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    The 10 Best Dentist Professionals in Mesa

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Dentist In Mesa To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: Parking lot, 2311 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202

    Phone: 602-223-1832


    Dental Depot

    Our Dental Depot office in Mesa will be arriving in Fall 2021 and will be our 4th location in Arizona! This nearly 7000 sqft free standing building will feature 16 operatories fully equipped for our experienced and friendly dental staff to efficiently and effectively care for each of our patients!

    At Dental Depot, we want to make sure you get the care you need no matter your financial situation. We offer a variety of options that fit your lifestyle!

    We accept most major insurance. Your treatment coordinator will discuss your dental coverage with you in detail.

    We care about your dental health! Ask us about a payment plan option.

    Care Credit is a flexible financing program endorsed by the American Dental Association that allows patients to make monthly payments on health care expenses not covered by insurance including co-payments, deductibles and cosmetic procedures. It’s easy to apply online at


    Address: 1930 S Dobson Rd # 1, Mesa, AZ 85202

    Phone: 480-730-0500


    Mesa Dental Care

    Dr. Nia cares about you and your smile, and they want you to have the strongest oral health possible. To help you have top-notch teeth and gums, they are happy to offer general dentistry at our office.

    Do you wish you had a bright and stunning smile? If so, cosmetic dentistry is a great option for you! With the help of our many cosmetic treatments, you can have the attractive smile you're looking for.

    If you want excellent oral health and a strong smile, then you need to care for your teeth and gums regularly with a diligent oral hygiene routine. Find out more about your ideal oral hygiene routine!

    Welcome to Mesa Dental Care! Since our start in 1995, Dr. Nia and our friendly dental team have provided outstanding comprehensive dental care in Mesa, Arizona, and the surrounding areas of Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, Arizona, to help our wonderful patients acheive the top-notch oral health and smile they deserve. We are proud to treat patients of all ages, including children 4 years of age and older, which means we serve your entire family. To help you have the best dental experience possible, our talented staff speaks English, Spanish, and Farsi and provides a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable environment at our dental office. We are dedicated to helping you care for your smile!


    Address: 950 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85203

    Phone: 602-344-5011


    Valleywise Health

    Valleywise Health is the Phoenix area’s only public teaching health system. We are governed by a publicly elected Board of Directors focused on exceptional care for all who turn to Valleywise Health.

    When you or a loved one are in need of medical care, you can always count on Valleywise Health. We’ve been caring for families and communities just like yours for the past 140 years.

    Just like your health care, we’ve built this website with you in mind, so you can have easy access to information about Valleywise Health. You’ll be able to get information about our hospital, behavioral health centers, Comprehensive Health Centers and Community Health Centers located across the Valley so you and your loved ones can always conveniently find exceptional health care.

    You can also get information about specific services we offer, find a location near you, discover events and news, find career opportunities with us and so much more. If for some reason you can’t find the information you’re seeking, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

    Provide exceptional care, without exception, every patient, every time.

    Be nationally recognized for transforming care to improve community health.

    Accountability, Compassion, Excellence and Safety

    Valleywise Health was established in 1877 as a place to care for the sick in the rapidly-growing area of Maricopa County. Since then, we’ve continued to provide exceptional care to the people of Arizona.

    The Maricopa County Special Health Care District Board of Directors is the governing body for Maricopa Special Health Care District and Valleywise Health. Each member represents one of the five districts in Maricopa County.

    The Valleywise Community Health Centers Governing Council maintains oversight of our Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) throughout the Valley.

    The Valleywise Health Executive Team brings deep experience, compassion and a commitment to facilitating the highest level of quality care to all of their decisions.

    If you are a vendor looking to do business with us, our Contracts Management Department is responsible for procurement and contracting activities.

    Healthcare in the U.S. continues to evolve as the call for better care competes with the need to reduce costs. This has presented us with both complex challenges and new opportunities for growth.


    Address: 8419 La Mesa Blvd # A, La Mesa, CA 91942

    Phone: 619-464-3191


    La Mesa Smiles & Family Dentist

    La Mesa Smiles and Family Dentistry is a modern dental clinic, specialized in advanced diagnostics and treatment of dental disorders. We guarantee comprehensive diagnostics and offer various forms of dental care, surgical procedures, and cosmetic dental services.
    At La Mesa Smiles and Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive services from all fields of dentistry. In addition to high-end dental equipment and high-quality materials, all services are provided in a comfortable, luxury environment. New patients are welcomed with a complimentary oral health consultation.

    At our clinic, doctors, dental assistants, and hygienists will always aim to keep you informed when it comes to any changes in the appearance and health of your mouth. This is why visiting your dentist every six months is so important to your wellbeing. Potential problems can be prevented and treated before they worsen, or you can begin a smile transformation to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Whether you need cosmetic, restorative, or general dentistry or If you’re looking for a friendly dentist that listens to your questions and understands your concerns Dr. Namoo and our friendly team would love to hear from you.


    Address: 1705 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

    Phone: 877-809-5092


    Adelante Healthcare

    Adelante Healthcare’s belief in sustainable health care is driven by our commitment to preserve your health, the health of your community and the health of the environment.

    This belief first took shape 40 years ago in the cotton fields and citrus groves of rural Maricopa County, where a small group of health care professionals formed Clinica Adelante to serve the needs of farm workers in the area.

    Now known as Adelante Healthcare, we currently operate 9 health centers throughout Arizona, offering a wide array of services to patients of all economic backgrounds. Adelante Healthcare remains an important part of the Valley’s health care safety net as we continue to expand our staff, services and locations.

    Healthy People, Sustained by Healthy Communities

    Adelante serves and cares for communities through accessible, sustainable and affordable healthcare

    Regardless of changes in Goals, Strategies, or Leadership, our Core Values remain constant. They are a fundamental strength of our organization, define our character and culture, and help us evaluate our actions.


    Address: 2733 N Power Rd., Suite #102-449 Mesa, AZ 85215

    Phone: 480-313-3310


    Mobile Dentistry of Arizona

    Mobile Dentistry of Arizona came to a realization that adults with mobility challenges and disabilities were not getting access to good oral care. It is estimated that only 50% of people with a significant disability were able to find access to professional and appropriate dental care. About one in five Americans have a disability and one in ten have a severe disability. Lack of care for this growing portion of our population is reaching critical levels. Overall the oral health of the average American adult has improved significantly in recent decades but oral health for a person with disabilities has declined.

    In order to respond to this national dilemma, in 2009 Mobile Dentistry of Arizona decided to provide comprehensive dental services with a personal touch! This was conceived for individuals who find it difficult to leave their places of residence or employment, but still desperately need to enhance their health with excellent oral care.

    We designed a fully equipped mobile dental office, complete with a lift for mobile scooters, wheel chairs, and ambulatory devices. Our staff consists of three doctors, three assistants, and two hygienists providing a wide range of general services as well as some specialty services such as oral surgery (extractions and implants), periodontics (gum treatment), and removable prosthetics (dentures and partials). Our Dentists are experts with dentures and partials, and have a full state-of-the-art denture lab on board! As with traditional dental practices, some denture work must be sent to a lab but most services can be done on-site in our mobile unit.


    Address: 2727 E McKellips Rd 101 Mesa, AZ 85213

    Phone: 480-877-0916


    Light Touch Dental

    The Light Touch Advantage is our commitment to providing you with a world-class experience. Your experts at Light Touch Dental, provide excellent care with cutting-edge technology. Dr. Spurling and the team apply years of experience and care to partner with you to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. You deserve nothing less than professionals who combine the best in dental science and technology with genuine care for you.

    From general family dentistry to cosmetics and advanced implant therapy, our providers work to create unmatched experiences. We strive to make a real difference in the lives of our patients, who then partner with us to make a difference in the community by sharing what we do through our Light Touch a Friend program.

    General dentistry is simple: it keeps your teeth and mouth healthy. Whether you need deep teeth cleaning or a complete dental checkup, general dentistry is just what you need. With our state-of-the-art equipment and services, we can take your oral health to the next level while keeping new problems from starting.

    Fillings and crowns are your long-term solution to cracked, worn teeth. With our minimally invasive procedure and natural-looking fillings, you'll be smiling confidently again.

    To overcome your fear and emphasize your comfort and safety, we offer sedation dentistry. Our team will sit down with you and craft a sedation plan for your peace of mind that covers everything from relaxation to sleep.

    Improve oral health with gum therapy, which preserves your teeth and gets rid of bad breath. Our advanced laser technology makes your gum therapy treatment both comfortable and minimally invasive.

    Enjoy eating again and flash a confident smile with implants and dentures. Our team will sit down with you and create a plan for dentures that fit your lifestyle and budget.

    With our custom-designed cavity control plan personalized to you, you'll be able to face your cavity problems head-on. We'll help your break free from the cycle of new decay and constant fillings.

    Make a difference with your smile and inspire self-confidence. With the help of our cosmetic dentistry, anything is possible. Whether that's whiter teeth, straighter teeth, or anything else, we can redesign your smile using our veneer and LaserSmile® services. Our job is to help you find that smile you've always wanted.


    Address: 10749 E Southern Ave Mesa, AZ 85209

    Phone: 623-321-5597


    Parkwood Ranch Dental Care

    Custom-made to straighten your teeth, Invisalign® clear aligners are nearly invisible. Each aligner is made of a proprietary, multi-layer SmartTrack material, which gently shifts your teeth into place over time, moving them slightly both horizontally and vertically and even rotating them if necessary. The aligners are engineered so that as you change to the next set of aligners (typically every two weeks), your teeth gradually move into their correct position.

    Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and improve both your appearance and oral health. They can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth and may even help fill out the appearance of your face and profile. Dentures help maintain a healthy bite as well as prevent bone loss and gum disease.

    Dental emergencies usually occur swiftly, without warning, and can be extremely painful. Regardless of whether or not you are a regular patient with us here at Parkwood Ranch Dental Care, if you are in the Mesa, Arizona area and have experienced a dental emergency, call us at 623-321-5597 to schedule the treatment you need during our regular business hours.

    Welcome to Parkwood Ranch Dental Care! We are dedicated to providing the Mesa area with an array of dental services for all your oral health needs. We understand that visiting the dentist can be stressful, so we have designed our facility and procedures with your comfort and ease in mind. We are a team of professionals that work passionately to provide quality service and individual attention to each and every one of our patients in Mesa, Arizona. Each smile is unique and requires individualized care. You can trust that our expert team can satisfy all your dental needs with our wide range of dental services, treatments, and procedures.

    For your convenience, we speak fluent Spanish and Russian, so you don't need to worry about communicating effectively with your dentist.


    Address: 500 West Southern Avenue #42 Mesa, AZ 85210

    Phone: 480-405-7432


    Dental Brothers

    Our mission is to offer safe and sterile dental treatments during the COVID-19 era by following the strictest guidelines set by the CDC and World Health Organization. We strive to help our patients eliminate dental phobia and provide the best that dentistry has to offer. To listen to the needs of our patients and then wow them with options that give them hope, direction and the smile they always dreamed of.

    To be more than a dentist or a dental team, but to make sure our patients know they have entered into a place where they matter, and to add value to their lives by being there for them every step of the way through their dental journey of care. And to become your preferred dentists in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona.

    We offer a combined expertise in implant, reconstructive, aesthetic and functional dentistry.
    We have developed a protocol that has made us experts in helping high fear patient’s fall in love with dentistry.
    Whether it’s something minor or a major enhancement, cosmetic dentistry is made possible to everyone.
    In today’s advanced dental care, patients of all ages can experience the best that dentistry has to offer.
    Our professional staff will determine if metal, acrylic, or porcelain dentures are right for your needs.
    We provide comprehensive dental orthodontic methods to provide patients both aesthetically and timely results.


    Address: 6328 E Brown Rd Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85205

    Phone: 480-325-5700


    Sunshine Dental Care

    Here at Sunshine Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing our patients in Mesa and the surrounding area with the very best dental care possible. We strive to create a warm, welcoming, and relaxing environment from the moment our patients first walk in to the moment they leave at the end of their appointment. Every member of our staff, from our receptionists, to our hygienists and our dentists, works to ensure that your experience is as stress-free as possible,

    If you are embarrassed by the discoloration of your teeth, teeth whitening may be the answer that you are looking for. Teeth whitening is inexpensive and safe, and you can expect to see results right away. Sunshine Dental Care has years of experience putting the brightness back in smiles. Return your smile to its luster with professional teeth whitening.]

    We’ve all been there – a sudden severe toothache strikes out of nowhere, and the idea of waiting weeks for your regular dentist appointment seems completely impossible. We offer emergency dental services to all of our patients. If you have an urgent dental problem that cannot wait, then just give us a call and ask for an emergency dental appointment.

    The phrase “Implants & Dentures” can strike fear into a patient’s heart, but they are in fact one of the most common dental procedures performed and they are nothing to be afraid of. We perform many implants and dentures every year. Contact us for more information.

    Nobody is thrilled to consider the prospect of oral surgery, but here at Sunshine Dental Care, we do everything possible to ease the minds of our patients. That is one of the reasons we are the top choice of so many people in Mesa when they need some form of oral surgery. It is an unfortunate sometimes surgical work is required.


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