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    The 10 Best Dentist Professionals in Sacramento

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Dentist In Sacramento To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 4360 Arden Way Suite 3. Sacramento, CA 95864.

    Phone: 916-485-4800


    Arden Park Dental Care

    Expertise and excellence converge at Arden Park Dental Care, where comprehensive dental care is professional, personal, and the ultimate goal.

    When you choose to place your dental care in the hands of caring and understanding dentists like Dr. Formoli and her team, you’ll be treated as a real person with real concerns. Nothing should be preventing you from considering aesthetic or restorative dentistry, and our highly experienced team is here to help you every step of the way. If you have missing, damaged, stained, or broken teeth, this could be hindering your quality of life. With over 2 decades of experience, dealing with affordable, high-quality dental treatments from porcelain veneers to dental bridges and tooth bonding, the team at Arden Park Dental Care is dedicated to your well-being.

    Arden Park Dental Care, providing the best cosmetic dentistry techniques to achieve the look you want.

    Arden Park Dental Care are your cosmetic dentistry professionals in the Sacramento metro area. If you have concerns about your teeth and the beauty of your current smile, you can relax, knowing that Dr. Formoli and her team will do all that is possible to ensure your teeth and smile are what you desire.

    Our treatments can make a complete difference to the smile you present to the world and Arden Park Dental Care will work with you to help create the look you desire, no matter your age.

    Cosmetic dentistry is one way to help you create the best appearance and look you want to achieve and treatments may just involve simple bonded fillings or can be comprehensive enough to create a new and different appearance altogether.

    Ask us about our comprehensive dental services, from veneers to teeth whitening, and how we can work with you to help you get the treatment you desire. We also provide Laser, emergency, and sedation dentistry. You want an experienced, professional Sacramento cosmetic dentist delivering the best in quality care and treatment. And that is just what we are here to provide. Call us, or use the form provided, and we will get back to you shortly. Schedule an exam and see how cosmetic dentistry can change your life for the better!


    Address: 2831 J Street Sacramento, CA, 95816

    Phone: 916-251-3669


    Dental Care

    A Plus Dental Sacramento is a dental practice that is focused on giving you something to smile about. The A Plus Dental team of dentists, hygienists and orthodontists are friendly and experienced in providing dental services such as teeth cleaning, check-up, dental crown, root canal, teeth whitening, braces, and more. If you don't have insurance - no worries we offer low monthly fees for comprehensive dental plans. A Plus Dental is your local dentist of choice in Sacramento with flexible appointment times that meet your busy schedule. Whether it's a toothache or an injury - relief is only a visit away. Review the full list of offered dental services and dental coupons.

    A Plus Dental Sacramento has all your dental needs covered when searching for a dentist near you. The dental staff is outstanding when it comes to routine, orthodontic, specialty and cosmetic dental services. Whether you need a dental cleaning, dental check-up, braces, wisdom teeth removal, tooth extraction, dental implants, dental crowns, or root canals you've come to the right place. Just want a whiter smile? The A Plus Dental dentists are experts at veneers, bonding, and in-office or at home teeth whitening. We understand that quality dental care is a top priority for all patients, which is why we accept most dental insurance plans like Delta PPO, Cigna PPO and Cigna. Don't have dental insurance? Don't Worry. We offer affordable dental plans, low interest financing and money-saving coupons. We're open Monday through Saturday, including extended evening, and early morning appointment options. A Plus Dental Sacramento is conveniently located at 2831 J Street in Sacramento. We look forward to seeing your smile!


    Address: 1430 Alhambra Blvd Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95816

    Phone: 916-455-3247


    Alhambra Dental Plaza

    Welcome to Alhambra Dental Plaza, home to our Sacramento dentists. Dr. Han Do and his team offer everything patients need to reach optimal oral health, from simple fillings to complex rehabilitative treatment. Our goal is to bring out the patient’s naturally beautiful smile using state-of-the-art dental care while working with a team of skilled specialists.

    Call our practice, schedule a consultation with our dedicated team, and reach your best smile yet.

    The team at Alhambra Dental Plaza values our patients. We are committed to addressing dental issues and improving the patient’s quality of life using reliable treatments. Our specialists work proactively to address dental issues and renew the smile to full function while restoring its beauty.

    Our friendly staff is as gentle as we are comprehensive. We provide accommodations as necessary, making sure that patients remain comfortable throughout visits to our practice. The patient’s voice is very important in treatment planning, making sure that we develop a plan in line with their needs.

    We offer several options for care, ensuring patients have control over their treatment and receive necessary dental care to keep their smile looking and feeling its best.

    Alhambra Dental Plaza is the first stop patients take on their way towards better oral health. Dr. Do collaborates with several specialists at our location to deliver high-quality, predictable results. We provide stunning results using cutting-edge technology. Patients benefit from a personalized treatment plan tailored to their needs, working with the experts in their field.

    With decades of combined dental experience operating under one roof, it makes it convenient and easy on the patient to receive the care they need to stay healthy.

    Our devotion to providing quality dentistry drives our passion to serve people in Alhambra Corridor and across Sacramento. Call our practice and schedule a consultation with Dr. Han Do for you and your loved ones today, and discover compassionate dental care to bring out your best smile.


    Address: 3336 Bradshaw Rd. Suite 220 Sacramento, CA 95827.

    Phone: 916-378-7396


    Dynamic Dental

    Dynamic Dental is a general dentistry practice committed to providing comfortable, gentle dental care for the entire family. We are committed to making this the best dental experience you’ve ever had. Our patients often tell us that what makes our office stand out is that we listen to our patients’ needs and we don’t try to sell them on expensive treatment that you don’t need.

    Dr. Andrade - I grew up in Los Angeles California, the second youngest of five siblings. I attended Long Beach State University where I received my undergraduate degree in Genetics with a minor degree in Spanish. I went on to pursue my dream of becoming a dentist and attended the University of California San Francisco where I received my degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Prior to establishing a family and cosmetic dentistry practice in Sacramento, I completed hundreds of hours in continuing education courses. I am dedicated to the newest advancements in cosmetic dentistry and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. I am frequently among the first dentists to perfect and use the newer, more advanced techniques and equipment. More importantly I strive to be very soothing and put patients at ease.

    Dr. Montalvo - is a dynamic dentist with over 11 years of experience. She is bilingual in English/Spanish and is dedicated to providing quality dentistry with a personal touch. She offers a variety of services, from creating beautiful smiles with cosmetic braces and crowns to treating grinding and migraines with Botox. Dr. Montalvo’s greatest achievement is creating great relationships with her patients and getting to know them on a personal level. She is caring, attentive, and a great communicator. She discusses and explains treatment options so that patients can choose a plan that best fits their needs. She makes patients feel comfortable with her gentle and friendly manner and offers sedation for her more nervous patients.

    Dr. Kinga Fiedorczuk - I received my Bachelor’s of Science from Loyola University of Chicago, and my Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Dentistry has been my passion since 2006, when I first worked in a dental office during college. Besides dentistry, I also have a strong interest in the field of aesthetic medicine, which I believe has the power to dramatically improve one’s self-perception and overall well-being. When I am not in the office, I am passionate about maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise!


    Address: 1315 Alhambra Blvd. Suite 220 Sacramento, CA 95816

    Phone: 916-448-5458


    Alex J. Mercado DDS

    Dr. Mercado & the staff at Sac Smiles are committed to improving your oral health and keeping your smile beautiful!

    Dr. Alex Mercado is a Northern Californian by birth, growing up in Antioch, California. He is familiar with the latest techniques in dentistry and welcomes the challenge of keeping up-to-date for the benefits of his patients. He specializes in creating crowns and bridges for dental restorations, especially those involving the front teeth. While these are complicated procedures, Dr. Mercado enjoys caring for his patients in a way that helps them stay calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. Click below to learn more or reach out and schedule your first appointment!

    From routine cleanings to fillings and bruxism devices, Dr. Mercado is equipped to handle all your dental needs. Click below to browse our services.

    Welcome to our practice. Let’s get familiar! Streamline your dental visit by viewing our location and learning about the practice.

    Find out if we accept your dental insurance and explore different payment and financing options.

    Our goal is to make your experience at Dr. Mercado’s office as comfortable and easy to navigate as possible! We are committed to helping you keep your teeth beautiful and healthy for a lifetime to come!


    Address: 4190 Truxel Road Sacramento, CA 95834

    Phone: 916-943-4257


    Natomas Crossing Dental Care

    At Natomas Crossing Dental Care, we offer a relaxing environment and friendly staff. Patients appreciate our office’s comfortable atmosphere, which makes every visit enjoyable. Our team is committed to providing quality care to all patients we serve in the Sacramento area, offering dental services to meet the entire family’s needs.

    We have the highest standard of excellence in dental care — all of our Sacramento patients receive high-quality dental services. Along with a comprehensive treatment plan, we offer cosmetic dentistry, restorative techniques, and the latest in dental technology to help patients enjoy optimal oral health.

    Our patients come first at Natomas Crossing Dental Care, and we feel one of the best ways we can promote oral health is to educate our patients. We’ll spend time discussing treatments, benefits and alternatives with you so you’re well-informed and comfortable with your care. Preventive services are also a cornerstone of our practice, and we’ll work with you to maintain your oral health to prevent future problems.

    Your safety is our priority. Our office only uses the safest techniques and materials for our patients, and we provide dental care in a safe environment where you can know you’re in good hands.

    Our team of dental professionals has years of combined experience providing quality dental services. From our highly educated, skilled dentists to our dental assistants and other office staff, every team member is dedicated to making sure each patient receives quality care.

    We want our patients to have a comfortable, good experience when they visit our office. It’s easy for some patients to feel a bit anxious or uneasy when they head to the dentist’s office, but our team is dedicated to ensuring that our patients get the personalized, excellent care to make every visit as pleasant and relaxing as possible.


    Address: 7521 West Stockton Blvd. Suite 130 Sacramento, CA 95823

    Phone: 916-602-3563


    Ultimate Dental

    Whether you are just doing your routine check-up, or having tooth pain. We would love to see you at our office, even for a simple hello!

    - We use the latest and up to date technology to give our patients the best treatment they deserve.
    - All our doctors are certified under the CA board and have intensive experience to make sure you walk out with smile :).
    - We accept a variety of health care insurance to best accommodate our patients and get them the best treatment.
    - Tooth PAIN! We have special slots for you. Call us now to make an appointment.

    Dr. Al Assuty graduated in 1994 & has been practicing advanced, quality dentistry for more than 18 years. Dr. Al Assuty has extensive post-doctoral training in oral surgery and root canal treatment He finished two years of orthodontic training with a United States dental institute. He also did many residencies in dental implants at noble Biocare.


    Address: 1200 N B St Sacramento, CA 95811

    Phone: 916-572-4502


    The Willow Clinic

    The mission of the Willow Clinic is to holistically improve the health of community members who are currently living outside or experiencing homelessness while providing a unique platform for student education. We strive to address inequities in healthcare access by operating a free clinic each Saturday. Community members regardless of documentation, or insurance status, can seek medical and psychiatric care as well as a host of other services. We utilize a patient-centered care approach where we prioritize listening to and learning from our community members to best incorporate harm reduction and trauma informed care in our clinic.

    Though we provide necessary services to alleviate part of the effects of a much larger, systemic issue, we strive to provide a space for our students to critically reflect on their roles as future health professionals and stand in solidarity with people first and housing first, community based movements. The Willow Clinic brings together a diverse set of compassionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic students and healthcare professionals who are constantly working together to improve our approach.

    Whether it be due to lack of of community resources to treat mental illness and substance abuse, or simply unfortunate circumstances, the homeless face an abundance of challenges beyond not having adequate housing, including reduced access to health care and education, increased risk of violence and abuse, and importantly, demoralizing social stigma.

    In 2002, a small group of UC Davis medical students saw recognized the struggles of the homeless community in Sacramento and were compelled to make a change. A symbol of healing and stability due to its deep roots, the Willow tree was chosen as the logo of their screening clinic, which became known as the Willow Project. In conjunction with the Salvation Army and the County of Sacramento, The Willow Project first opened its doors staffed entirely by undergraduate and medical students. Although the clinic lacked prescription medications and physicians, and was funded entirely through fundraising events held throughout the year, its enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers were determined to change the quality of life of the neediest members of their community. Patients were screened for hypertension, diabetes, mental illness, lice, scabies, and other chronic illnesses, and referred to the appropriate community resources when required.

    Currently featuring an expanded dispensary, extended community resources, dental services and nutrition counseling, the Willow Clinic is a growing fixture in the safety net of healthcare in Sacramento.


    Address: 1832 Avondale Ave Ste 1 Sacramento, CA 95825

    Phone: 916-481-2001


    Arden Dental Care

    Here at Arden Dental Care, we have a passion for practicing high-quality dentistry as both a science and an art.

    The scientific aspect of our work is enhanced by the latest in dental technology as well as our very own board-certified dentist, Dr. Talluri. Our staff is continuously improving, so the community we love is receiving the quality dental care they deserve.

    Although training and equipment are essential to our practice, the artistic component of our work is where we really shine! We see you as well as your smile, and we love to offer personalized care that gives you a smile with a healthy glow.

    Whether you want to improve your health or get a dazzling smile for a special occasion, we have a caring dentist you can trust!

    Medical patients are welcome if they are willing to pay a fee for services. We accept all major Dental PPO insurances.

    "The whole staff was awesome! They were all welcoming and professional. Cindy was outstanding and I have never had such a thorough dental exam. Dr. Boyce was beyond awesome!👍" - At Elica Health Centers (EHC), we are committed to providing quality health care services, emphasizing prevention, wellness, health education, and disease management, which improve community health outcomes.

    In partnership with other organizations, EHC is dedicated to administering professional and compassionate health homes that serve the needs of low-income, multi-ethnic populations throughout the greater Sacramento area, particularly immigrant communities, including Slavic and others.


    Address: 1860 Howe Ave, Suite 455 Sacramento, CA 95825

    Phone: 916-454-2345


    Elica Health Centers

    At Elica Health Centers (EHC), we are committed to providing quality health care services, emphasizing prevention, wellness, health education, and disease management, which improve community health outcomes.

    In partnership with other organizations, EHC is dedicated to administering professional and compassionate health homes that serve the needs of low-income, multi-ethnic populations throughout the greater Sacramento area, particularly immigrant communities, including Slavic and others.

    To recognize the inherent worth of each person and to honor the human dignity of all persons, regardless of social status, race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.

    To act with trustworthiness, honesty, transparency, and accountability when dealing with individuals, groups, and partners while providing medical care and conducting business.

    To participate and work with other individuals and service provider organizations who share like values and goals in order to achieve a preferred outcome, supportive relationships, and quality services.

    To work for the benefit and good of others, out of a spirit of dedication and compassion for people in medical need and to seek to further their well-being and meet their expectations.

    Every person has access to timely, preventive, and appropriate health care that allows them to live their life as fully as possible.

    Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable health care through the operation of professional and compassionate health homes for underserved populations, who are confronted with barriers to accessing care.

    Advance a customer and patient first focused culture.

    Elica’s new Patients First service delivery model will engage both providers and staff inpatient care.

    Our providers and staff will team with patients and their families to understand and respect each patient’s unique healthcare needs. Elica’s Patients First approach will allow our providers to have more uninterrupted time with each patient, while teaching our patients to manage their own healthcare.

    Recruit, develop, retain, and recognize providers and staff who offer world-class care and are committed to the mission of Elica Health Centers


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