D-Rem.org is being acquired by LocalExpertFinder.com

We are excited to share the news that LocalExpertFinder.com has successfully acquired D-Rem.org domain which was formerly the digital home of an innovative project exploring the fascinating interplay between dreams and memory. LocalExpertFinder.com fosters a community where knowledge is shared between experts and enthusiasts. Similarly, D-Rem.org likely had a community of researchers, artists, and individuals interested in cognitive science and dream studies. Both entities thrive on community engagement and the exchange of ideas so the acquisition is a significant milestone for us. It represents our dedication to growth and our passion for exploring the unknown. We are excited about the opportunities this new domain brings and are eager to integrate its rich legacy into our broader content strategy.

About the D-Rem.org

The D-Rem.org domain was previously the online platform for a unique project initiated by a group of artists, researchers, and programmers. This project delved into the mysteries of REM sleep, the stage of sleep where dreaming predominantly occurs. The site was a hub for experiments, artworks, and articles that explored the roles of REM sleep in various aspects of cognitive and emotional processing, including memory consolidation, emotional processing, brain development, and creativity.

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