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    The 10 Best Dog Grooming Professionals in Albuquerque

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Dog Groomers In Albuquerque To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.


    Phone: 505-349-0329


    Aussie Pet Mobile

    Founded in Australia in 1996, Aussie Pet Mobile established its global headquarters in the United States in 1999 and has grown to become the number one brand in mobile pet grooming worldwide. Our commitment to quality, care, convenience, and loving attention to pets of all shapes and sizes has enabled us to expand rapidly across the United States. More than 70 franchisees serve the millions of households that own dogs and cats.

    Each mobile pet grooming unit is custom designed with air conditioning, heat, electricity, and water, and relies on no outside electrical or water hookups. The van’s spacious interior helps pets maneuver easily and enhances the groomer’s ability to ensure all of the pet’s needs are met. Aussie Pet Mobile certified and trained groomers will pamper your pets with personal, 100% cage free, one-on-one attention in the comfort of their own driveway.

    "We absolutely LOVE Aussie Pet Mobile! They make everything easy and they always do a great job. Highly recommend!!!"


    Address: 3107 Eubank Blvd. NE #23 Albuquerque, NM 87111

    Phone: 505-323-1225


    Furtastic Grooming

    Our gentle and experienced pet groomers offer customized grooming, which includes various services that benefit your pets in many ways.

    Brushing and Trimming
    - We brush and trim your pet’s fur and add bows and ribbons as requested.

    Moisturizing Bath
    - We give them a moisturizing bath to make them to feel calm and relaxed.

    Nails Trimming
    - Trimmed nails are one of our specialties, and we do the nail trimming with care.

    Teeth Brushing
    - We maintain proper hygiene for your pets and offer thorough teeth brushing.

    We’ve been at our Eubank Boulevard location, taking care of your pets with over 15 years of experience.

    Furtastic Grooming works with pet owners in Albuquerque to provide full grooming services for dogs. Prices vary on the size of your pet and which services your pet receives during their visit.

    -  Keep your dog cool in the summer by keeping his fur trimmed.
    -  Wash out whatever mischief your dog got into with our moisturizing baths, which include a massaging scrub down with shampoo.
    -  Our groomers will get the knots out of your dog’s fur and make his coat smooth and shiny.
    -  We can also brush your pet’s teeth, which will prevent dental problems.
    -  Keep your furry friends from scratching you or your floors with our nail trimming services.


    Address: 7321 San Antonio NE Albuquerque, NM 87109

    Phone: 505-822-1000


    Groomingdale's Pet Spa

    From the moment you walk into Groomingdale's Pet Spa, you and your pet will be greeted by a friendly smile along with specialized attention. You and your groomer will go over what will be the best grooming for your pet.

    Groomingdale's Pet Spa caters to their clients grooming needs in and around the Albuquerque area. Locally owned and operated by Rose Mora.

    Groomingdale's provides only the best in professional pet grooming, treatments and products, all of which are individually prescribed to suit your pets’ specific breed and needs. All services are provided in elegant surroundings by a highly qualified professional staff. Groomingdale's goal is to deliver immediate and visible results that will make a real difference in your pets life.

    Our reputation is based on service.

    Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

    It is our pleasure to serve you and your pet.

    "I took my Pomeranian mix in today for his very first grooming. Fernando was very understanding of my dog's anxiety and was very patient with him. He did an absolutely wonderful job, I cannot express how satisfied I am! Everyone I talked to was personable and kind. Thank you all so much! Kathryn"


    Address: 7007 Jefferson Street NE Suite E Albuquerque, NM 87109

    Phone: 505-856-2259


    Poochini Pet Grooming

    Poochini Pet Salon of Albuquerque is a premier grooming experience for your fuzzy friend. Theo Puccini artfully primps your pooch into tip top shape. Theo has been accredited and has many years experience mastering the techniques necessary to serve all breeds of dogs. Call today and find out what Theo can do for you and your pup!

    16 years ago, I set out to fulfill an inner calling. I embraced my love for dogs and decided it was time to pursue grooming as trade, and begin a career doing what I love. My technique was first developed under the supervisory and teachings of several certified master groomers at a grooming school in Colorado Springs, CO. It was there I learned the importance of being receptive to the feelings of each dog. I was taught the importance of humane, safe handling of each animal, and how these practices yield the best results for all parties involved. I continue to strive to make each grooming a happy and healthy experience for each and every dog.

    Upon returning to Albuquerque, I threw myself into soaking up all aspects of the grooming business. I was fortunate enough to work under an incredibly skilled and experienced master groomer, who was willing to teach me the ins and outs of the day to day operations of a grooming business. This experience taught me how to meld together the techniques for grooming and safety I learned in school, with the drive to provide the best customer and pet relations possible. I view pets as a member of the family, and understand your desire to have them treated with the utmost safety, professionalism, and respect.

    Recently, I decided it was finally time to branch out on my own. I have been working hard to create the shop I have always envisioned. My mission is to employ and work alongside like-minded groomers, who share my values and contribute to making pet grooming a true artistic trade. I believe we should serve our clients in such a way that keeps them coming back time and time again. I feel trust and safety are our top priorities and I want customers to leave the shop with a clean, healthy, and beautiful pet.


    Address: 3712 Central Ave SE Ste B Albuquerque, NM 87108

    Phone: 505-886-1874


    Pretty Pets

    Pretty Pets is a locally owned business that focuses on the health and well-being of our furry clients, making their visit with us a stress free enjoyable time for everyone. We have absolutely NO mistreatment to any pet, so you can be assured that your furry one is getting the gentle love and care that they deserve!

    Many of our clients have come to us after their dog has been treated badly in the past, so we help abused dogs to feel more comfortable with the grooming process, easing them back into it. If your dog has had a bad experience somewhere else, we urge you to help them by bringing them into our safe environment. We help to make your pet's day at our shop a comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable experience where they look forward to their next visit!

    At our store we carry dog clothing, collars, health products, carriers, and more! For our non-furry customers we have many greeting cards, and offer gift cards for purchase of your desired amount.


    Address: 1540 Tramway Blvd NE suite F Albuquerque, NM 87112

    Phone: 505-299-5555


    WagginTails Dog Grooming

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Scott Barrette, and I have been a dog groomer/owner since 2006. I was born and raised here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2004, I moved to Sarasota, Florida where I stopped my life as a design engineer. In 2006, I found a career that matched my enthusiasm in life. I have always enjoyed the behaviors and personalities of dogs and the people they have enhanced. In Sarasota, I owned a very well respected groom shop / doggy daycare. I moved back to Albuquerque in 2016 and was grooming out of Earthwise Pet Supply. In April 2017, Earthwise closed their doors and now I am the proud owner of WagginTails Dog Grooming. I enjoy everything Albuquerque has to offer and welcome you and your best friend to come visit me, whether to chat or to use my services.

    WagginTails Dog Grooming is a full service, fun, high end, clean and friendly, cage-free, dog grooming salon located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We specialize in listening to the wants and needs of our customers and clients. Our mission is to groom each dog with care and expertise. We offer breed standard haircuts, customer requested haircuts, loshed treatments, hand stripping, and a la carte services (such as nail grinding). WagginTails uses only natural shampoo and conditioning products. We take great strides in making sure that each dog that visits gets a full grooming experience and is happy to come back again and again.


    Address: 9780 Coors Blvd NW Suite FAlbuquerque, NM 87114

    Phone: 505-200-9198


    Woof Gang Bakery

    Woof Gang Bakery® is Your Neighborhood Pet Store®. The leading specialty retailer of pet food, pet supplies and professional pet grooming in North America, with more than 150 locations open or under development across the U.S. Woof Gang Bakery offers the very best in pet care by providing quality products and grooming with a service-oriented approach. Each location is a neighborhood store committed to the well-being, health and happiness of pets.

    Our approach to franchising is very simple:
    Successful franchising is built upon successful franchisees.
    Our leadership philosophy is based upon the belief that we should direct, not dominate the franchise system, and that our franchisees should have a voice and participate in that direction.

    Woof Gang Bakery does it all
    We offer a number of services to help keep your pets healthy and spoiled!
    Contact your local Woof Gang Bakery to find out which services are available in your area.

    More Than 150 Locations Nationwide!


    Address: 9577 Osuna Rd NE Ste. I Albuquerque, NM 87111

    Phone: 505-299-7000


    Lollipups & Kitkatz 2

    Michelle Semrow, owner and professional groomer, has been around animals and an avid animal lover her whole life. She graduated from the Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming in 2002, and prior to that worked a short time in a veterinary clinic.

    In 2003 she opened Clippity Do Da Pet Salon in Appleton, Wisconsin. The doors opened having only 2 clients and grew to over 600 clients. Michelle sold Clippity Do Da in October of 2015, and in December of 2015 launched Lollipups & Kitkatz 2 in Albuquerque, NM.

    We look forward to many happy fur customers and their owners. Over the years she has worked on Guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and, last but not least, a pot belly pig.

    "There aren’t enough minutes in a day to express how much the kids and I will miss you. We’ve been together for 15 years. It will be difficult to find a replacement as you are such an amazing groomer. Thank you for all of your kindness to all of our dogs, and all of our years together."



    Phone: 505-225-2448


    Wagon Wash Grooming

    We are passionate about the emotional and physical well-being of the pets in our care. We employ holistic grooming techniques so that all of our pet clients can feel comfortable in a stress-free environment. We recognize that the emotional well-being of your pet is equally important as their physical safety in our premises, and we strive to create the best experience possible for all pets in our care.

    We have an understanding of product ingredients and their effect on skin and coat. We look beyond marketing labels, trends and myths to find grooming products that are safe, effective and promote health and well-being. All of our shampoos and grooming products are hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

    We pride ourselves on being environmentally healthy. Our vans run on CNG (compressed natural gas) in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Since February 2018, we have been donating a portion of our grooming expenses to ASPCA.

    Thank you for choosing to care about our earth and help fight against animal cruelty!

    Fast and friendly, Wagon Wash Grooming has become well renowned throughout Albuquerque. We handle projects with the skill and professionalism our clients have come to expect. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being the #1 priority. Contact us for more information about how we can help you and your pet.


    Address: 4401 Montaño Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

    Phone: 505-503-1779


    Jack and Rascals

    Jack and Rascal's started humbly in the minds and dreams of it's three founders: Patrick and Samantha Sanchez and Cynthia Knott. All three owners brought a unique skill set to the table: Patrick has an extensive background in retail and customer service, Samantha brought knowledge of customer service and animal care experience, and Cynthia brought the guts and bookkeeping know how. Together, the trio dreamed of starting a small, customer focused business in the pet industry and in October 2008, they took the plunge.

    After legally forming the company, a site for the store was chosen and construction began. In March of 2009, Jack and Rascal's officially opened their doors. Through ups and downs (as with any startup), and with the help of our many great customers and family members, Jack and Rascal's has become the company you see here today. It is a testament to the Albuquerque pet loving community that a startup could get off the ground in uncertain economic times and still remain intact to provide great service, products and jobs to our community. We consider our customers as much a part of our family as our employees, and our undying thanks goes out to all who have supported us, and to those we haven't met just yet.

    Jack and Rascal's story continues to be written and here's to many more years of improving the lives of Albuquerque's pets and their people!

    Together, our team's knowledge and expertise makes the Jack & Rascals experience one of a kind.


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