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    The 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys in Virginia Beach

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Criminal Lawyers In Virginia Beach To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 1 Columbus Center Suite 635 Virginia Beach, VA 23462

    Phone: 757-447-0080 


    JR Law

    Jerrell Johnson is a well-respected criminal defense attorney who has been residing in Virginia Beach for over 40 years and practicing law for over a decade. He combines his 15 years as a police officer with a degree in psychology and another in law to successfully defend hundreds of clients each year in Virginia Beach and Southeastern Virginia.

    Mr. Johnson represents adults and juveniles who have been charged with serious criminal and traffic matters. He is a very successful litigator who is passionate about achieving the best results for his clients. He attributes part of his success in the courtroom to the unparalleled insight he gained as a former police officer and his ability to apply that knowledge and experience in his preparation for each case. He is known for truly caring about his client’s interests and being readily available to answer any questions his clients have regarding their case.

    Jerrell was a decorated Police Officer with over 50 Letters of Commendation during his 15 years with the Virginia Beach Police Department and was named Police Officer of the Year in 2001. Prior to joining the Police Department, he graduated from the University of Mount Olive in 1990 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, where he also played baseball on scholarship. Mr. Johnson grew up in a military family and has lived throughout the world until his family finally settled in Virginia Beach in 1978.

    It is the unfortunate truth that not all cases with the same fact pattern end with the same result without effective representation. You must choose a criminal defense attorney who knows the law and how to apply the law to the facts of your case to get you the best result.

    Jerrell Johnson knows the law and has that knowledge and experience and will aggressively fight for your rights. We understand that the outcome of your case not only affects you but those who love and care for you. We take your case seriously and look forward to meeting you.


    Address: 1240 Perimeter Parkway, Suite 404 Virginia Beach, VA 23454

    Phone: 757-856-5066


    Invictus Law

    Invictus Law’s principal attorney, Eric Leckie, founded the firm with many of the core values he learned while serving our country in the United States Marine Corps.

    It is his leadership and experience that sets our firm apart from the others. We are trained to be focused, precise, strategic, mission-oriented, and relentless in our fight to protect our client’s rights.

    Our mission objective is to obtain the best possible outcome for every one of our clients.

    The cornerstone of every mission plan begins with a precise understanding of a commanders’ intent and objective. This mindset is applied to our civilian legal practice. We execute our clients’ intent and in every case we strive to accomplish the mission, whatever it may be.

    Our role is varied depending on the case and the client. Every situation is unique and requires a different approach.

    Once we have precisely identified our client’s legal problem, we focus on gathering and analyzing the evidence in the case. We then educate the client on the law as it applies to their specific facts and legal problem and present several strategic courses of actions for our clients to consider.

    Each course of action is briefed to our clients with recommendations based upon a risk/reward assessment. Armed with this knowledge, our clients select the mission objective and we execute the plan, setting the conditions for success in the courtroom.


    Address: 1 Columbus Center, Suite 600 Virginia Beach, VA 23462

    Phone: 757-961-3311


    Westendorf & Khalaf

    If you or a loved one has been charged with a felony offense, DUI, domestic assault, or any other criminal offense in Virginia Beach or anywhere else in Hampton Roads, you've come to the right place. The truth is that not many criminal attorneys have handled the number and variety of cases we have. We know it's stressful to be dealing with the court system and to be frightened for your future, but you don't need to feel alone. Our guiding principle is to treat our clients like we would treat members of our own family, and we've devoted our entire careers to helping good people get out of bad situations. But don't take our word for it. We proudly display our case results and real transcripts from our cases on this website. No matter the charge, we're here to take the stress off of you. Contact us today and let's get to work on this together.

    We know that it’s hard to select a criminal defense attorney. It’s hard to tell the difference between a seasoned top notch defense attorney and somebody straight out of law school on the internet. That’s why we wrote a no-nonsense truthful guide to finding the right lawyer for your case. We know that a well-educated client is more likely to choose the right lawyer. Our goal is to help you find the best attorney for your circumstances. Even if that attorney is ultimately not us.


    Address: 2181 Upton Drive, Unit 418 Virginia Beach, VA 23454

    Phone: 757-340-5800


    The Law Offices of Messman & Alleman

    The Law Offices of Messman & Alleman, PLC stands ready to aggressively represent our client’s rights in a wide range of family law and criminal law matters across the greater Virginia Beach area. Your Virginia Beach attorney Mykell Messman takes her practice seriously. Our firm knows how intimidating the legal system can be and how clients feel lost in the maze of legal terms and procedures. That’s why we work closely with you, answering your questions and explaining your options. We know that a strong client-attorney relationship based on good communication is necessary to provide effective criminal defense or a resolution to your family law matter. At The Law Offices of Messman & Alleman, PLC, you get the dedicated service and respect you deserve.

    While some attorneys rarely see the inside of a courtroom and devote most of their time to plea bargaining, Attorney Messman has defended hundreds of clients in bench trials and jury trials. She has no problem in taking your case to trial and fighting for acquittal when that strategy is in your best interests. We look for holes in the prosecution’s case, Constitutional rights violations or other procedural errors that can work in your favor. When the prosecution’s evidence is insufficient, we move for case dismissal or when we can argue for lesser charges based on the criminal statutes, we take that approach.

    The Law Offices of Messman & Alleman, PLC understands the impact that significant changes in family dynamics can have on all aspects of life. Our attorney can provide you with the answers and information you seek by using a hands-on approach that provides you with the benefit of the military experienced attorney, who has more than 20 years of military and legal experience, and has mentored other lawyers and legal professionals.


    Address: 4445 Corporation Ln Virginia Beach, VA 23462

    Phone: 757-209-2328


    Law Office of Shawn M. Cline

    If you have been arrested in the Hampton Roads area, then you need a tough defender to help you avoid conviction. At the Law Office of Shawn M. Cline, PC, we know the law and are not afraid to challenge your charges.

    You should work with aggressive criminal defense attorney Shawn Cline. Over the years, Attorney Cline has helped countless individuals win their case, both civilians and military personnel. No case is too complex for him.

    - 18 years in criminal law defending a wide variety of cases, including criminal felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic offenses
    - Former active duty Judge Advocate General's Corps officer

    If you have been arrested and charged with any criminal offense, civilian or military, you need to work with the Hampton Roads criminal defense lawyer from the Law Office of Shawn M. Cline, PC.

    After any arrest, the stakes are high. Without the right legal counsel, you could be facing serious penalties. Prosecutors work hard to ensure that you receive the maximum sentence available for your specific charges, so you need to work with an attorney who can aggressively match their efforts.

    We can anticipate the prosecutor's course of action and strategize to secure a favorable outcome for your case. If a case cannot be settled outside of court, we can aggressively litigate on your behalf at trial. We have confidence in our ability to tenaciously defend your case.

    We are dedicated to the defense of our clients, and each person interested in retaining our firm has the chance to thoroughly express their concerns during an initial consultation. When you retain our services, we can draft an effective legal strategy to help provide you with the best available outcome for your case.

    At the Law Office of Shawn M. Cline, PC, we are aware that no two cases are like and we approach each case as a unique entity that deserves a personalized defense.


    Address: 1023 Laskin Road Suite 101 Virginia Beach, VA 23451

    Phone: 757-491-8800


    George Holton Yates, Attorneys At Law

    If you have been arrested and are worried about the future? As a former prosecuting attorney with 30 years of legal experience, you can trust our firm to fight for you. George Holton Yates is board certified in criminal defense and has extensive experience defending cases just like yours. Available to take your calls 24/7, you can trust that we will fight tirelessly in order to secure the most favorable outcome possible.

    When you choose to secure the representation of George Holton Yates, Attorneys At Law, P.C., you can be confident that you will receive the personalized legal solutions that you need and the supportive assistance that you deserve if you have been charged with a Felony another criminal offense or injured in an auto accident. George is a former assistant commonwealth's attorney for the City of Virginia Beach, a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, and one of the most recognized defense lawyers in the city.

    - Former Assistant Commonwealth
    - Attorney Virginia Beach
    - Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer
    - Over 30 Years of Successful Results
    - Free Consultations Available
    - Over Hundreds of Trials Handled
    - Committed & Compassionate Representation
    - Local Knowledge
    - Hundreds of Satisfied Clients
    - Over a Million Dollars in Settlements last year
    - National Recognition


    Address: 3330 Pacific Ave., Suite 303 B, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

    Phone: 757-422-4700


    Stallings Law Group

    The Stallings Law Group has taken on the personality of its founder, Moody E. “Sonny” Stallings. As a United States Marine, Sonny Stallings experienced firsthand the importance of standing up for the rights of others, having a knowledgeable and dependable team, and fighting those who stood in the way. Armed with these principles, Sonny Stallings put together a team of Virginia Beach personal injury and criminal defense lawyers ready to put the power of the law to work for the firm’s clients. As a decorated Marine, former Virginia State Senator and respected legal advocate, Sonny has the reputation, knowledge and experience to help Virginia Beach personal injury clients get the money they deserve.

    Along with our experienced legal team, Sonny has built a reputation for results. In personal injury cases, our goal is to get the most money for our clients, whether by settlement or by suit. Period. As criminal defense counsel, we are determined that our clients’ due process rights be respected, and we work diligently to ensure the court considers all evidence that might raise the benefit of the doubt in favor of our client. Our goal is to obtain the most favorable disposition possible for our client under the facts of the case.

    Our legal team is unrivaled in its responsiveness and accessibility to our clients. In fact, every attorney with The Stallings Law Group has a personal cell phone number on a business card, so clients have complete and open access. We know you care about your case. We want you to know we care about it, too.

    If you’ve been injured or arrested in Virginia Beach or other areas of Hampton Roads, VA, The Stallings Law Group, P.C. understands your distress and is ready to help. For criminal cases, we offer a free (30 min.) consultation. For personal injury cases, we operate on a contingency basis and advance all costs of litigation, so you pay no upfront fees.


    Address: 409 Duke Street, #100 Norfolk, VA 23510

    Phone: 757-423-0271


    Dorsk Law Office

    Representing clients throughout Hampton Roads including Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, Suffolk, Hampton, and the surrounding areas.

    Have you been arrested? If so, then you probably have a lot of questions about what the future holds for you. A lot of people want to know what the potential penalties are for the crime that they are accused of committing and what strategy they should use when it comes to fighting the charges. If you have been charged with a crime in Norfolk, the first step you should make is calling a dedicated and experienced, local Norfolk criminal lawyer.

    Dorsk Law Office, PLC provides unparalleled legal representation for clients facing felony and misdemeanor criminal charges all over Hampton Roads — including Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and even in some of the additional surrounding cities. With extensive experience in both State and Federal Court, this criminal defense law firm has a reputation for providing quality representation and legal advice to all of its clients.

    What else does Attorney Dorsk bring to the table?
    - Aggressive and determined advocacy
    - Years of experience handling jury trials
    - Certified to represent you in any State or Federal Court
    - Proven case results, even in high-profile cases

    Our Norfolk criminal defense attorney, Chad Dorsk, has been trusted by clients for even the most complex cases. Whether you need to deal with a traffic violation or battle the serious consequences of a murder or rape charge, you can find the dedicated, tenacious and personable representation you need at Dorsk Law Office, PLC.

    With offices in both Norfolk and Newport News, VA, Dorsk Law Office is conveniently located near the Federal and State Courthouses downtown.


    Address: 2404 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

    Phone: 757-907-9075


    757 Defense

    I specialize in criminal defense because I am a firm believer in our civil rights and ready to fight tooth and nail protecting yours. Don’t get deceived by never-ending bragging on the Web or TV, judge by the real ability to deliver the results.

    My court experience comes from 12 years working as a Public Defender in Virginia Beach. I took pride in fighting fiercely and passionately for each client and tried hundreds of criminal cases and argued legal motions in the Juvenile and Domestic, General District and Circuit Courts of Virginia Beach and before Virginia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Virginia. With that experience comes the ability to predict the troubled areas and attention to details. Diligence is everything in a criminal case – from thoroughly examining the Commonwealth’s evidence to legal research and witness preparation. I offer my experience to serve you. If you are facing criminal charges, call me and I will fight to protect your rights, good name, and freedom.


    Address: 4445 Corporation Lane Virginia Beach, VA 23462

    Phone: 757-213-6837


    Randall, Page & Bruch

    When the government accuses you of a crime, it can be a frightening experience for you. Even during a routine traffic stop, you have certain constitutional protections that the police must respect. The attorneys of Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. can ensure that your rights are protected and walk you through the legal process. Our attorneys are a trusted name in Western Tidewater and Southside Virginia to protect your rights.

    We rely on all aspects of the law to fight for you and even use creative arguments to push to get a better result. Our attorneys know the stress that comes with being charged with a criminal offense, so we put our cell phone numbers on our business cards so you can get an immediate response in the event of an emergency.

    It is absolutely crucial for any person charged with or accused have a crime to seek assistance from an attorney immediately. At Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C., we understand that the aftermath of an arrest or an accusation of a crime can be confusing. However, we cannot overemphasize how important it is that you not speak to law enforcement officials or prosecutors before talking to an attorney. A Virginia criminal defense attorney will:

    - Use their resources to conduct a complete investigation into the situation. This includes obtaining and analyzing all evidence used by prosecutors or law enforcement while also conducting an independent investigation into the situation.
    - Handle all communication with every party involved, including law enforcement officials and prosecutors. This helps ensure that you do not say anything that could be used against you.
    - Work with prosecutors to discuss any possible plea deal, if one is warranted given the facts of the situation. A plea deal could be a way to get the charges against you reduced.

    Importantly, a criminal defense attorney in Virginia will have a thorough understanding of the legal processes involved in these cases. The criminal court system can be intimidating and confusing, and it is crucial for those trying to fight criminal charges to have someone by their side who has no problem handling these cases.


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