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    The 10 Best Dog Groomer Professionals in Colorado Springs

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Dog Groomer In Colorado Springs To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 5830 Stetson Hills Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

    Phone: 719-572-9274


    Wag N' Wash

    Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming is the premier destination for all of your healthy cat and dog needs. Whether it's pet supplies, pet grooming, or natural pet foods, you'll find everything you need to wash 'em, feed 'em, spoil 'em and love 'em at your local Wag N' Wash!

    We understand that cats and dogs are more than just pets - they're cherished members of your family. That's why we only stock the healthiest food brands, the safest (and allergy free) grooming products, and the best pet supplies on the market. You take your pet seriously, and so do we. Stop into your local Wag N' Wash today to check out our latest selection of pet supplies. Pet grooming, professional or self-wash, is available at every location. We are your one-stop shop for all things pet-related and we guarantee you'll have a pawsitive experience in our store!

    Visit your local Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming store today!


    Address: 2330 Vickers Dr., Colorado Springs

    Phone: 719 593-1012


    Happy Hounds Pet Grooming

    Happy Hounds was established in 1996 and has served Colorado Springs and surrounding areas since then. Currently under new ownership – Krista Karle, a Colorado Springs native; had a life changing cancer experience in 2010 and decided to pursue her passion of animals. She has a dedicated background in customer service, business functionality, and management. Bringing her love of animals into the mix – pet grooming and styling has become her new love and passion.
    Krista is consistently looking for new talent to bring on board to bring various skills, styling, and expertise to your pet’s spa experience.

    Full Grooming
    - Your pet is in good hands with us! Let your favorite get the best pet grooming care in our remodeled pet grooming facility.

    Bath & Dry
    - We use a wide range of shampoos for all different coat types and breeds. For anything specific or special needed, please let us know!

    - Our team of pet hair stylists is happy to make your animal look pretty and happy. Located on Vickers Dr in Colorado Springs, call or stop by!

    Our Products
    - Using only the highest quality Grooming products to ensure your pets well-being! Stop by today to see what new products are available.



    Phone: 719-380-9087


    Annie’s Pet Salon

    Want to Learn More About Our Local Pet Salon?

    Are you searching for a reliable pet salon where your four-legged friend can receive friendly and professional care? If yes, look no further, Annie’s Pet Salon is here to meet the specific needs of your lovely pet in a manner that will exceed your highest expectations.

    What sets us apart from any other pet groomer in Colorado Springs, CO?

    We are a team of well-trained and skilled specialists who know how to take care of any cat and dog.
    Our affordable rates.
    Our high-quality products and tools.
    a dog

    Why should you trust Annie’s Pet Salon?

    We have over 32 years of experience as a professional pet groomer.
    No matter what breed your cat or dog, we can make them look amazing and feel happy.

    All of our pet stylists are extensively experienced and well-trained to provide your friendly pet with the best grooming experience. Explain to us what your grooming expectations are and make sure to share any recent veterinarian procedures, health concerns, abrasions, and sensitive skin issues your pet may have.


    Address: 815 S. Sierra Madre Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Phone: 719-471-2275



    Two years ago, if you had asked any of us if we could see ourselves in the Pet Daycare and Boarding business, we all would have replied, “Seriously?” But as avid dog lovers, it really is no surprise that we found ourselves in this industry.

    BamPaws Stay and Play® is a partnership between family members, Greg and Lesley Flaks and David and Laurinda Flaks. We should also mention other influential family members in this endeavor, our dogs — Sophie, Suki, Cooper, Ryder, and Abbey. BamPaws Stay and Play® was born out of a need in our own family for quality daycare for these four-legged family members. With five dogs between our two families, the need for daycare and boarding was evident. We have used many different facilities in Colorado Springs and Scottsdale, Arizona; and while each place was adequate, there always seemed to be something missing.

    Our standard is high touch personal care. We adore animals and consider them like our own family members. Our team makes certain every dog or cat enjoy a safe, happy, and enjoyable stay. BamPaws Stay and Play® is attended twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in our boarding kennels. We offer three standard size kennels– 32, 48 and 64 square feet. Our facility also has 10 private luxury suites in three sizes – 60, 80, and 144 square feet. We don’t believe that one size fits all. All boarding includes daycare and personal walks with an attendant if requested.

    Our attendants are trained in dog behavior and group play. They are required to engage, interact, and monitor all dogs in their group. We have quiet time from 12:00 to 2:00. The lights are turned off, soothing music is played, and the dogs settle into an afternoon rest period. Our family does not believe in warehousing dogs in crates. For grooming appointments, each dog has a reserved, individual grooming session.

    While we do not take in the most pets in the area, BamPaws Stay and Play® does have the largest square footage of any facility in Colorado Springs. Therefore, your best friend has more room to play and make new friends.


    Address: 2216 Academy Place, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909, United States

    Phone: 719-380-8258


    Dazzle Dogs

    Ally has loved animals, and dogs in particular, for her entire life. Since her first job at 15 years old, she has only exclusively worked with animals. With over 13 years of grooming experience, along with national certificates in both grooming and training, Ally is enthusiastic and prepared for her life's passion.

    Our prices are based on size and behavior of your specific pet. We have standard pricing that can be found for each breed when booking an appointment. Every groom includes a bath and brush, as well as ear cleaning, nail trim, and accessories (bows, bandana, etc.). Pricing varies depending on things like breed standard clips, coat condition, behavior, and add-ons such as deshed treatments and teethbrushing. Feel free to call or email us if you would like a specific estimate for your pet!

    "Dazzle dogs did a great job handling my terrified pup during her nail trim. They were quick, friendly, and made sure she was comfortable as possible. We will for sure be back!"

    "I highly recommend Dazzle Dogs!!! I took my anxious terrier there for a nail trim because no where else had been successful. I was so pleased that they were able to get him taken care of! We'll definitely be back for a full groom next time!"


    Address: 4006 Valli Vista Rd Colorado Springs

    Phone: 719-470-0330


    On The Spot Mobile Grooming

    Dogs have fun and dogs get dirty! Give us a call and we'll come to your house and clean them up! We don't bother with a bunch of add on services, our basic bath INCLUDES pad and ear trimming, ear cleaning, nail trimming, sanitary shave and a Clean Teeth Gel application.

    Do you have a shedding breed? Ask about our DeSHED with FURminator. It's not just a brushing it's the full FURminator package including shampoo, conditioner, treatment spray and a carefully thorough FURminator Brushing!

    Our regular servicing area is the Colorado Springs area but we'd be happy to come to the surrounding areas as well! Use the form below to send us a message! Tell us a little about your dogs to include breed, weight, and hair length. We try to respond to all emails within an hour. Your email address and information is never shared and we'll always ask before sending any promotional information.


    Address: 7 Spectrum Loop, Suite 115, Colorado Springs, Co, 80921

    Phone: 719-937-6624


    EarthWise Pet

    We are your local neighborhood Pet Nutrition Center & Wellness Spa. We specialize in natural pet foods, raw foods, treats, toys, litter, leashes & collars... you name we have it or can find it for you! Pets are always welcome - always!

    In today's market it is difficult to sift through the various opinions out there as to what is appropriate to feed your dogs and cats. In order to assist consumers navigate these tumultuous times, our staff here in Colorado Springs has undergone professional training in Pet Nutrition and Raw Food feeding and earned their Pet Nutrition Specialist status. Our management and operations staff has also completed a Certified Pet Dietitian program, the first of its kind! We are here to listen to you and help. Stop wondering what advice is the right advice and talk to our certified and trained staff.

    The grooming process can be confusing and quite scary to pets. Visiting a vet for grooming can raise a pet's stress level and agitate an animal. We take care to make your pet's experience as comfortable as possible. Supplies are used that avoid harsh chemicals and not only are the best for your pet, but also easy on our environment.

    If your animal has any special skincare needs or other areas of concern, please let us know so we can address these issues. Special skin-sensitive shampoos and treatments can be used as needed. In our full-service facility, we give your furry family members only the best care and attention to meet their grooming needs. All EarthWise Pet grooming services are performed efficiently by qualified pet-oriented professionals. Any breed or size is welcome (ask your local store for any exceptions).


    Address: 4027 Tutt Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80922

    Phone: 719-596-8245


    Tailored Tails Grooming Salon and Pet Spa

    Our wonderful shop was opened in 2006 by Rebecca Taylor, an outstanding teacher, mentor, and friend. Leslie Koster had a decade of experience in pet grooming and retail pet sales when she was hired by Becky in 2013, and purchased the shop when Becky retired in 2015. Leslie and her entire Tailored Tails staff are looking forward to providing you and your pet a First-Class grooming experience!

    Pet Grooming is a team effort between pet owner and Groomer, and we want your pet to look the way you like. Please don’t be afraid to talk with us and let us know what you’re looking for, right down to those little details that can mean so much. It’s the only way we’ll know what you want! We will listen and do our best to meet your needs! – Leslie Koster

    Every client at Tailored Tails receives a firm price for their approval before any grooming begins.

    Rest assured that our pricing for all pets is competitive for this area. Its our job to know.



    Phone: 719-243-9100


    Lead Dog Mobile Grooming

    My name is Tasha Root. Grooming is my second career; my first was an electronic engineer. I have been a Dog Groomer since 2006. My first years of grooming were spent on the east coast. Then the military moved us to Colorado, where my husband and I chose to retire.

    My Knowledge of grooming extends far beyond simple haircuts; the health of our canine friends is of the utmost importance to me. I have volunteered at both Veterinary clinics and Rescue shelters in order to expand my knowledge of animal behavior and to surround myself with as much diversity as possible. At every Salon I have worked at I have had the benefit of putting my knowledge to use and help clients care for their canine companions more completely and that is very satisfying.

    I continue to hone my skills at every opportunity. I attend Grooming seminars a few times a year. I have received small class instruction from world-renowned groomers as well as peers and associates.

    I opened Lead Dog Mobile Grooming in 2008. I saw a need for a more personalized service; both for the pets and their owners. I am able to provide a level of comfort and ease that is often missed in fixed salon buildings. Many dogs do not travel well and many families find it difficult to juggle pets and children. It is also disheartening to leave your pets for hours, sometimes whole days in the hands of people that you don’t know. I cherish the opportunity to provide a more personalized service where it is best for you and your pets.

    Daniel is our bather. He takes care of all the dogs that do not require haircuts. He started his dog career right here with Tasha and she has taught him everything he knows about grooming. We love his enthusiasm for the job and attention to detail. Dan always enjoys meeting new clients.

    Dianne has been grooming since 2009. She ran her own shop in Chicago for 7 years and moved to Colorado in 2018. We are so glad to have her on our team. Her skills are excellent she has an unmatched love for her clients. Her patience is golden which makes for such a great dog handler.


    Address: 5470 Powers Center Point, Suite 160 Colorado Springs, CO 80920

    Phone: 719-282-3300


    ChampDog Park

    We pride ourselves on giving you peace of mind by offering a fun adventure and comfortable escape for your beloved dog. Elite boarding, active and fun daycare, spa baths, grooming and training classes are some activities to enhance your relationship with your dog.

    When visiting ChampDog Park you will feel the warmth and dedication the trained staff give your dog and you, the dog parent.

    Mary Jane Brown is the owner of ChampDog Park and has performed over 20 years of volunteer work with several humane societies and charitable organizations, and she is truly an animal lover. Mary Jane has volunteer firefighter experience, business education and experience , and she brings these ​skills together to ensure your dog has the adventure he or she deserve.

    She brings to ChampDog Park true understanding of the strong bond that is created between your dog and you, the dog parent. She inspires and motivates all to participate in daycare and gym activities to develop social skills, create focus and develop athletic skills, which increase the strength of the dog's ability to bond with humans.


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