 520-546-3558


    Bouman Law Firm

    Thomas J. Bouman provides legal counsel in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, and asset protection. He brings a highly systematic approach to the practice of law, which is critically important when wading through the complex, and often bizarre, legal requirements associated with estate and trust law. Mr. Bouman is author of the Arizona Estate Administration Answer Book and a prominent member of WealthCounsel, LLC, the nation's premiere organization of estate planning attorneys.

    I help clients tame the beast known as estate and trust law in Arizona.

    As an estate and trust attorney, I use my skills of organization, analysis, and teaching to help people plan for and respond to life's most challenging transitions:

    - Death
    - Incapacity
    - Death of a Loved One

    There is no doubt that I am - by nature - a very analytical person. I will do what any good lawyer does, and study the issues carefully when providing counsel to a client. However, I think what separates me from other lawyers is my passion for teaching. I enjoy taking complex subject matter and making it understandable. Hopefully this website gives you some indication of that.

    I am a longtime member of WealthCounsel, the nation's premiere organization of estate planning attorneys. WealthCounsel provides me with the support system of a large law firm, while allowing me to maintain the highly personalized level of service that only a solo attorney can provide.

    I am a member of the State Bar of Arizona (Probate and Trust section) and the Pima County Bar Association.

    I earned my bachelors degree from the University of Michigan in 1995 and my law doctorate degree from the University of Arizona in 2000. During law school I secured a job with a prominent Tucson law firm where I advanced from research clerk to associate attorney and then to partner in less than four years. I fulfilled a dream of mine in 2005 by leaving that position to establish my own solo law practice.

    - Personal attention. All tasks are completed by someone who knows you personally.
    - More relaxed. It's less intimidating to walk into my office than a big firm law office.
    - Flexibility. With no rigid office policies to overcome, I adapt to change much faster.
    - Fixed fee projects. I don't have a billable hour requirement so I can offer a fixed fee for most projects.

    Will I try to persuade you to implement a strategy that you think is inappropriate? Maybe. Will I try to persuade you to implement a strategy that I think is inappropriate? Absolutely not. I will give you my honest opinion, period.


    Address: 1926 E. Ft. Lowell Rd. Suite 103 Tucson, AZ 85719

    Phone: 520-276-4815


    Kruchek Law, PLLC

    Beth Kruchek is an attorney and the founder of Kruchek Law, PLLC, a firm focusing on wills, trusts and estate planning. She was drawn to law because she loves to help people, and finds great satisfaction when she has helped them find peace of mind regarding the future of their family’s estate.

    Beth earned her Juris Doctor degree cum laude from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in 2003. She then clerked for the Honorable Joseph W. Howard at the Arizona Court of Appeals. After her clerkship, she focused on her family and worked full-time as a mother caring for her three young children. Never one to sit still academically, during her homemaking years she attended graduate school part-time and ultimately earned her LL.M. in estate planning and elder law from Western New England School of Law. Beth now works as a solo practitioner in Tucson, Arizona, and spends her days juggling that delicate balance among family, career and service.

    Before becoming a lawyer, Beth Kruchek enjoyed a successful academic career as a scientist — first earning her Bachelor of Science in biology at the University of Dayton and then her Master of Science in biological sciences from the University of Cincinnati. Her master’s thesis focused on the wetland habitats of the southeastern United States, and explored the efficacy of the Clean Water Act and its resulting laws and regulations to protect this delicate ecosystem. Intrigued by the legal research required for this project, she chose to follow this interest and seek a career in the law.


    Address: 6831 N. Oracle Road Suite 145 Tucson, AZ 85704

    Phone: 520-498-0088


    Valentine & Valentine, P.C.

    You have worked hard all your life to accumulate personal assets and we want to ensure that you pass on your legacy to your family at the right time and in the manner you desire, rather than have your hard-earned assets be consumed by estate taxes, creditors, predators and probate expenses. Our goal is to ensure that you have a solid plan to protect your family, wealth and legacy.

    Mark J. Valentine, Esq. leads a talented team of Lawyers, Litigators, Paralegals and Legal Assistants. He is a certified specialist in Estates and Trusts, and has been advising clients as a lawyer regarding Estate, Tax, Real Estate and Business Planning for more than twenty- seven years. He has been licensed by the Arizona and New Jersey State Bars and is admitted to practice in the Arizona and Federal Courts.

    The firm continues a family tradition of legal services established more than 60 years ago by Mark’s father, Harold Valentine, Esq. Mark has four sons. The eldest, Christopher, has joined the firm as the next generation of Valentine & Valentine. His second son, Alexander, recently graduated from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law and is working in the U.S. District Court. Mark's third son, Marko, recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from USC Gould School of Law, and is currently practicing as an associate in a large firm in San Diego, California.

    As our family changes and grows so does yours. Our clients trust us when planning for themselves and everyone they love. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that your wishes will be respected. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a plan tailored for your unique circumstances and family.

    Valentine & Valentine provides a full range of legal services; however, our specialties are in:

    - Wills & Trusts
    - Estate Planning and Asset Protection
    - Probates
    - Conservatorship and Guardianships
    - Real Estate
    - Business Law and Business Formations
    - Prenuptial and Antinuptials
    - Divorces

    We encourage the collaborative approach to Estate Planning. Growing your family, business and wealth takes several team member with special expertise. We will work together with your accountant, financial advisors and insurance professional to ensure you get a cohesive plan that is most effective.

    We look forward to meeting you and providing you with quality legal services.


    Address: 3503 N. Campbell Avenue Suite 101 Tucson, AZ 85719

    Phone: 520-321-9700


    Bogutz & Gordon

    Bogutz & Gordon, PC, has been proudly serving the Tucson, Arizona, area since 1984, providing sophisticated services to meet our clients’ estate planning and elder law needs. From the beginning, the goal was to help people in need.

    In 1984, Allan Bogutz, who had served as Pima County Public Fiduciary, incorporated his own law firm. A few months later, Allan asked Craig Gordon, then working as an attorney at Southern Arizona Legal Aid (SALA), to join him, and the two combined forces. Both were deeply committed to helping people, especially those who cannot help themselves. Allan not only had served as public fiduciary, but he also had worked at SALA and served in the Peace Corps. Before joining SALA, Craig had used a federal grant from the Administration of Aging to develop a legal education and referral program for Senior Citizens in rural Iowa. With strong backgrounds in public service, these two lawyers brought a unique vision to the firm.

    Allan and Craig went on to build a law practice centered on planning, serving and advocating. The succeeding 30+ years have seen Bogutz & Gordon, PC, prosper as one of the preeminent elder law firms in the Southwest. Both Allan and Craig have, for the most part moved on, but their goals and ideals carry on among the current staff of attorneys, care managers, paralegals and support staff.

    Our firm advises families at all levels of wealth regarding how to pass whatever it is they cherish to the next generation and beyond. Likewise, we help clients assert their rights with regard to estates and trusts, and advocate for them in many different roles. For example, we guide executors in their duties and challenges. We help clients resolve disputes over wills and other estate matters.

    The firm’s structure remains unusual among law firms. In the planning arena, we help clients with traditional estate planning needs, creating wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, as well as planning regarding benefits and taxes.

    The firm also serves as “fiduciary.” A “fiduciary” is typically a person in a position of trust, one who is legally empowered to make decisions for other persons. In our case, the firm collectively works to serve clients as trustee, agent under power of attorney, guardian, conservator, and personal representative, making decisions in their best interests when they cannot, or carrying out their final wishes.

    The firm is well-suited to advise and assist clients who are facing the realities of aging or disabilities, or recovering from injuries as a result of accidents or medical malpractice.


    Address: 2730 E. Broadway Boulevard Suite 160 Tucson, AZ 85716

    Phone: 520-314-8779


    Whitehill Law Offices, P.C.

    At Whitehill Law Offices, P.C., we take a practical approach to solving legal problems. We always try to understand our clients’ goals and work within their budget. After we have learned everything we can about our clients and their legal problems, we put our years of experience to work for them. It’s not what every lawyer does, but it should be.

    You can count on Mr. Whitehill’s quarter century of experience in law. Attorney James Whitehill truly dedicates himself to his clients. A genuinely kind and honorable person, Mr. Whitehill is the small-town attorney you would hope to find in the biggest small town in America.

    Our practice is rooted in Arizona. Attorney James Whitehill grew up in Tucson and has served many of the same clients throughout his career. That lifelong dedication is one reason we are able to serve our clients so effectively. There is real value in a law office rooted in its community.

    At the Whitehill Law, you can receive legal help in the following areas:

    Real estate law — including short sales, promissory notes and deeds of trust
    Commercial leasing matters — including property management, contract review and drafting, and lease enforcement
    Business law and litigation — including business formation, litigation and employment advice
    Estate planning and probate — including drafting and revising wills, trusts and power of attorney

    As a vice president of the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, Mr. Whitehill is respected by his peers and the community. Endeavoring to offer sound, reasonable legal counsel at a cost-effective rate, Mr. Whitehill is staunchly committed to his clients.

    As a certified real estate specialist by the State Bar of Arizona, attorney James Whitehill knows real estate law, and has been recognized for it by the inclusion in Southwest Super Lawyers list and Best Lawyers in America. For individuals in the Tucson area with legal issues involving real estate, having a nationally recognized attorney in their community is a valuable resource.

    Our firm has over 30 years of experience helping clients throughout Southern Arizona solve their legal problems. To schedule a meeting at our Tucson office to discuss your legal issue, call us at 520-314-8779 or contact us online. You can expect one-on-one counsel directly with Mr. Whitehill. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. through 5 p.m. Monday to Friday or by appointment. We accept all major credit cards.


    Address: 10645 N. Oracle Rd. STE 121-323, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

    Phone: 520-797-1400


    ALTA Estate Services, LLC

    ALTA Estate Services, LLC is dedicated to quality, detail, honesty and client satisfaction in the handling of all your estate and business planning needs. We are committed to providing you complete professional service at a fair price and peace of mind in our mutual efforts of accomplishing your goals.

    Estate Planning / Asset Protection
    - Trusts, General and Medical Power of Attorneys, Probate and Trust Administration, and Asset Protection Planning

    Business Planning / Asset Protection
    - Limited Liability Companies, Subchapter S Tax Planning Entities, Asset Protection and related Tax Planning and Filing

    Long-Term Care / Asset Protection
    - Various Medicaid Asset Protection Trust Planning and Document Preparation

    Among other professional organizations and associations, ALTA Estate Services, LLC is a certified legal document preparer company licensed by the Supreme Court of Arizona. In addition, ALTA Estate Services, LLC has been an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona for 20 years with an A+ rating. In addition ALTA is associated with such private organizations assisting the community and people with special needs as Guardianship of Southern Arizona, Beacon Foundation and Linkages of Southern Arizona.


    Address: 3507 North Campbell Avenue, Suite 111 Tucson, AZ 85719

    Phone: 520-320-1300


    Bossé Rollman PC

    Bossé Rollman PC is one of Southern Arizona's leading full-service law firms. We established our firm in 1990 to provide complex litigation services, real property transactional work, estate and trust law, and tax and corporate planning for business and professional clients. We are committed to our clients, our profession, and our community. We know that quality legal service at competitive rates combined with ethical practice standards define our relationships.

    Our Transactions Group represents businesses throughout Arizona and the United States. Our clients range from established manufacturing and professional organizations to entrepreneurs involved in the formation of start-up ventures to non-profit organizations. We counsel clients on the full spectrum of legal and business concerns, from entity formation to complete planning and governance advice. We provide legal guidance on investments, transactions and compliance matters. We conduct due diligence and represent clients in all facets of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

    Our Litigation Group represents business, governmental, and individual clients in complex civil litigation involving business tort actions, partnership disputes, governmental regulatory disputes, employment litigation and other commercial litigation. We represent clients at every phase of the trial process, from pre-litigation negotiation through jury trial, bench trial, and appeal. We also pursue mediation, arbitration and other alternative-dispute resolution techniques, when these options enable us to meet our clients' business objectives.

    Our Trust and Estates Group advises clients on estate and tax planning, planned giving, and trust formation. Our firm also handles formal and informal probate matters, as well as complex litigation concerning wills, trusts, and other estate planning matters.


    Address: 250 N. Meyer Ave., Suite A Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone: 520-365-3185


    Ayala Law Office, P.C.

    The law firm of Ayala Law Office, P.C. was formed in 2008 by founder Siovhan Sheridan Ayala. She decided that she would form a firm that would be based on helping people win their case. The Firm’s goals have remained the same: Help their clients with the legal issues confronting them, make sure they understand the legal process, communicate with them and work to get them the best possible outcome. At Ayala Law Office, P.C., our staff works diligently to provide our clients with the best possible customer service, skilled mediators, experienced litigators, and the best personalized assistance available to them with their matters in Tucson, Arizona.

    We understand that when you need an attorney, you are looking for someone who will listen to you, who will understand your goals and who will take them into consideration during the litigation process. At Ayala Law Office, P.C., our attorneys do just that and we also understand that each case is unique and that a cookie-cutter approach simply will not work. Our qualified litigation attorneys will treat each of our clients with the respect and care they deserve throughout the entire legal and litigation process.


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