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    The 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys in Albuquerque

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Criminal Lawyers In Albuquerque To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 1008 5th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

    Phone: 505-200-2982


    New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

    Since 1997, the New Mexico Criminal Law Offices in Albuquerque has focused on protecting the rights of our clients. We employ bold strategies and aggressive representation to achieve these goals. Our firm consists of two attorneys who are committed to success for our clients, and a dedicated staff working collectively work to achieve these goals. We serve all of New Mexico, including the cities of Los Lunas, Santa Fe, Belen, and Rio Rancho.

    The experienced trial lawyers at our firm represent clients in all criminal law areas in Federal Court, State District Court, Magistrate and Municipal Courts in all Counties of New Mexico. Our firm prepares all cases for trial. It is our years of courtroom experience with the specific charges our clients face distinguish our firm.

    Each case is unique and each client receives our full attention to conduct a thorough investigation, and fulfill all procedural and evidentiary rights. We require the prosecution to assume to full burden of proof in each case. Our record of competency and preparedness commands the respect of prosecutors and judges.

    Our goal is to do everything possible to achieve favorable results for our clients.

    Among the numerous cases reported in the media which the firm has handled, Mr. Gleria and Mr. Mkhitarian represented a client in Federal Court in 2012 in the Country’s largest Medicare Fraud and Conspiracy case. The case was featured on KOB 4 News, ABC News, CBS News, and internationally by BBC World News and Reuters News Agency.


    Address: 1024 2nd Street N.W. Albuquerque, NM 87102

    Phone: 505-847-5205


    Rasheed & Associates, P.C.

    At Rasheed & Associates, P.C., we assist individuals throughout Albuquerque and Bernalillo, Valencia, and Sandoval counties in cases related to driving while intoxicated (DWI) and license revocation charges, other criminal offenses.

    Regardless of the nature of your case, we pride ourselves on our thorough and aggressive legal approach. We begin by listening to you and analyzing every detail of your case before developing a strategy. When we enter the courtroom we are ready for any possible scenario thanks to our meticulous preparation. We are tenacious in our pursuit of justice when defending you against criminal charges such as DWI in Albuquerque.

    Prior to founding Rasheed & Associates, P.C., lead attorney Ousama “Sam” Rasheed served as an assistant district attorney in Bernalillo County. During his tenure as assistant D.A., he handled felonies and misdemeanors and up to 100 DWI cases per week. As a former prosecutor, he understands exactly how the prosecution builds their case against you — and how to identify and use the holes in that case to your advantage. His skill as an Albuquerque DWI lawyer is recognized throughout the state and he is regularly called upon as a leader and resource in this area of law.

    For the past 17 years, Attorney Rasheed has coordinated and presented at the annual DWI seminar for the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (NMCDLA). He also presents at other continuing legal education seminars for the New Mexico legal community, including multiple training sessions for the public defender’s office and at the 2005 new magistrate judge training sponsored by the New Mexico Judicial Education Center. Mr. Rasheed has been called upon to testify before the New Mexico state legislature regarding DWI issues on behalf of the NMCDLA and does so to protect all New Mexico drivers from the implementation of excessively harsh DWI and criminal laws.

    From the first moment you reach out to us for help, you are treated with respect. Attorney Rasheed meets with you to discuss your case, but before you even come into the office our team takes the time to thoroughly explain all deadlines and ensure you know what information to bring with you for your appointment. The office staff at Rasheed & Associates, P.C. has extensive experience and we are rarely shocked by anything we hear. We do not judge you or your loved ones based on your situation and we work hard to keep you up to date regarding your case. We are always ready to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you may have.


    Address: 20 First Plaza, Suite 700, Albuquerque, NM 87102

    Phone: 505-842-9960


    Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward, P.A.

    The lawyers who founded our firm more than 40 years ago and who have joined our firm since share a belief in the law as a means to protect individuals, improve their lives and to resolve disputes justly. The power of the law is harnessed through zealous, skilled and careful advocacy. This is what we provide to our clients in civil litigation and criminal defense.

    We are known for our willingness to take on the powerful on behalf of the weak and to defend individuals and businesses from government overreaching.

    Recognized by the National Law Journal as a small firm “in the desert mountains [that] is thriving on the national stage” and with a “public interest passion,” our law firm has a varied practice with a common element: employing the law and the judicial system to seek and obtain justice. We are a civil litigation and criminal defense firm practicing in federal, military and state trial and appellate courts throughout New Mexico, the United States and internationally, from municipal courts to the Supreme Court of the United States and foreign courts and tribunals. We have successfully represented our clients in many areas, including constitutional rights, personal injury, antitrust law, employment law, business disputes, professional licensure matters, securities law, FDIC and Office of the Thrift Supervision disputes and in FINRA arbitrations, security clearance issues and election law. We also have a strong emphasis on providing criminal defense and have successfully defended individuals and organizations in the US and internationally.

    The range of our work is reflected in one partner’s efforts on behalf of two prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to another partner’s role in anti-trust litigation and trials throughout the United States. Lawyers in our firm have successfully protected individuals and businesses from criminal prosecution, recovered significant verdicts in trials of business disputes and have obtained multi-million dollar recoveries on behalf of people who were injured or killed by the negligence of others. We have brought and participated in major civil rights cases, including in the United States Supreme Court, in which our clients’ rights have been vindicated and the law changed. We have represented minorities whose voting rights were diluted, successfully sued a major, national broadcast media company for defamation and have successfully sued major government contractors for breaches of duties to small contractors and on behalf of an employee demoted and humiliated for political reasons. We are known for our willingness to take on the powerful on behalf of the weak and to defend individuals and businesses from government overreaching.


    Address: 5501 Eagle Rock Ave NE Suite C2 Albuquerque, NM 87113

    Phone: 505-445-7097


    Law Office of Ryan J. Villa LLC

    With law offices in Albuquerque, the Law Office of Ryan J. Villa LLC provides trusted legal representation to clients throughout New Mexico. Whether you face criminal charges, or you have suffered a personal injury or violation of your civil rights, our attorneys are committed to meeting and surpassing your expectations.

    People turn to our law firm when their future looks dark or uncertain. We work tirelessly to help them find solutions in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury and civil rights law.

    - A criminal charge puts much at risk, but our attorneys can guide you through the legal system and fight to help you avoid fines, probation, jail time and other criminal penalties.
    - A personal injury can leave you with significant hardship, including wage loss, medical bills and even disability. Our attorneys are here to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.
    - When a person, business or government agency violates your civil rights, it may feel like it’s you against the system. We are here to even the playing field.

    While your future may feel uncertain at the moment, we are here to help you seek a brighter tomorrow. Since 2014, we have established a proven record of success protecting the legal rights of people in Albuquerque and throughout surrounding areas.


    Address: 620 Roma Ave. N.W. Albuquerque, NM 87102

    Phone: 505-792-4048


    Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, LLC

    SE HABLA ESPAÑOL. Erlinda Ocampo Johnson is a highly experienced and successful Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney that has represented hundreds of clients facing Federal and State Criminal Charges and obtained MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for our clients that have been wrongfully injured in Auto Accidents, Semi-Tractor Trailer Accidents, Work Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, or other wrongful injuries.

    Erlinda Ocampo Johnson will passionately protect your Constitutional Rights when facing Federal and State Criminal Charges and Aggressively Fight for Justice and Compensation when you’re Wrongfully Injured in an Auto Accident, Semi-Tractor Trailer Accident, Work Accident, Slip and Fall Accident, or other wrongful injuries.

    At the Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, we will prepare an impassioned, thoughtful and vigilant legal defense tailored to you for a broad range of Federal and State Criminal Charges and devotedly fight for justice when you have suffered from a wrongful injury from an Auto Accident, Semi-Tractor Trailer Accident, Work Accident, Slip and Fall Accident, or other wrongful injuries.

    When you have been charged with a federal or state crime in New Mexico, you want an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights aggressively throughout the entire criminal process.

    There are specific investigation procedures that must be followed in both the federal and state legal systems. Often, improprieties occur during investigations, including violations of rules governing search and seizure or Miranda rights. These could become an unfair advantage to the prosecution unless you have a criminal defense attorney there to protect you by getting the evidence suppressed or even getting the charges dismissed.

    As a highly experienced and successful lawyer, Ms. Johnson will make certain that you understand your legal rights and options completely, and she will provide a clear path for making informed decisions.

    With over a decade of training as a Federal and State prosecutor, followed by over a decade of Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and Personal Injury Law Practice, Ms. Johnson has obtained an extensive and thorough understanding of Federal and State Criminal, Civil, and Personal Injury Law and Procedure as well as a profound respect and admiration for all of her clients.

    Ms. Johnson can communicate fluently with the Spanish-speaking community and can translate legal terminology accurately and in a way that can be understood.


    Address: 823 Gold SW Albuquerque, NM 87102

    Phone: 505-244-0530


    Lisa Torraco Law

    Lisa Torraco has been a practicing lawyer for 29 years. She is an aggressive and experienced litigator representing clients in both federal and state court. Her practice includes criminal defense investigations, pre-indictment preventative work, criminal appeals and criminal litigation in courts throughout the Southwest. She strives to win. Her practice includes litigation of matters involving murder, kidnapping, racketeering, drug trafficking, habeas corpus matters, and other crimes and appeals. In addition, Lisa Torraco represents individuals and corporations in administrative matters related to criminal prosecutions, such as child abuse, CYFD termination of parental rights and related matters, civil and domestic violence restraining orders, educational discipline matters, and taxation and revenue motor vehicle litigation.

    Before establishing her law firm, Lisa Torraco served for 17 years as an Assistant District Attorney in the Office of District Attorney in the 1st and 2nd District Attorneys’ offices prosecuting all of the crimes she now defends. As a young prosecutor, she was awarded Prosecutor of the Year in 1993. Lisa was the Senior Managing Attorney in child abuse division in Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Los Alamos counties, prosecuting child abuse and child sex crimes.

    Lisa Torraco has investigated, prosecuted and defended many complex, high-profile cases involving sex trafficking, computer cases, racketeering and other violent crimes. She has tried an uncountable number of jury trial cases in both federal and state court and argued numerous cases on appeal.
    Lisa Torraco earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of New Mexico, graduating cum laude. After earning her Juris Doctor from the University of New Mexico School of Law, she studied abroad and earned a Certificate of International Criminal Studies through the University of San Diego School of Law in conjunction with the acclaimed Dublin, Ireland’s Trinity School of Law.

    Lisa Torraco is a published author, having written and published in local papers and national academic journals as well as contributing to the blog NMLaw. She was also recognized and awarded one of the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Women.


    Address: 4811 Hardware Drive, N.E., Building D, Suite 5 87109, Albuquerque, NM

    Phone: 505-217-2680


    Bowles Law

    Jason has practiced law for over 20 years as a federal prosecutor and private practitioner. He has handled some of the most high profile and significant criminal and civil litigation cases in New Mexico in the past decade. Here at Bowles Law Firm, we are proud to consistently get outstanding results for our clients.

    We’re proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for counsel and representation. We are determined to work hard to earn our clients’ loyalty every day. We’re here to give you best opportunity to succeed.

    We take the time to learn the unique facts to your case then provide you with the best opportunity to succeed.

    Jason began his legal career as a law clerk in the 10th circuit court of appeals. He then was a prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office specializing in drug trafficking and immigration and then later moved into violent crimes. In 2001 he began a career in private practice.”


    Address: 901 3rd Street NW Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87102

    Phone: 505-761-5700


    Bregman Law Firm, P.C.

    Sam Bregman and Jackie Bregman co-founded The Bregman Law Firm, P.C. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1998 as a way to fill a niche in the community. Mr. Bregman is passionate about providing unparalleled legal representation and business support to his clients, something Albuquerque's larger law firms and solo practitioners struggle with. To meet this challenge, the Bregmans instilled within their firm an ethic of hard work, dedication and absolute focus on client needs. This same ethic continues to prosper today and has served as the driving force behind the company's growth into one of New Mexico's most high profile law firms.

    A practical, reasoned, and cost-effective approach to legal services lies at the heart of the firm's continued success. To its business clients, legal problems are fundamentally business problems. That is why the firm's attorneys practice law with an eye toward the pragmatic, finding a way to close the deal or resolve the case rather than becoming mired in legal posturing. Sam has cultivated this approach through years of experience running his own businesses, participating in public service, developing real estate and practicing law.

    To its litigation clients, an injury or legal dispute can often prove emotionally and financially devastating. That is why the firm will advance costs in appropriate cases in order to ensure that its clients are not denied their day in court. The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in taking on large municipalities and corporations to protect the rights of its clients, and do not hesitate to stand and fight to the end to strive for the very best outcome for the clients.

    Hiring and training like-minded associates with a broad range of experience is a top priority for The Bregman Law Firm, P.C. Together with the client, the firm form an unrivaled team to fulfill the most complex of legal needs.

    Of course, today's legal consumers want not just results, but value as well. The Bregman Law Firm, P.C. applies its resources in a way that enables the client to solve the problems at hand in the most cost-effective manner. The firm's cost and fee structure was constructed with this objective in mind; the firm earns money by working hard and efficiently and by aggressively controlling overhead, not by overcharging its clients. This approach ensures that each and every customer receives dynamic representation regardless of the size of the claim.

    The Bregman Law Firm's strong commitment to utilizing technology for the client's benefit is a critical element in maximizing efficiency and passing savings on to its customers. The firm has developed an extensive internal, fully searchable database of legal pleadings, research memoranda, and up-to-date forms.


    Address: 116 Granite Avenue NW Albuquerque,NM 87102

    Phone: 505-247-8558


    Frechette & Associates, PC

    There is no shortage of Criminal Lawyers in New Mexico, but picking the right one makes all the difference in your ability to protect your rights. Get to Know Frechette & Associates to see why we should be your choice for criminal defense.

    Rod and Michelle Frechette are long time Albuquerque metro area residents known for their strong advocacy in criminal defense cases. The firm of Frechette & Associates has over 50 years combined legal experience in the New Mexico Courts and have handled more than 6,000 criminal cases. Members of the firm attend national DWI and criminal defense conferences each year. Each member of the team brings their own set of skills and strengths to make Frechette & Associates a well-rounded legal office.

    Rod Frechette was featured in the American Bar Journal Article “New Test for DUI Defense” in 2005. He has handled more than 6,000 DWI cases since 1988. His court of appeals victory in the case of State vs. Lasworth successfully held the line on HGN inadmissibility and challenged the validity of field sobriety testing. He is a court recognized DWI expert in the cases of U.S. v. Roybal and State v. Underwood. He has testified in NM legislative hearings and lectures on the topic of DWI.

    Michelle Frechette is a dedicated criminal defense attorney with an emphasis in the area of DWI Defense. Her higher than average success within the area of administrative license revocation hearings has given her a valuable reputation in the legal circles of Albuquerque. Her focus on addressing client needs has given her a strong base for new referral business within the firm. Because she enjoys working with youth, she is the primary attorney handling all juvenile cases. Michelle maintains her caseload while serving part-time as Corrales Municipal Judge, is a leader in Rotary service activities and has raised the Frechette’s children while practicing law.

    Our lawyers have established a positive reputation with prosecutors and judges in jurisdictions across New Mexico as a firm which works hard for clients. We have earned respect within the legal community for our integrity and familiarity with the legal system.

    If you are charged with a crime or arrested, simply fill out the on-line intake sheet or call us to schedule an appointment for free legal advice. Get to Know Frechette & Associates and all the ways we can help you.


    Address: 714 Tijeras Ave NW Albuquerque, NM 87102

    Phone: 505-433-4953


    Law Office of Adam Oakey

    Adam Oakey, New Mexico native, went to Anderson School of Business and graduated with honors. After graduating from Anderson, Adam went to University of New Mexico’s School of Law. He graduated from there in 2017. After working at Bowles Law Firm, Adam decided to open his own Albuquerque defense attorney practice in January of 2018.

    After only two and a half years on his own, Adam has about 200 clients and 10 employees as well as two additional attorneys.

    Adam has done anything in Criminal Law from DUI to 1st Degree Murder cases and is not afraid of any challenge, as you may know, if you know about his past Mixed Martial Arts Career. Adam was a champion in the cage and it now fighting for the people. He loves his city of Albuquerque and his state of New Mexico.

    Adam also takes cases in Personal Injury as he likes helping those that are injured over negligence committed by corporations and or individuals. He takes special pride in batting insurance companies.

    The Law Office of Adam Oakey does Family Law. His passion for families and children shows every day with his four children. Family is his focus in his life. He treats his clients and practice like his own family members.

    "Adam has helped me an my family an friend's so much most definitely the man I choose he an his staff also help the community with Charity events an more thank you my brother!!" - Joshua P.


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