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    The 10 Best Dentist Professionals in Chicago

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Dentist In Chicago To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 3030 N. Broadway #400, Chicago, IL 60657

    Phone: 773-694-9727


    Fresh Dental

    Are you looking for a new dentist in Lakeview, Chicago? The quality of your dental services will have an impact on your smile, and at Fresh Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the best the dental industry has to offer. We have created a comfortable dental office where you can relax in the dental chair and rest easy knowing that we offer unbeatable customer service to everyone who walks through the door.

    Our cutting-edge services include state-of-the-art technology and treatments, such as a CT scan, intraoral camera, digital X-rays, and digital cephalometric to name a few. Fresh Dental is also excited to announce we are now implementing laser dentistry in our practice! Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure the best service for each and every patient that enters our dental office.

    Whether you need general dentistry services or you are considering a smile upgrade with cosmetic treatments, we are here to assist you with your goals. We always take the time to discuss your preferences and identify the right treatments to match your needs. We also treat patients of all ages, so feel free to schedule appointments for the whole family. Contact our dental office today to see how Fresh Dental can help with your oral health.

    Comfort and cleanliness should be the highest priorities when choosing a dental office for your family. It is important that the strictest standards are maintained to protect against the spread of disease. At the same time, a relaxing environment makes it easy to feel comfortable from the moment you step through the door.

    Our dental office is not only clean and beautifully designed, but we offer a team of skilled dental experts to ensure the quality of your treatments. Available services include general dentistry, cosmetic services, preventive treatments, emergency services, and more.



    Phone: 773-768-5000


    Chicago Family Health Center

    Since its founding in 1977, Chicago Family Health Center (CFHC) has become the primary care medical home for thousands of Chicagoans, including some of the city’s most vulnerable populations. As an award winning, nationally-recognized leading voice for community health centers, CFHC has played a vital role in providing access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare services to underserved communities throughout Chicago.

    Our highly skilled doctors and medical staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients. We recognize the vital role CFHC plays not only in our patient’s health, but also as an essential resource that strengthens the communities we serve, which has established CFHC as a premier provider of choice. Chicago Family Health Center is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).

    Chicago Family Health Center’s (CFHC) mission goes beyond expanding access to quality healthcare services. We are committed to investing in the lives of the residents of Chicago. Our health centers are local economic engines, generating economic activity that improves the quality of life in the neighborhoods we serve.

    Our capital investment of building new state-of-the-art facilities in underserved areas help serve as an economic catalyst by providing continued employment to area residents, the purchase of goods and services from local businesses, as well as other economic stimuli.

    Critical to the success of making our mission a reality is the partnership and vision of civic and community leaders. This spirit of collaboration is rooted in a common commitment to innovative leadership, fiscal responsibility and improved services.

    At CFHC, we continue to seek building our partnerships with community stakeholders, and welcoming supporters, partners and donors to help us advance our mission of strengthening the our communities we serve.


    Address: 2316 W. Madison St Chicago, IL

    Phone: 312-491-0601


    All Star Dental Clinic

    We know you have options when it comes to picking a dental home for you and your love ones. Comfort, personalized, and comprehensive patient care is our number one priority. Our staff are knowledgeable, professional, and are always happy to help you navigate your dental insurance and alternative payment options to fit your budget. We also understand your time is valuable to you that is why we offer extended hours by appointments on selected days, dental appointment reminders, and quick turnaround time for appointment requests. At our practice, you are not just a patient, we take an interest in you and your oral health needs. We look forward to meet you! Read testimonials from our patients to see why you should choose us!

    List of Dental Procedures:
    General Dentistry
    -Dental Cleaning & Exams
    -Dental Crowns
    -Dental Bridges
    -Root Canal
    -Gum Disease Treatment
    -Tooth Extraction
    -Children’s Dentistry
    -Pediatric Dental Services
    -Children’s Play Areas in All Offices
    -Parents Welcome in Treatment Rooms
    -Treating Children as Young as 6 Months Old

    Each dental exam will asses your oral health and provide you with a thorough cleaning for an even better smile!
    We’re able to diagnose and treat cavities quickly and with a range of options.
    Our professionals are trained to take the utmost care of our most precious patients.
    When gum disease occurs, we work tirelessly alongside our patients to fight it.


    Address: 3344 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

    Phone: 773-549-7971


    Belmont Dental Care

    Belmont Dental Care and Dr. Gilbert Parrott have been serving the Lakeview area of Chicago for over 27 years. We believe our purpose is to provide the highest quality of dental care to our patients, with an emphasis on customer service. We strive to exceed the expectations of every patient that walks through our doors. Our staff is here is to listen, educate, explain and to provide our patients with a comfortable and relaxing trip to their Lakeview dentist.

    At Belmont Dental Care we offer the latest in laser dentistry, CEREC single visit crowns and digital X-Ray (low dose radiation) technologies. Our offices and patient op rooms are designed for comfort and relaxation. We even have TV’s in each room so that you can watch your favorite show during your visits!

    A brighter smile is just a visit away. At the Belmont Dental Care office we offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening options.

    Dental crowns are a great option for capping a chipped or badly damaged tooth. Crowns replace only the outer enamel.

    Dental implants are a good option for replacing badly damaged or missing teeth. Implants have the look, feel & function of real teeth.

    Dental veneers offer a non-invasive option for replacing unsightly teeth with a gorgeous thin overlay shaped to perfection.

    Invisalign is a virtually invisible, plastic braces-like system. Invisalign is meant to be a quick, easy and discreet method of straightening teeth.

    TMJ therapy is a method for treating misalignment in the jaw bone joints and relieving pains associated with TMJ problems or complications.

    Periodontitis is a very common disease in the U.S. with over 3 million cases per year. The disease is both preventable & treatable.

    At Belmont Dental Care we keep up with the latest in dental technology that includes laser cavity detection & low dose digital X-Rays.


    Address: 1363 West Lane Road Machesney Park IL 61115

    Phone: 815-637-2800


    Dental Dreams

    Chicago, Illinois is not just the home of the Bears and the Blackhawks, it is also the home of The Dental Clinic. Located on West 63rd Street across from Pepe’s, we are a full service dental office that provides top-of-the-line dental services for both adults and children. We combine an unbeatable experience with competitive pricing and a smart, well-equipped dental staff. We accept all forms of dental insurance and offer flexible evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

    We are a family-oriented dental office that offers a wide array of services to exceed you and your family’s dental needs, including: dental check-ups, teeth cleanings, exams and X-rays, root canal, tooth extractions, teeth whitening, and more. All of our dentists are fully licensed professionals approved by the Illinois Dental Board. Unlike some dental practices that only provide limited services, we see and treat any/all dental problems with superior results. As a company founded by a dentist, we make sure all decisions are based upon what is best for our patients, plain and simple.

    At Dental Clinic, we are committed to expanding access to quality dental care for families. We are committed to bringing top quality dentistry to all members of the Chicago community, regardless of their payment method


    Address: 1259 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607

    Phone: 312-226-1537


    Taylor Street Dental

    Get a better brand of dental care when you visit Taylor Street Dental for your general and cosmetic dentistry treatments. With a staff that boasts more than 15 years of experience in every role and dentists devoted to both patient outcomes and innovative techniques, we’re the only dental clinic you and your family will ever need.

    From the technology we use to treat our patients to the lengths we go to in order to ensure their safety, Taylor Street Dental is the epitome of a modern dental clinic. We’ve adjusted our whole approach to take into account the new “normal” of pathogens in the environment, so you can feel completely safe and totally comfortable during your visits.

    There’s no better dental team in Chicagoland than you’ll find at Taylor Street Dental. Each member brings more than 15 years of experience in their role to your care and is willing to go the extra mile to see you comfortable, satisfied and ready to continue your journey to the healthiest, happiest smile possible. Make your appointment today!

    In the past, children and adults that wanted to straighten their teeth had only one option – braces. No one liked that solution – not the dentist and certainly not the patient. The pain and discomfort were one thing, but the embarrassment just made it all worse.

    Not anymore. Not with Invisalign®. With Invisalign®, invisible aligners give patients more freedom, more confidence and the same straightening effects as traditional braces!


    Address: 2758 N. Racine Ave, Chicago IL 60614

    Phone: 773-348-0565


    Always There Dental Care

    Our goal at Always There Dental Care is to help patients transform the look and health of their teeth to something they are proud to show off. Dr. Scott Stiffle and Dr. Jeff Wojno are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care in Chicago that will reveal your gorgeous smile to the world.

    Though every person is unique in their dental needs, we all want our teeth to be healthy and our smiles stunning. Whether you require preventative maintenance or a complete dental makeover, our dentist on Lincoln Ave in Chicago will treat you like a celebrity from start to finish. When you are in need of a skilled dentist in Chicago, Always There Dental Care has the skills necessary for a variety of general and cosmetic procedures. We will help you achieve excellent oral health and the confidence of a beautiful smile.

    If you are interested in learning more about how we can enhance your smile, visit our dentist on Lincoln Ave in Chicago. Contact Always There Dental Care today at (773) 348-0565 when you need a dentist in Chicago who is capable of a variety of services. We offer implants, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and Invisalign services to our patients.

    Contact us to schedule an appointment. We offer exceptional dental care to Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding area.


    Address: 3425 W Peterson Ave Suite 107 Chicago, IL 60659

    Phone: 773-256-9222



    Dentist in Chicago offers the whole range of dentistry services: treatment of caries, gum diseases, tooth whitening, implantation, dentures (crowns installation), surgery, occlusion correction (braces) etc. Our dentists will help you solve any dental problem painless and carefully.

    Whitening is among the most popular dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look.

    Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth (dental caries).

    Dental anesthesia is a field of anesthesia that includes not only local but sedation and general anesthesia.

    Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly.

    Day to day dental care and maintenance involves many procedures, such as fillings, creating and maintaining dentures, providing crowns and bridges, to name a few. We also offer the latest in advancements in oral health treatment such as Laser Dentistry – this technology assists us to help remove wisdom teeth, treat infections and remove inflamed tissue

    A healthy mouth is often indicative of a healthy body so whatever your teeth and gums need should be addressed as part of an holistic approach to general health and well being. Some of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer in our comprehensive approach to complete dental care include invisible braces, tooth coloured restorations, teeth whitening and veneers.

    Dental implants are durable and convenient for patients looking for a natural looking and long-term solution to missing teeth. We offer both single and multiple implants depending on the patient’s needs. While a single dental implant replaces an individual tooth, a multiple unit involves a number of implants and a bridge to which the implants can be attached.

    Dentist in Chicago At Flos Dental, where we cater to you and your family’s dental care needs. Here, our professionals know that dental health is not just about white smiles. That’s why we provide the best services to help our patients maintain healthy teeth and gums.

    Our staff possesses expert knowledge in dentistry and we aim to educate our patients in a safe environment while offering them necessary high quality, comprehensive care. We understand that many people have anxiety about dental treatment, so we created a soothing environment to help you feel at ease whenever you’re in our care.


    Address: 1529 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

    Phone: 773-761-2521


    Devon Dental

    Devon Dental, Inc has been providing you and your family with comprehensive dental care since 1994.
    At our modern Dental Office, we value our patient relationships. We strive to develop lifelong relationships by combining the latest dental technology with a professional and compassionate staff. Operated and owned by Dr. Nina Sanai, Devon Dental is committed to providing exceptional dental care for patients in Rogers Park, Evanston and surrounding areas.
    Because our patients’ needs come first, we offer a comfortable environment and individualized care for your dental needs. We make sure to know each patient personally, and their expectations and goals for dental care. From a routine check-up to the most complex periodontal surgery, we are committed to making sure that you and your family have the best oral health.

    Dr. Nina Sanai, D.D.S. is a 2000 graduate of the Northwestern Dental School, and she earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 1993 from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and graduated with honors with a masters degree from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has completed a 2 year general practice residency program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her focus was hospital dentistry and special needs patients.
    With her gentle approach to dental care, Dr. Sanai enjoys taking the time to listen and talk to her patients in order to provide them with the highest quality treatment.
    She is dedicated to lifelong learning, by taking continuing education courses (C.E.) to make sure she is up to date with her dental knowledge and advancements in dental technology.
    Dr. Sanai has two sons and she lives in Northbrook. Her personal interests are landscaping and interior design.


    Address: 1844 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

    Phone: 312-322 6882


    Avenue Dental

    At Avenue Dental we are dedicated to serving the community with exceptional dental care. We honor our patients through our level of service, attention to detail, quality of results, and concern for our patient’s overall wellness.

    Our doctors practice minimally invasive techniques and believe in the early detection, prevention, and intervention of tooth and oral disease. We integrate state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials available with advanced clinical techniques and artistic talents to achieve the most natural looking and longest lasting results possible.

    Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten your teeth without metal wires or brackets. Invisalign has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontic practices nationwide.

    At Avenue Dental we work with the patients to make beautiful healthy smiles affordable and attainable! Dental care is a necessary part of overall health and well being, thus we believe that financial considerations should not be an obstacle to getting the treatment you need and desire.


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