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    The 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys in San Diego

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Criminal Lawyers In San Diego To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 3555 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

    Phone: 619-430-2355


    Service Provider 01

    Samantha Greene has been certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the California State Bar. When you have a Certified Criminal Law Specialist you can be assured that your criminal defense case will be represented by a highly skilled attorney. At Sevens Legal, APC we pride ourselves on representing our clients by leveraging over 40 years of combined expertise and litigation success. We are your premier legal defense experts, offering a wide variety of criminal defense representation throughout Southern California and San Diego County. With the unique benefit of having the knowledge and experience of a former prosecutor on our team of skilled attorneys, we will support you in understanding the big picture of your case. It’s essential that you know the full scope of your rights and the best ways to achieve success in regards to the outcome of your case. Our expert attorneys will increase your chances of having charges made against you either reduced or dropped entirely.

    At Sevens Legal, APC we are here to support you with what may be the hardest challenge of your entire life. With careful consideration of case specifics and impeccable analysis of all available evidence, our attorneys will build your case with bedrock integrity. We will inform you about your rights, empower you with knowledge and aggressively represent your interests in court. If you or someone you love is in need of sound legal counsel in regards to a criminal defense charge, call our skilled attorneys at Sevens Legal, APC today for a free consultation. When searching for your best defense, choose Sevens Legal, APC. We pride ourselves in our legal knowledge and courtroom experience. Below are just a few reasons why you should hire us:

    - Samantha Greene works on all criminal law cases
    - Affordable rates with experience
    - Over 40+ years of trial lawyer experience
    - Our lead attorney formerly worked for the District Attorney’s Office in San Diego County
    - We are committed to providing our clients with highest level of service


    Address: 750 B St. Suite #2510 San Diego CA. 92101

    Phone: 619-880-5474


    San Diego Criminal Attorney

    - 26 years of Experience in both State and Federal Court focusing on Criminal Cases in San Diego.
    - Individual attention to your case, not a mill, will have attorneys personal contact information.
    - Dedicated team of paralegals, assistants, and private investigator.
    - Years of building relationships with the judges, city attorneys, and district attorneys.
    - Affordable and competitive flat fees.
    - Payment plans on approved cases.
    - Free consultation and case evaluation before we accept each case to make sure we can help.
    - Extensive background in immigration, family law and civil law which often ties into criminal cases.
    - Treating each client like our only client, with an emphasis on compassion and understanding to meet each clients individual goals in their case.
    - Award-winning criminal defense Top 10 Client Satisfaction Award by the American Association of Criminal Law Attorneys.

    Facing a criminal charge can be one of the stressful, confusing, and frightening experiences of your life. You’ve been arrested or have received some paperwork in the mail saying that criminal charges have been filed against you. You have a million thoughts running through your mind. Will I lose my job? Will I be incarcerated? Will I have a criminal record that will pop up on background checks? When facing a criminal charge, your job, your family, your reputation, and your future are at stake.

    At San Diego Criminal Attorney, we understand how you feel and are ready to help. We have 75 years of combined knowledge, understanding, and experience to win back your freedom. We know the ins and out of criminal law and take a team approach to ensure that you get the best possible outcome in your case. With every case we accept, we put ourselves in our clients’ positions. From that point of view, we provide the sort of representation we would expect if we were facing the same challenges.

    Criminal defense is all we do – and we do it well. We believe that specialization matters. And regardless of the criminal charges you’re facing, you can rely on us to protect your rights and freedom. We have an in-house investigator and a network of criminologists, toxicologists, and other highly specialized experts we work with to build a compelling case. You can rest assured that you’ll receive the relentless and aggressive defense that you deserve.


    Address: 550 West C Street #620, San Diego, CA 92101

    Phone: 619-237-0309


    Law Offices of Ezekiel E. Cortez

    We are a highly experienced trial law firm specializing in federal criminal defense. As career federal criminal defense attorneys, our unwavering mission is to zealously protect the Constitutional rights of our clients through the power of law. We carry out our criminal defense mission fortified by the support of a group of independent criminal defense attorneys and licensed investigators who, when needed, form part of our robust legal team.

    The focus of our dedicated, national practice is on federal crimes with an emphasis on complex cases and cases that involve unique or novel constitutional legal issues.

    We also represent clients who have become targets or subjects of a grand jury investigation and those who have received a subpoena to testify or produce documents before a federal grand jury. Often, the earlier these kinds of cases establish a robust, proactive defense, the better the result for the client.

    One of our unique areas of litigation is serving clients who have been harmed by our own colleagues through lawyer neglect or incompetence. We fight against ineffective assistance of counsel because we are firm enforcers of the 6th Amendment’s guarantee that people charged with crimes be given loyal, effective and zealous representation. We are therefore zealous advocates for clients with possible ineffective assistance of counsel claims and do not hesitate to attack fellow lawyers when they have actually harmed a client.

    To loyally and aggressively serve and protect our clients when they are facing federal criminal charges. To provide holistic legal and personal support to resolve the symptomatic legal problems of our clients while simultaneously addressing the causal psychological/human problem that so often gives rise to the legal case. And, to provide direct, honest, ethical, and passionate advocacy to the clients who entrust us with their lives.


    Address: 501 W. Broadway Suite 1660 San Diego, CA 92101

    Phone: 619-233-4433


    Law Offices of Anna R. Yum

    Are you facing a criminal or DUI charge? If you retain the services of the Law Offices of Anna R. Yum, then you are teaming up with a former prosecutor who provides top-notch and aggressive legal representation. At our firm, we help good people protect their future and freedom when accused of a crime. Our goal is to fight for you by providing the strongest possible defense.

    The government will be moving quickly to build a case against you. You must act quickly as well. Protect your future by hiring a nationally recognized attorney and her phenomenal team to build your defense. Call today to set up a free consultation. The Law Offices of Anna R. Yum offers affordable rates and payment plans.

    As a former prosecutor, Ms. Yum has the experience and knowledge to know how the government works and thinks. Many San Diego criminal attorneys sit around and try to guess what’s going on in the prosecutor’s mind, but Ms. Yum has actually been there.

    As a former deputy district attorney, Ms. Yum prosecuted cases just like yours. She received a wide range of trial experience when she was specifically assigned to various units at the DA’s office including: domestic violence, sex crimes and child abuse, misdemeanors (i.e. DUI, petty thefts, etc.), grand theft auto, general felonies, criminal street gangs, and many more. This type of background provides Ms. Yum with a unique advantage when it comes to negotiations, whether it’s resolving a probation case instead of prison or getting charges dismissed altogether.

    Most importantly, Ms. Yum prior experience as a former prosecutor gives her team a unique advantage when it comes to spotting and attacking the prosecution’s weak points in the courtroom. Winning a fight becomes much easier when you know all of the in’s and out’s of your opponent’s strategy. Because Ms. Yum was a prosecutor, she has insight that most criminal attorneys can only dream of.


    Address: 2655 Camino Del Rio North Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92108

    Phone: 619-391-7964


    Premier Criminal Defense

    At Premier Criminal Defense, our San Diego criminal defense lawyers are committed to making sure our clients’ constitutional rights are protected. We represent people across Southern California who have been arrested for or accused for:

    - Infractions
    - Misdemeanors
    - Felony offenses

    We offer skilled counsel in the face of informal allegations or investigations by law enforcement, to counteract charges before they can be filed.

    Our commitment is to our clients’ rights and interests, and we do everything in our power to achieve the best possible result in every single case we take on. From a traffic violation to a murder charge, you can count on our team to provide hard-hitting, personalized criminal defense representation.

    - We offer a no-cost case evaluation to review your charges.
    - We are affordable and will work with you to address your needs.
    - We are available 24/7.
    - We can handle any case.
    - We treat each client with the total commitment and resolve they deserve.
    - We keep our clients fully informed through every step of their cases.
    - We are always ready and willing to go to trial, and if we do, there’s no extra charge

    Our founding attorney, Thomas Slattery, has a long history in criminal law. He has worked in this field for over 17 years, first as a prosecutor and then as a criminal defense attorney. After spending 4 years as a solo practitioner, he worked as the Supervising Attorney at the nation’s largest criminal defense firm for 7 years before returning to private practice.

    Over the years, he has worked with thousands of clients in all walks of life, in the face of virtually every criminal charge. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients’ rights and isn’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to developing strategies, a rare and invaluable trait.

    When you work with a San Diego criminal defense attorney at Premier Criminal Defense, you will find that we are completely committed to your case. We will do whatever it takes to seek the best possible result and have no fear whatsoever in confronting the prosecution, inside or outside the courtroom.



    Phone: 619-531-0887


    Russell Babcock

    The Law Firm of Russell S. Babcock was formed to provide the highest quality of federal and state criminal defense services at reasonable prices. We are a full service criminal law firm which gives attention to its clients and brings detailed knowledge and experience to each case. Mr. Babcock has practiced law for more than thirty years. He is fluent in Spanish (Español) and serves both the English speaking and Hispanic community.

    Law Practice Emphasizing: complex Criminal Defense, Including Drug and Narcotic Transportation and Smuggling Cases, Money Laundering, Computer and Cyber Crime, Fraud, Pornography, Federal and State Conspiracy, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin Defense, Grand Jury and Criminal Investigations, Alien Smuggling, Bank Robbery, Border Crimes, Bulk Cash Smuggling, Structuring, Sexual Assault, Murder, Rape, Homicide, and State and Federal Criminal Appeals.

    Client feedback:
    I was caught for smuggling drugs and failed to go to my court date in federal court because I had started a new life and had a baby. When I was arrested, I was facing a sentence of ten years in federal court and also extradition to another state on other drug charges. Mr. Babcock was able to obtain a sentence in federal court of only ten months for me, far less than anyone expected. The big surprise is he was also able to obtain a dismissal of my charges in the other state. Soon, I will be able to join my husband and be together again as a family, thanks to the hard work of attorney Russell Babcock.


    Address: 303 A St. Suite 306 San Diego, CA 92101

    Phone: 619-762-3950


    Dod Law

    With 17 years of experience practicing criminal defense law, Dod Ghassemkhani and his law firm Dod Law, APC, in Vista and Downtown San Diego, California, have worked on more than 6,500 criminal cases in and out of the courtroom in the San Diego area. This experience includes nearly every type of criminal case, including more than 75 jury trials and 400 preliminary hearings. Mr. Ghassemkhani also is uniquely qualified by the California State Bar to handle serious capital offenses, including murder charges for clients who have multiple convictions.

    Felony cases are difficult, but Mr. Ghassemkhani’s case record includes three consecutive “not guilty” verdicts in such serious charges. One case resulted in an acquittal for a client facing 25 years to life in prison. That client also had two prior convictions. After we obtained a favorable verdict, the client was free to go that day. Mr. Ghassemkhani has been able to convince juries of self-defense to get “not guilty” verdicts. As a result, our law firm has obtained multiple wins for clients.



    Phone: 619-231-2151


    My Criminal Defense

    We’re one of the top rated & most experienced criminal defense attorneys in the San Diego aggressively working cases in Southern California for over 27+ years.

    We protect your freedom by employing a team of investigators, lawyers & legal team who are trusted and experienced in all types of criminal defense matters.

    Our law office is located in San Diego California but we’ve been helping clients a from Orange County to Riverside County. Don’t worry we’ll come to you.

    San Diego California laws lay out serious consequences for people convicted of Fraud and Theft crimes. The prosecutors and police are often pressured by alleged victims of theft to investigate, prosecute, and recover stolen goods. At My Criminal Defense, we make it our priority to level the playing field with the police and prosecutors in domestic violence cases. Our attorneys are proactive and try to build a defense before the United States Attorney has decided to file charges. Attorney Stephen Brodsky is a former United States Navy Judge Advocates General (JAG) Officer who provides legal defense services for active duty military service members and civilians. We are very experienced at defending our clients in a controlled substance, drug or narcotic crimes, either under California law or under federal law.


    Address: 401 West A Street, Suite 1150 San Diego, CA 92101

    Phone: 619-232-5122


    Domenic J. Lombardo

    The San Diego Law Office of Domenic J. Lombardo is dedicated solely to the practice of defending criminal charges. Mr. Lombardo is a licensed criminal defense attorney in California. He serves within the state, federal, and county courts throughout San Diego including the El Cajon, Vista, Chula Vista, Kearney Mesa, and Juvenile Courts. He works primarily as a San Diego criminal defense lawyer but has aggressively defended thousands of individuals throughout California. Mr. Lombardo practices in Federal Court, too.

    Mr. Lombardo has a 29 year track record as a successful San Diego criminal defense lawyer, over 24 of those years in his private law practice. He has demonstrated success for those facing criminal charges, a felony, or a misdemeanor in San Diego and throughout California.

    Domenic Lombardo brings a wealth of law experience to bear on every case with the ability to draw from his many years as a trusted San Diego criminal defense attorney. Together with a team of investigators, forensic consultants, and paralegals, Mr. Lombardo displays true dedication as he advocates and works as a criminal defense lawyer for his clients. The result is a track record of success when helping clients who face any number of San Diego criminal charges.

    Mr. Lombardo has had his own San Diego criminal law office for over 24 years, and as a San Diego criminal defense attorney for 29 years, he is thoroughly familiar with the judges and prosecutors in San Diego County. Despite working as a full-time criminal defense attorney, he personally handles every client matter and will take the time to return your every call. Contact Mr. Lombardo's criminal law office to receive a free and confidential consultation.


    Address: 110 W. C Street Suite 1201 San Diego, CA 92101

    Phone: 619-383-2931


    Liberty Lawyers

    If you or a loved one is under investigation or charged with a crime, you need an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney to protect your freedom.

    With over 26 years experience as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Thomas P. Matthews understands what you are up against: “the system.” The government has unlimited resources to come after you. Thomas P. Matthews will aggressively represent you to achieve the best possible outcome. When you hire Thomas P. Matthews as your criminal attorney, you tip the scales of justice in your favor.

    The primary purpose of this San Diego criminal lawyer website is to give you a clear understanding of what our law firm is all about, how our knowledge can help get your case dropped or reduced, and help you understand the basic laws governing your charges. Thomas has handled 1000s of the biggest federal / felony crimes including international narcotics trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, fraud, computer crime and in addition practice extensively in the federal courts in Washington DC, California, New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona plus much more in the United States. As you get to know us, you will get a sense of the dedication and commitment of our hard working criminal law firm in San Diego.

    Thomas P. Matthews understands that any arrest ant criminal charge is serious, whether a DUI, Misdemeanor or Felony. Taken lightly, a criminal charge can ruin one’s life. Thomas P. Matthews is who you need to secure as your representative when you need the very best legal expert for your charges.

    At our law firm, you’re not a number; you’re a real person with a real life that needs help in defending your rights. Part of representing you includes presenting you to the court in a way that reminds them that you’re a person too. Being a criminal defense attorney opens my eyes on how people are in the wrong places at the wrong time. Thomas P. Matthews, a San Diego Criminal Lawyer, and DUI Attorney, will stand by you 100%.


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