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    The 10 Best Cosmetic Surgeon Experts in Oklahoma City

    We Have Listed The Top 10 Cosmetic Surgeons In Oklahoma City To Help You Choose The Best Professional For Your Needs.

    Address: 2100 Northwest 63rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73116

    Phone: 405-279-0721


    Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates

    Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, located in Oklahoma City, is dedicated to the art and science of cosmetic surgery. Triple board-certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeons Dr. Erik J. Nuveen and Dr. Courtney J. Caplin are the only physician couple in the country who are also partners. The two are exclusively dedicated to cosmetic surgery but hold doctorates in both dentistry and medicine. Throughout their many years of post-graduate training and education, the two have received numerous honors and awards. Their unique subset of skills and combined education and experience allow the surgeons the ability to view clients from many perspectives using an artistic and personal approach to helping others improve their self-confidence. The Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates team is comprised of 15 extensively trained and certified, caring and experienced nurses and administrators who are proud to thrive in an environment that exudes excellence.

    Our innovative aesthetic solutions range from noninvasive to surgical and are carefully chosen and performed by our skilled staff according to the needs of each individual patient. We are proud to utilize cutting-edge techniques and advanced technologies in order to achieve results that are lasting, beautiful, and natural.

    At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, our goal is to help you enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence so that you can live your best life. We employ the use of cutting-edge, advanced techniques and technologies to ensure your care is top-notch. Our skilled surgeons offer a wide array of common and complex cosmetic surgeries that are personalized to the individual needs of each of our patients. Beginning with a private consultation, you will quickly understand why our practice and team are so widely sought-after.


    Address: 9617 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73159

    Phone: 402-526-5449


    Cosmetic Surgery Center

    Cosmetic Surgery Center is a leading aesthetic and anti-aging medicine practice that provides a full range of cosmetic procedures and wellness services, including surgical body contouring, facelift and neck lift surgery, noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatments, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

    Conveniently located in Oklahoma City, Cosmetic Surgery Center serves men and women from the Greater Central Oklahoma area.

    Led by cosmetic surgeons and anti-aging specialists Dr. Trent Fogleman., Cosmetic Surgery Center is staffed by a tight-knit team of knowledgeable, friendly experts.

    With an emphasis on providing the safest, most advanced procedures and treatments available, the physicians at Cosmetic Surgery Center specialize in all types of cosmetic breast surgery, including breast augmentation and implant revision surgery. They’re also experts in surgical body contouring procedures like liposuction, the Brazilian butt lift, and the mommy makeover.

    In addition to providing a comprehensive menu of facial surgeries, including facelifts, neck lifts, and lip augmentation, Cosmetic Surgery Center offers a complete range of minimally invasive treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, dermabrasion, and dermal fillers and other cosmetic injections.

    The team members at Cosmetic Surgery Center are dedicated to enhancing the well-being and self-esteem of every patient they see: From the moment you walk in until your procedure is complete, they’ll dedicate their time and expertise to you.


    Address: 5740 Northwest 135th Street Suite A Oklahoma City, OK 73142

    Phone: 405-842-9732


    Oklahoma Plastic Surgeons

    Oklahoma City plastic surgeon, Dr. Clinton Webster, is proud to have his private practice in the place he has called home almost his entire life. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Dr. Webster’s private practice offers a fully equipped, on-site accredited surgical center, as well as a medusa that allows patients to undergo the latest skin rejuvenation treatments. Our staff is warm and friendly and extremely knowledgeable on all of the procedures we offer. Whether you are coming to our practice to discuss a simple nonsurgical procedure such as botox, or to complete a life-changing transformation after a major weight loss, we are here to listen to you, provide safety and discretion, and create a patient experience like none other. Our goal is that you look and feel your best and we are excited to share the journey with you. We invite you to take a tour of our office and meet our outstanding team.‍

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Clinton Webster offers patients a convenient way to explore their cosmetic surgery options and undergo surgery. He feels that a positive patient experience begins the moment they step foot inside our facility, where our guests are greeted by our warm staff. Our facility has a private and calming consultation room where Dr. Webster meets with his patients to discuss their goals for surgery and educates them on the options that are available. Dr. Webster performs the majority of his procedures on-site at his very own fully-accredited surgical suite. This is a convenience we feel is an added benefit to our patients and we spare no expense to ensure it is upgraded and maintained to the highest extent. Our MedSpa is a place where our patients can be pampered and you can receive a number of nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatments. Our goal is to not only pamper you, but to ensure your safety and satisfaction. We invite you to take a tour of our facility.


    Address: 2520 NW Expressway Oklahoma City, OK 73112

    Phone: 405-888-8237


    Lowe Plastic Surgery

    Lowe Plastic Surgery of Oklahoma City is the culmination of years of effort to establish a center of excellence for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Our efforts include a full commitment to cosmetic surgery along with supportive services such as advanced skin care, laser, injectables, and other in-office procedures.

    By combining Dr. James Lowe's experience with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, he has maximized the standard of patient care. Lowe Plastic Surgery is committed to clinical excellence, cutting-edge care, and lasting partnerships with patients.

    Over the years he has performed breast, body, facial, and hand reconstructive surgery that allows him to work freely in a variety of areas from head to toe. He spent many years training other surgeons in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery as a medical faculty at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

    Our medical spa offers a variety of medical treatments and therapies in a warm and relaxing environment.

    While educating our clients and providing an enriching experience, we offer treatments based on scientific approaches to skin health and well-being.

    After consulting with our clients and performing an in-depth skin analysis, we provide customized therapies with high-quality skin products.

    Medical peels, anti-aging treatments, facial therapies, and laser treatments offer revolutionary results under the supervision of highly trained professionals.

    Would you trust your cosmetic care to anyone but a caring and well trained physician? Healthy skin is the new makeup. Let Dr. James Lowe and his staff fully discuss your concerns to determine a personalized plan that works within you budget and comfort level.


    Address: 8106 N May Ave, Suite B Oklahoma City, OK 73120

    Phone: 405-695-5610


    Bajaj Plastic Surgery

    Bajaj Plastic Surgery has been synonymous with reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Oklahoma City for five decades. We are known for our specialization in breast and reconstructive surgery, but we are also highly skilled in facial surgery, body sculpting, and other cosmetic treatments such as injections and laser resurfacing.

    Dr. Bajaj, our lead surgeon and medical director, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, raised and educated in the United States, and licensed to practice surgery in three states, including Oklahoma.

    After growing up in Oklahoma City, she moved to Houston to attend Rice University. While in medical school, she decided to pursue a career in plastic surgery after witnessing several extensive cancer resections. Surgeries that removed a cancer often left the patient disfigured. She became passionate about reconstructive surgery because she believed that plastic surgery was the only specialty that sought to make a patient whole again.

    Unlike other surgeons who choose not to perform reconstructive surgery after developing a cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Bajaj remains committed to breast reconstructive surgery after cancer and is one of the few surgeons in our area who perform the DIEP flap procedure for breast reconstruction. She also performs breast enhancement, breast reduction, tummy tuck, facelift and other plastic surgical procedures.

    Whether you are coming to us for reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, we are going to be real with you – from setting expectations, knowing the steps we’re going to take, to envisioning the end result.

    You have to understand anatomy, to create beauty. As the lead surgeon at Bajaj Plastic Surgery, I bring national credentials, a highly specialized skill set and a very strong belief in ethical plastic surgery. But more than anything, I am going to recommend the procedure that is the best fit for you as an individual.

    Whether this decision feels big or small, it can make a real difference in your life.


    Address: 11101 Hefner Pointe Dr, Suite 104 Oklahoma City, OK 73120

    Phone: 405-751-5683


    Dr. Tim R. Love Plastic Surgery

    Having a good rapport with your surgeon is essential to ensure optimum results for your cosmetic surgery. The number of providers offering plastic and cosmetic surgery in the OKC area continues to grow, and choosing the right one for your cosmetic surgery needs can be confusing.

    Your safety, comfort, and health are paramount, from consultation to recovery. Be sure you are considering only those medical professionals who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Also ensure that your surgeon has credentialed privileges at local hospitals to perform your procedure. This confirms that he or she has met the rigorous credentialing, training, and certification standards for Oklahoma hospitals.

    In addition to board certification, Oklahoma outpatient surgery centers must be accredited by an agency such as the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF), Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), or Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

    Be diligent in your research when considering plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons should be forthcoming and transparent in explaining the risks, benefits, alternatives, and reasoning for the proposed treatment. An informed consent document, requiring your signature, should be presented prior to any procedure.

    Be open, honest, and candid in explaining your goals and expectations to your plastic surgeon. He or she needs as much information as possible in order to help you manage realistic expectations for the outcome of your surgery, and to develop the ideal plan for your cosmetic journey.


    Address: 2505 S Kelly Ave Edmond, OK 73013

    Phone: 405-340-9949


    Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa

    Plastic surgery can be a life-enhancing experience that transforms your dreams into reality. When deciding to take this significant step toward becoming the best you can be, it is essential to choose the right guide.

    Dr. Jayesh Panchal is dedicated to guiding you through the process of transformation with integrity, compassion and an unwavering commitment to excellence. At Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, we strive to build lifelong relationships with our patients and treat you as a whole person, not just a collection of body parts and target areas.

    At Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, we believe that you should look the way you feel. We will make you look younger for longer. We will do this by maintaining a long-term relationship with you and creating an individualized treatment plan that lasts for years to come. We strive to become an integral part of your life by providing both surgical and non-surgical services with outstanding results that will make you look and feel natural.

    This is our commitment to you. Come see us today to make a difference in your life.


    Address: 4200 S. Douglas Avenue, Suite 108 Oklahoma City, OK 73109

    Phone: 405-636-7220


    Plastic Surgery Center of Oklahoma

    We realize your choice to change the way you look comes with some reservations. Whatever your reason for change, we want to be there every step of the way to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your decision. Congratulations on taking the first step. We are delighted that you have considered us as your specialist.

    What does it take to become one of OKC's best plastic surgeons? Dr. Tu has more than 15 years of surgical experience and is a board-certified plastic surgeon, which means he’s been through the most rigorous certification process possible in the field. Dr. Tu meets individually with each and every one of his patients. His goal is to make sure you receive individualized, compassionate care throughout your entire experience. His approach to cosmetic surgery ensures you receive the most satisfying and natural-looking results. Your needs and "look" are as individual as your fingerprint. We'll treat you like you are our only patient!


    Address: 5025 Gaillardia Corporate Place Suite E Oklahoma City, OK 73142

    Phone: 405-302-0060


    Terrell Clinic

    We provide transformative results. Terrell Clinic Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine and Medical Spa is regarded as one of the most exclusive, upscale, and comprehensive medical facilities of its kind in Oklahoma. Our focus is on helping patients, both men and women, achieve optimal anti-aging, preventative, and restorative results that allow them to look and feel their absolute best.

    Terrell Clinic offers a complimentary consultation to allow you an opportunity to get to know our treatments and procedures, share your concerns, and develop a trust in our expertise. You can expect a tour of our facility, friendly, trusted clinicians, and a discreet, safe environment in which you can expect to transform into your best self. Ultimately, we are here to listen, learn about you, and work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to optimize your results and have you leave feeling confident, secure, and ready to face the world!


    Address: 8106 N May Ave, Ste J, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

    Phone: 405-784-7868


    Jones Plastic Surgery

    If you are considering plastic surgery in Oklahoma City, OK, you deserve an outstanding doctor who respects your privacy and aesthetic goals. Dr. Justin Jones at Jones Plastic Surgery provides a comfortable, discreet environment with an emphasis on patient education and individualized planning to ensure the satisfaction of every patient. Dr. Jones is highly experienced in advanced techniques such as the Keller funnel to provide breast implants with smaller incisions and a lower risk of infection or capsular contraction. He can perform any breast, body, and non-surgical treatment with natural-looking results to enhance your figure and boost your confidence.

    At Jones Plastic Surgery, our mission is to provide natural-looking results that meet your aesthetic goals and exceed your expectations.

    Our large facility is spacious and inviting. We are especially proud of our brand new, state-of-the-art surgical clinic, which features fully furnished operating and recovery rooms for all breast and body procedures. All of our treatment rooms are comfortable and equipped with advanced technology, like touchscreen monitors to keep you informed about your treatment and recovery.

    Dr. Jones will explain all procedure options to design a precisely personalized treatment plan that is suited to your needs. We strive to ensure that you are completely comfortable during your treatment. Following your procedure, Dr. Jones will guide you through the healing process. Thanks to his expert care, you should experience minimal discomfort and downtime.


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