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    The 10 Best Dental Professionals in New York

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Dentists In New York To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 10-42 Mitchell Avenue Binghamton, NY 13903

    Phone: 607-762-2200


    United Health Services

    Good dental health is a key ingredient in maintaining overall wellness during your lifetime. Dental well-being is part of the big picture of health, affecting nutrition, digestion, appearance, self-esteem and everyday comfort, to name a few. And you play a role in your own oral health and hygiene. Working with your dentist and other oral health care professionals, you and your family can take the right steps today to maintain good dental health for years to come.

    At our dental clinic in New York, we provide dental care services like crowns, extractions, and preventative care for people of any age, from children to the elderly. And we offer many other treatment options, such as anesthesia or sedation, for patients with special needs, those who are medically compromised, or who have severe handicapping limitations.

    In addition, we provide dental screenings for oral cancer, and special treatment for patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, both pre-and post-surgically, for head or neck cancer.

    As a leading New York area dental clinic, we promise that you will always be treated with courtesy and respect and that we will provide you with the most advanced techniques and clinical excellence available in the care of the teeth and mouth. Whether you are a new patient, or have been with us for some time, you can expect the same high level of caring, service and expertise.


    Address: 509 Madison Avenue, Suite 1704, New York, NY 10022

    Phone: 212-245-5130


    Kaye Dentistry

    Dr. Gary Kaye is the founder of Kaye Dentistry PLLC, a world-class reconstructive, cosmetic, and implant dental practice located in the heart of New York City. Highly regarded by professional peers and patients alike, he offers state-of-the-art modalities to help his patients attain long-term, stable oral health. Dr. Kaye has successfully treated thousands of patients from all walks of life.

    He is also the founder and director of the New York Center for Digital Dentistry, which provides consulting on “Fee for Service” practices, as well as in-person and online digital dentistry learning programs. Clients include other dentists and dental equipment manufacturers. Dr. Kaye lectures on ceramics, occlusion, and digital dentistry, and performs live patient demonstrations for dentist audiences.
    Dr. Kaye attended Columbia University for undergraduate studies and completed his graduate dental school training at the Columbia School of Oral Medicine in New York City. He received numerous awards and citations, including dean's list awards in prosthodontics, endodontics, and geriatric dentistry. He has pursued more than 600 hours of postgraduate studies in many of the sub-specialty areas of general dentistry.

    Dr. Kaye is a graduate of the prestigious Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Training. He was one of the first general dentists in the United States to become certified in Invisalign® and has attained both basic and advanced certification. In 2006, he received the Fellowship award from the Academy of General Dentistry.

    Dr. Kaye is well known for his kindness, caring, empathy, and the total commitment he brings to meeting every patient’s needs.

    Born in Randfontein, South Africa, Dr. Kaye is married with two children. He is a passionate supporter of the Open Wide Foundation, whose mission is to change the state of oral health in impoverished communities and build new clinics in conjunction with local government support and investment. In 2012, Dr. Kaye and his family served in the Peronia, Guatemala clinic. He also loves golf, music, and soccer.


    Address: 135 W. 27th St. New York, NY, 10001

    Phone: 212-594-7171


    Preferred Dental Care

    Oral health and beauty are paramount to your image – your success – your overall lifestyle. The Preferred Dental Care team of Midtown Manhattan NYC understands the busy schedules of New Yorkers and appreciates discriminating taste. We provide the efficient, complete dental care you deserve, while always extending personalized dental service in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Our midtown dentists work with quality dental labs and use only the finest aesthetic materials to create healthy, strong, sparkling teeth. Our oral hygiene team is committed to keeping your whole mouth healthy and helping you determine the best dental plan for oral homecare. Your smile says a lot about you, so let us make it unforgettable!

    The Preferred Dental Care team is committed to making each of your dental visits exceptional. We regularly attend continuing education courses, so we can provide you with state-of-the-art dental treatments and technology. Whether you prefer teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or other cosmetic dental procedures, or you need general and restorative care, such as white fillings and dental crowns, periodontal therapy, or dental implants, our team possess the dentistry skills and experience to serve you and your smile well for years to come.


    Address: 160 Broadway, Suite 1004 New York, NY 10038

    Phone: 212-287-1275


    Lumina Dental

    Our decorated providers have trained at the most prestigious institutions and are experienced in the latest advances of dental technology to maintain oral health and to optimize esthetics.

    Our experts can help achieve a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile with conservative, non-invasive dentistry.

    At Lumia Dental, we understand your needs, whether your lifestyle requires a personal touch or simply engaging with us via web or text on your phone anytime, anywhere.

    We are dedicated to making your engagement with us easy, time-saving, and convenient, just like you have come to expect from your favorite brands. Connect with us the way you want and see what a modern patient experience can feel like.

    We want your checkups and treatment visits at Lumia Dental to be comfortable and enjoyable, so you can look forward to seeing your dentist.

    At Lumia Dental, every team member’s priority is to make sure you are well taken care of from the moment you arrive. We understand your needs and adjust our approach, from x-ray alternatives, to anxiety and pain management, to how you like to engage in your treatment decisions.


    Address: 39-15 Bell Blvd. Bayside, NY 11361

    Phone: 718-225-6677


    Alla Hart, DDS, PC

    At Alla Hart, DDS, PC PLLC, Yelena Mikhaylova, DDS, PC; Joseph Aronoff, DDS; Rebecca Baer, DDS; and the team provide comprehensive oral health care to people of all ages living in Bayside, Queens, and throughout New York City.

    At Alla Hart, DDS, PC PLLC, the team boasts years of experience. The practice is conveniently located and features cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and advanced treatments on-site.

    The team always makes time to understand each individual’s symptoms and uses that information to develop custom care plans that encourage healthy teeth, gums, and smiles.

    Alla Hart, DDS, PC PLLC takes a personal and individualized approach to oral health care. People can access a comprehensive suite of dental services, including emergency dentistry, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and restorative dentistry.

    The team also offers periodontics for the treatment of gum disease, prosthodontics for enhanced cosmetics, and root canal therapy. For damaged, missing, or misaligned teeth, the team offers crowns and bridges, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®, and dentures.

    Patients can also access in-office teeth whitening with Philips Zoom!, take-home teeth whitening trays, and night guards to prevent teeth grinding.

    Don’t wait to partner with the team at Alla Hart, DDS, PC PLLC. To make an appointment, call the office today, or click the online booking feature.


    Address: 462 Grider Street Buffalo, NY 14215

    Phone: 716-898-6681



    At ECMC, our mission, vision and values help ensure that we meet the needs of patients and their families from across Western New York, and live up to our promise of delivering the very best patient experiences.

    From our physicians and nurses to administrators and support staff, the entire ECMC community lives, works, and cares by these guiding pillars that set us apart.

    To provide every patient the highest quality of care delivered with compassion.

    ECMC will be a leader in and recognized for:

    -High-quality family-centered care resulting in exceptional patient experiences
    -Superior clinical outcomes
    -The hospital of choice for physicians, nurses, and staff
    -Strong collaboration with community partners to improve access to healthcare and the quality of life and vitality of the region
    -Academic affiliations that provide the best education for physicians, dentists, nurses, and other clinical staff

    All patients get equal care regardless of their ability to pay or source of payment. We address the healthcare needs of each patient that we can appropriately serve, without bias or pre-judgment.

    Excellence is a standard that will never be lowered; there is an expectation of excellence in all areas.

    We recognize the importance and value of diversity and the enrichment that diversity can bring to ECMC.

    -Fulfilling Potential
    We respect the value and potential of each individual as offering a significant contribution to the good of the whole organization. Personal growth and development are important for organizational success.

    Each individual, no matter his or her limitations, background, or situation, has intrinsic dignity and unique capabilities.

    We honor each person’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

    -Fairness and Integrity
    Equity and fairness are guidelines for all decision-making. We demand personal and institutional integrity.

    In accomplishing our mission, we remain mindful of the public’s trust and are always responsive to the immediate surrounding community and our natural environment. This commitment is both as an organization and as individuals. A successful future for ECMC depends on a vibrant community and a healthy environment.

    Collaboration with other organizations is beneficial within the context of our mission and is fundamental to achieving our goals.

    -Everyone involved with ECMC service delivery demonstrate caring, compassion, and understanding for patients, employees, volunteers, and families.

    We can only be successful in carrying out our mission through solid financial performance, and by assuring that resources provided to us are used effectively, in the way they were intended, and for the benefit of our patients and community.


    Address: 111 Broadway, New York, NY 10006

    Phone: 212-267-1884



    Welcome to iSmile! Get your Dream Smile with the Help of Experts!
    We are situated in the heart of New York at 111 Broadway. We provide high-quality dental services to our clients with 100% satisfaction. Just have a consultation session with one of our dentists and we guarantee you that you will be provided with the best possible treatment available in the market. We look forward to having you as a client and we thank you for selecting us for dental care.

    We look forward to having you as a client and thank you for selecting us for your dental care.
    We focus on the needs of each client to provide a comfortable experience in a relaxing and modern environment. We have a state-of-the-art facility and the best part is that we have an in-house dental laboratory which means that you can get all your treatment done at one place. If you haven’t already scheduled your appointment, please give us a call today!


    Address: 119 W 57th St, #815 New York, NY 10019

    Phone: 212-974-8737


    Louis Siegelman, D.D.S.

    Many patients over the years have mentioned the Guggenheim Dental Clinic as the source of their paralyzingly dental fear. The “Guggenheim” was a public program that provided access to dental care for New York City children for decades.

    Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment Today

    Children from religious based and public schools were transported to the clinic. Raw fear was communicated amongst the children. Interestingly, I’ve encountered people from all over the world who were treated in similar circumstances resulting in extreme dental fear. I feel that a lack of parental support, and supervision, as well as authoritarian treatment, were key factors. Lifelong fears were instilled for these early school-age kids.

    While former Guggenheim patients may never forget their memories, a series of good experiences as adults can help. Discussing these experiences with a trusted friend or professional is also beneficial.

    If you were a Guggenheim Dental Clinic patient, I understand, and I’m here to help. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call. We can work together and provide a home for your dental care. 212.974.8737


    Address: 67 Wall Street Suite 2508 New York, NY 10005

    Phone: 212-344-9317


    Pearl Dental NYC

    Why Biomimetic dentistry? It’s more natural, meaning less is more.
    At Pearl Dental NYC, we believe in preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible.

    Biomimetic dentistry is a new, more natural approach that maximizes adhesive techniques to minimize aggressive intervention. Using the latest advances in chemistry, biomaterials, and 3D technology, we can practice a better way of dentistry that extends your teeth’s lifespan, saves you money, and reduces the
    need for future crowns, endodontic therapy, and extractions.

    First-class clinical results in less than 10 minutes. PrimeMill is a powerful, 0.5mm extra-fine milling tool that provides extraordinary surface detail and precision.

    More accurate intraoral scanning than ever before. Captured with high-resolution sensors and shortwave light, PrimeScan registers up to one million 3D points per second.

    Full-contour, tough zirconia crowns fired to maximum strength in less than 20 minutes. SpeedFire is the latest in revolutionary induction technology, unparalleled in the industry.


    Address: 108 Duane St. TriBeCa, NY 10007

    Phone: 212-966-5551


    BW Dental

    Dr. Ahmed is a graduate of New York University School of Dentistry. She is a proud member of the Academy of General Dentistry with over 25 years of experience. She specializes in cosmetic and restorative procedures that give patients a healthy and beautiful smile. She specializes in LANAP® and laser pocket disinfection.

    A laser dental cleaning that can kill millions of harmful bacteria living in the pockets between your teeth and gums. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes and is painless. If you’ve ever been diagnosed with gingivitis or more advanced periodontitis, LPD can be an essential addition to periodic dental cleanings. These bacteria, living in periodontal pockets between teeth and gums, are the cause of inflammation and gum disease. This laser procedure is noninvasive and fast.

    Over 50% of American adults have gum disease – an infection below the gum line. Gum disease is linked to several health problems – from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and pre-term babies – but only a small percentage of these adults get the treatment they need. Traditional gum disease treatment options involve cutting the gum tissue or extracting the teeth.

    LANAP uses the specific wavelength PerioLase® MVP-7™ dental laser to vaporize bacteria deep within the pockets of the gums while leaving healthy tissue intact. Patients undergoing this type of treatment enjoy fast healing times.

    During this laser based surgery, your dentist inserts a fiber into the pocket between the gum and tooth. The laser energy kills the bacteria, targeting the source of the inflammation without hurting or removing healthy tissue. The biting surface of your teeth is adjusted to keep


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