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    The 10 Best Estate Planning Experts in San Diego

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Estate Planning Lawyers In San Diego To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 12396 World Trade Dr Suite 301 San Diego, CA 92128

    Phone: 800-698-6918


    Preston Estate Planning, A.P.L.C

    We have practiced exclusively in estate planning for nearly forty years. During that time, we have reviewed over 11,000 trusts from other attorneys throughout California. The most common problem we discovered with those trusts is that they were primarily designed to avoid probate. However, when probate is the main focus of the estate plan, the door is left open for other problems. For example, we have seen trusts that avoid a 5% probate fee but trigger a 40% tax. We have seen trusts that avoid probate court, but later the beneficiary ends up in divorce court losing half of their inheritance. We have seen people create a trust (thinking all was done) and then later get dementia, which required their children to go through a costly court process to gain access to the trust assets. A Death Plan does not properly address Tax Reduction, Asset Protection, and Disability Planning. It was primarily designed to avoid one problem – probate. At Preston Estate Planning, we believe the industry standard Death Plan is not sufficient. We developed the Life Plan, which incorporates eight features that protect your assets:

    - Disability Panel
    - Silent Partner Co-Trustee
    - Medical Emergency Card
    - Asset Protection Inheritance Trust
    - Capital Gains Election
    - Re-Marriage Protection
    - Retirement Trust
    - 28-point Maintenance Membership Program

    After you pass away and your children receive their inheritance, in most trusts those assets are exposed to your child’s potential divorce, lawsuit, and creditors. Which means the assets you intended to leave for your son or daughter could end up with their soon-to-be ex-spouse.

    Even worse, when a child dies, the assets could end up in the hands of their surviving spouse, essentially disinheriting your grandchildren. These problems can be avoided by including an Inheritance Trust for your beneficiaries, which shields the inherited assets for the lifetime of your children and grandchildren.


    Address: 3033 Fifth Avenue Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92103

    Phone: 619-614-2168


    Hoffman & Forde

    Hoffman & Forde’s estate planning attorneys inform individuals and married couples on a variety of advanced estate planning techniques they can use to make the estate or inheritance tax bill less painful. Our estate planning experts also educate clients regarding the designation of a guardian and trustee for your beneficiaries. Let us help you create a sound financial plan, avoid probate, protect your assets, prevent family conflicts and costly legal expenses.

    Our attorneys draft a set of documents to address your unique needs and expectations. Our firm also advises on co-ownership property rights, transfer-on-death accounts, and beneficiary designation.

    Our experienced San Diego estate planning attorneys will advise you on the best estate plan for you and your family based on your unique circumstances and goals. Estate plans must meet state guidelines. We fully understand how current state and federal laws impact your estate and will draft all of the pertinent documents. More importantly, we help ensure your wishes are carried out while avoiding potential hassles and needless expenses.

    We serve our clients’ individual needs while providing creative, practical, and affordable solutions. Our firm’s continued success results from our dedication, diligence, and honest communication with our clients.


    Address: 3838 Camino Del Rio North Suite 155 San Diego, CA 92108

    Phone: 619-284-2444


    California Living Trusts

    Upon your death, your loved ones will be left with many decisions to make. With proper estate planning you can help make this stressful time easier for them. At the Law Office of David W. Foley we specialize in creating living trusts as part of your estate plan. The goal is to avoid the cost and time of probate for your family and beneficiaries.

    As a family owned and operated law firm we understand the issues that our clients and their families face. That’s why we have developed our living trust services that can bring clarity in times of need; in the event of the death of you or your spouse. Our living trusts are comprehensive and of the highest quality.

    And $995 for couples. Really, can you afford not to protect you family for the future?

    We treat your family as an extension of our own. It’s our philosophy and our pleasure.

    We offer a broad range of services, from pour-over wills to probate representation.


    Address: 401 B Street, Suite 2400 San Diego, CA 92101

    Phone: 619-239-1211


    Hughes & Pizzuto, AP

    Our goal is to preserve family wealth and to optimize the transfer of that wealth upon death. Hughes & Pizzuto, APC applies trust and estate planning strategies to complement your personal plan.

    Trust and Estate Law is complex and it can seem confusing or daunting. How can you ensure that your hard earned assets are distributed to your heirs as you wish? What steps can you take now to minimize estate and gift taxes? At Hughes & Pizzuto, APC we are here to answer your questions, guide you and translate your wishes into reality.

    Before sending us an email, please be advised of the following: contacting us through this online form does not create any attorney-client relationship; any information you provide is not confidential; we are not providing you with any legal advice through the website; and, we are not precluded from representing an adverse party, if any.

    With roots dating back to 1952, Hughes & Pizzuto, APC began as Glenn Wright Jacobs & Schell.

    Our firm provides comprehensive estate planning, litigation, administration and taxation services for entities and individuals.


    Address: 2139 First Avenue Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92101

    Phone: 866-334-2614


    Frisella Neilson, APC

    At Frisella Neilson, APC, our experienced attorneys, paralegals and staff are committed to our clients. Our firm understands the complex nature of probate litigation, estate planning and business formation. We are dedicated to helping every client find a resolution that fits their needs.

    Clear communication and explanations are provided at every turn to help our clients understand their options so they can make the best decision for their future. Our proactive approach helps us understand and achieve each client’s expectations and goals.

    Estate planning: creating or amending trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and advanced health care directives
    Trust administration: representing a trustee to help carry out terms of the trust
    Probate: representing clients through the probate process
    Probate litigation: representing clients in litigation
    Trust & elder abuse litigation: representing clients in disputes involving trusts and estate documents along with financial elder abuse claims
    Beneficiary representation: representing beneficiaries involved in trusts, wills and succession plans
    Conservatorships & guardianships: representing clients acting as an “agent” for incapacitated individuals or guardians of minor children and their estate
    Business formation: representing clients starting their own business or changing their business structure

    Do not wait until a crisis occurs before you speak with an experienced probate and estate planning lawyer. We will help you protect your estate and legacy by drafting clear legal documents and reviewing your plans to minimize conflicts. Our goal is to help you avoid an expensive and long probate process whenever possible.


    Address: 9820 Willow Creek Rd. #460 San Diego, CA 92131

    Phone: 619-282-1194


    California Estate and Elder Law

    Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney: These document are foundational planning for any estate.
    Beneficiary Protection Lifetime Trusts: These trusts are designed to provide protection for your beneficiaries during their lifetime. Such trusts will protect your estate from your beneficiary’s creditors, ex-spouses, and other adverse obligations.
    Retirement Trusts: These trusts help integrate retirement assets into the distribution pattern of your estate plan.
    Special Needs Trust: These trusts are created to deal with the unique situation that occurs when one of your beneficiaries suffers from a disability. This disability may be from a developmental disability or from a serious accident or injury. Such trusts are designed to help that beneficiary maintain their independence and to help them to achieve their individual goals.

    Our process helps guide families through Estate Planning.
    Initial Contact

    - Gain basic understanding of your unique situation;
    - Gain basic understanding of your unique concerns;
    - Provide an explanation of our planning process and outline the steps involved; and
    - Set an Initial Visit appointment to meet with our team to discuss your situation in greater detail.


    Address: 5720 Oberlin Drive San Diego, CA 92121

    Phone: 866-631-3470


    Allen Barron, Inc

    For most clients, a complete estate plan will include one or more trusts, a pour-over will, a durable power of attorney for assets and an advance health care directive.

    A properly executed estate plan allows you to control your assets while you are alive. It also spells out what you want to happen if you become disabled and unable to communicate your wishes. After you die, your trust can protect your beneficiaries from taxation, creditors and ex-spouses.

    Taxation and fees in probate are based upon appraised value, not equity. The cost of an average home in the San Diego area puts the expense of probate exponentially above the cost of a trust. Unlike wills, trusts do not go through the California probate process. This can save you as much as 15 percent of the present value of your estate, which is what most probate lawyers charge to probate assets distributed by a will. When you keep assets in a trust, your family’s private financial information will also remain private.

    An experienced San Diego estate planning attorney can structure your assets and wealth to provide protection while reducing or eliminating tax consequences. Many people assume that all they need to plan their estate is a will. Unfortunately, if you pass away with nothing more than a will the consequences include:

    - a long and costly probate proceeding for your beneficiaries
    - public exposure of your financial affairs
    - devastating tax consequences

    Only a trust allows you to maintain control over your assets while you are alive and control how those assets will be distributed after your death. Allen Barron, Inc. and Janathan L. Allen, APC provide comprehensive estate planning, tax planning and financial advisory services for clients of all income and asset levels. With offices in San Diego and San Francisco, we represent clients throughout California.


    Address: 1901 Camino Vida Roble, Ste 112 Carlsbad, CA 92008

    Phone: 760-278-1116


    Opelon LLP

    Estate planning is the process of appointing someone to manage or transfer:

    What you have, to who you want, when you want, the way you want, all while avoiding unnecessary taxes, legal fees and family turmoil.

    If you’re like most people, your family is the most important thing in your life. Their needs and their comfort will always be of paramount importance. You recognize your role in ensuring their safety and welfare, and that is why you are interested in talking to an estate planning attorney.

    Unfortunately, you may have put off making the proper provisions for their future in the event that you are no longer in the picture. This is possibly the worst mistake you could make.

    If you fail to plan today for the interests of your loved ones, the courts and California law will certainly do it for you, and the way in which they dispose of your hard-earned assets might well be the opposite of your wishes.

    Take our Probate Quiz to find out if your assets will be subject to probate.


    Address: 1011 Camino Del Rio South #420, San Diego, CA 92108

    Phone: 619-281-1888


    Weissler Law Group

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    Address: 961 W Laurel St San Diego, CA 92101

    Phone: 866-908-7878


    Trust Will

    Avoid probate by creating a complete Trust-Based Estate Plan for the protection and transfer of your most important assets.

    A plan for who will look after your children, what should happen to your assets, and how you’d like to be cared for when you need it.

    Make sure your kids are looked after by someone you know and trust, in case something happens to you.

    We’ll walk you through everything you need to do one question at a time. Our expert team is standing by to ensure that you create a perfect, customized Estate Plan to meet your needs. Most people complete everything in about 15 minutes.

    It’s your life. You should decide how your affairs will be handled, not the courts. Creating a complete Estate Plan with Trust & Will means your children, pets, assets, future, and legacy will be handled the way you want.

    A complete and customized Estate Plan in about 15 minutes. All of your information is kept safe and secure using bank-level encryption. If you have questions along the way our team of customer support experts are standing by to help.

    We’re proud to be the category leader in estate planning on Trustpilot. Don’t take our word for it, check out what our members have to say about us.


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